Tuesday Update on Gangaa 8th January 2019

Sagar thanks Shanta Dadi for keeping his secret. She acts all sweet to him. Do you know how Kanta will react if she finds out about it? Sagar knows of the consequences but he cannot see Ganga getting sad after losing Jalebi Prasad. She agrees not to tell anyone. Sagar naively tells her everything what Ganga has been thinking of her. She is stupid. She understands nothing. I will just go and tell her everything. He leaves. Shanta Dadi holds Jalebi Prasad. Sagar does not understand anything. Ganga is right. It is actually good for me if someone thinks well about me. She talks to Jalebi Prasad. Now I will also show you what I will do. I will make sure no one forgets this Diwali. The kids might catch me but now they both cannot tell anyone anything as I know their secret. I will blackmail them using you.

Prabha gets Ginny’s call but she disconnects it. She will ask me about money. I have nothing. Her phone rings again. Ratan picks her phone but she takes it from him before he can receive the call. He goes back inside to get something. Her phone rings again. Ratan is surprised to know she isn’t picking up Ginny’s phone. Should I tell her some excuse if you don’t feel like talking to her? Prabha says I will talk to her. He sits down to eat breakfast. Prabha speaks to Ginny. She lies to Ginny. Ginny speaks to her about money that is to be given to Ram ji. He went to your home. Did you give him wrong address? You promised to pay him back in 2 days. He is getting worried. Worry atleast about my relation if not yours. He gave you jewellery by trusting me. Prabha assures her she will make full and final payment to Ram ji after Diwali. Please handle the situation till then. Ginny agrees. Prabha ends the call. Ratan asks her if everything is ok. She nods. He has made a list. We wont buy an crackers for Yash this year. The prices are high and they also cause noise pollution. You will make sweets at home. we will use our savings for Yash’s future. He leaves. She curses her fate!

Madhvi makes kheer. Ganga tries to talk to her but Madhvi refuses to hear anything. Maharaj ji comes to tell Madhvi that Niru is calling her. Madhvi asks Ganga to stay in the kitchen till she is back. Wave fan at it to cool it. don’t leave it alone. It is to be offered in Bhog. Ganga assures her she wont go anywhere. Will you listen to me when you are back? Madhvi leaves without saying anything.

Sagar notices Ganga in the kitchen. Come with me. She refuses to leave the kheer alone. He reasons that kheer cannot walk or crawl. Mom will find it in the same place when she comes back. Ganga comes out. She is hesitant to go away but he insists. Sagar speaks in Shanta Dadi’s favour. Ganga still sticks to her point. I can bet she is to be blamed for whatever fights are happening in the house. She is very bad. She thinks ill of everyone. Sagar asks her why Shanta Dadi dint tell anyone about Jalebi Prasad. This is what is bothering Ganga too. I cannot understand what she wants. She opens the cupboard to check on Jalebi Prasad but he isn’t there. Sagar also checks his cupboard. Where can Jalebi Prasad go? He was here only when I left him with SHanta Dadi.

Shanta Dadi leaves Jalebi Prasad near the utensil of kheer. He upturns it and then eats it. Shanta Dadi is thrilled. I put a time bomb in Diwali. She picks him up after a while and hides him in her pallu. We should leave before someone sees us. She turns and is shocked to see Ganga and Sagar there. Ganga asks her why she is sweating. Sagar asks her if she is trying to hide something from them. Ganga says a thief never wants to get caught. Her case is same. I can tell what she is hiding. She sweetly calls out for Jalebi Prasad. He pops his head out of Shanta Dadi’s pallu. Sagar says we saw everything. You don’t love me. You are just using me. You are fooling me. Ganga says now is the time to tell your truth to AMma ji. She turns to leave when Shanta Dadi also tells them to go and tell everything to Kanta. Do think about what will happen when she will get to know about Jalebi Prasad. I only can go and tell her if you want. I would say that I was trying to stop this puppy from eating the kheer. I got little late though. This girl (Ganga) is making up stories to hide her truth. What will happen then? Madhvi and Kanta will fight again over kheer. Jalebi Prasad will be thrown out of the house next. The stray dogs will eat him up. The decision is yours. Ganga holds Sagar. I wont let anything happen to Jalebi Prasad. Shanta Dadi warns them both to keep quiet then.

