Tuesday Update on Gangaa 5th February 2019

It is Valentine’s Day. Janvi has decorated Sagar’s room with heart shaped balloons. She intentionally brings him where Ganga is. She asks him to pose for a pic with him so they can capture the sweet memories for forever. Sagar is uncomfortable as she leans onto him. Sagar and Ganga look at each other. Ganga stands there with her fists clenched. She is unhappy to hear Janvi saying I Love you to Sagar. She asks him to say it too. Ganga drops the bucket of clothes. They both look at her. She leaves from there. Sagar excuses himself from there on the pretext of making a call. Janvi says I did so much for Sagar. He behaves weirdly whenever Ganga is around. Such instances make me firm on my decision. Ganga should be out of this house!

A few guys surround a girl. He shoos them away and then himself offers her a rose. She slaps him in turn. Yash wakes up with a start. Since Ganga slapped me, every girl is slapping me in dreams. Prabha brings tea for him. She asks him on his plans for the day. He gets Janvi’s call. He agrees to come over right away. Prabha asks him about the call. He says it was an ATM Machine. I only get money from that machine.

The radio is on in Ganga’s room. The RJ speaks on the special day. Amma ji asks Ganga to light a diya in temple before leaving for college. Ganga sits down in before lord’s idol. She thinks of the incident in childhood when Sagar had told her that widows can think of Kanha ji as their husband. Ganga says I have always loved you Kanha ji. I will always continue to do so. Happy Valentine’s Day! Mann Mohana plays in the background. Ganga is drawn back to the childhood memories. Tears roll down her cheek.

Sagar finds something in his cupboard. They are bangles. He too thinks of the same childhood incident. Everything changed so drastically. There was a time when we were always together. Now you don’t even want to see my face.

Ganga wipes her tears. You promised your Bappa, yourself and Babu. You don’t have to give up in life even if there is no Sagar in it. Babu used to say that Ganga never stops. I cannot stop. I will have to find another way for myself.

Niru comes to Sagar’s room. I thought to meet you before leaving for Delhi. I will be back on 24th. You are going on 26th? Sagar nods. He notices his father lost. Niru asks him to stay back for a little long. Sagar has to join the job in London. I will not get such an opportunity here. What will I do even if I stay back? What are you thinking? Niru says nothing. Sagar hugs him and wishes him good luck for conference. He leaves to freshen up. Niru looks sad.

Pulkit is thrilled to get a big contract on his own finally! I will show it to papa first. He will be very happy. he might realise I am not wasting either my time or money. I will just show him this.

Niru is teary eyed as he comes to his room. Madhvi says this is called love. I heard your talks. I cannot understand why you want to stop Sagar. He got such a big hance. He too is happy for Sagar. I want him to stay here before my eyes though. Parents grow old as kids grow up. I want Sagar to be my support system. He will take forward my work and responsibilities after me. Pulkit’s work is for namesake. He will not be able to do anything. He too will need Sagar now. He manages his expenses but his family will grow. That problem will be gone if Sagar is here. It is good till we are alive. But what will happen when we are no more? Madhvi is shocked to see Pulkit standing there, overhearing every word said by Niru! Niru continues talking. This is why I want Sagar to stay here so he can handle all the responsibilities of the house. I cannot force him though. Madhvi says Pulkit. Niru turns and is taken aback to see Pulkit standing there. Pulkit throws away the contract after crumpling it in anger. Niru notices the crumpled paper.

Maharaj ji tells Supriya about the likes and dislikes of both the brothers. Amma ji sits on the sofa. Supriya brings milk for her. Amma ji tells her she does not take anything till she does puja. She asks Maharaj ji to explain it to Supriya. She makes him make arrangements for puja. Supriya requests Amma ji to drink milk atleast. It isn’t eatable but milk only. Your puja goes on for long. It isn’t good to stay empty stomach for so long. It isn’t good for your health. Amma ji agrees to think about it. Pulkit comes downstairs. Supriya asks him to have breakfast. He says I am not hungry. He was about to collide with Prabha. She asks him why is he in such a rush. Pulkit leaves without saying anything. Prabha greets Amma ji. She tells Amma ji Pulkit’s behaviour is not right. He just got married and left on the Valentine’s Day. She adds fuel to the fire. Is Pulkit having an affair again? He had an affair with Saloni earlier. Supriya is tensed. Amma ji reprimands Prabha for wasting time on such things.

Ganga is trying to fix the chain of her cycle but in vain. She is getting late for college. Pulkit offers to drop her off. She says you will get late. He replies that he isn’t going to court or some office. I am going to my shop only. Ganga keeps her hand tightly around his waist when he applies brake suddenly. He asks her if she is fine. Ganga nods. She insists on him to wear helmet first. He does so. Janvi and Yash see them from upstairs. Yash remarks who will believe they are brother and sister. It seems as if a girlfriend is scolding a boyfriend. Weird people stay in the house! READ NEXT/ FEB 6TH ON GANGAA