Amma ji greets pundit ji as he enters. Ganga puts Jalebi Prasad in her potli. Amma ji comes to kitchen. She is shocked to see the mess in the kitchen. She calls out for Madhvi. Shanta Dadi warns the kids again.

Shanta Dadi adds fuel to the fire. This is so inauspicious. Amma ji scolds Madhvi for not doing something right. Madhvi is shocked to see the kheer all spilled on the kitchen slab. She questions Ganga. did you do it? Sagar and Ganga look at each other. Amma ji tells Madhvi not to put her blame on someone else. Ganga has anyways created problems for us since she has come here. You have been careless this time. You will have to accept it. don’t think that you can match me by having your husband on your side. You can never do it! Madhvi thinks of Shanta Massi’s words about the rights of the house. I don’t want to match you ever neither when you are alive nor. Amma ji completes the sentence.

Madhvi says I do understand my responsibilities and I too have some rights on this house. I gave responsibility to Ganga when your son called me. why are you blaming me when something went wrong in my absence? Niru comes down hearing the commotion. Amma ji tells him to ask his wife. She might otherwise say wrong about me only. Niru asks his Massi. Shanta Dadi tells him everything. Niru says it is such a small matter. Madhvi will make kheer again. why create a fuss? Amma ji rebukes him once again for taking his wife’s side. Amma ji tells pundit ji to do everything just the way Madhvi says. I will do puja in my room. Madhvi is near tears. It is ok if you don’t want to bless us on the day of Diwali. It is ok if these small things matter so much to you. Amma ji says this isn’t a small thing here in her house. God’s Bhog got all spilled. She walks away angrily.

Everyone looks sad except Shanta Dadi. Niru apologizes to pundit ji for whatever happened. He leaves. Maharaj ji takes pundit ji to the puja room. Shanta Dadi signals the kids once again before going from there. Ganga says Shanta Dadi is very bad. Amma ji was right. She creates fights only. Amma ji should have remembered it. Sagar wonders what to do now.

Madhvi is making preps for the puja. Maharaj ji asks her if Amma ji will come to puja to bless them all. Madhvi nods. She always blesses us all in the puja every year. She will do it this year too. She looks sceptical though.

Shanta Dadi fills Amma ji’s ears against Madhvi. You take blessings from elders. Elders don’t go to youngsters to give their blessings. Amma ji is in thoughts. Mehri comes to ask for money on the occasion of Diwali. Amma ji stares at her.

Mehri comes in the hall muttering something. Madhvi asks her what happened. Mehri regrets asking Amma ji for money. I am poor but it doesn’t mean someone will scold us or ill treat us. She could have refused but why did she have to curse? You only can handle it. I wouldn’t have handled it if I was in your place. AMma ji is elder. We all respect her but it doesn’t mean anyone will say anything! She leaves. Maharaj ji wonders what made Mehri so upset. What would have Amma ji said to her? He goes.

Shanta Dadi tells Madhvi that Kanta was wrong to curse Mehri. I feel bad. Madhvi says I thought Amma ji was upset only with me. Shanta Dadi affirms. Kanta got angrier the moment she got to know Mehri came here on your insistence. She gets angry hearing your name. Madhvi goes from there. Shanta Dadi thinks that she will ruin the peace of this house real soon.

Ratan does puja at his house. Prabha paces in her room. She calls Ginny. I was thinking to come to your house to wish you Diwali. Ginny happily agrees. My friends are already here. Come over. We will all have fun together.

Ratan offers Prasad to Prabha but she declines. He asks her to come with him to Madhvi’s house but she declines. He leaves with Yash sensing her foul mood. Prabha wears her new jewellery as soon as he leaves. He is trying to make us a beggar like himself. He always takes us to Madhvi’s house on every occasion. We have become the guards of that house. He cannot do anything himself and also wont let us do anything on our wish. READ WEDNESDAY 9TH GANGAA