Tuesday Update on Gangaa 1st January 2019

Niru talking to Amma ji. I think I will have to prove my love towards my son! It is time to do the duty of a father. I will have to prove it that a kid is above everything for a father. I will have to save him. I can think of only one way to save him. I will take the blame on myself! Amma ji asks him if he has lost his mind. Ganga thinks Babu will take the blame on himself. Niru doesn’t want his son to get into any problem. His career will be finished. A father cannot live seeing his son getting all destroyed. Amma ji warns him not to talk like this again. He says I am only trying to save you, just like you want to save your son. Wont you do the same to save me, if you were in my place? Only a mother understands her kid’s pain. Can you sit peacefully seeing your son in trouble? She wont be able to take it if anyone calls her son a killer. He reasons that everyone was thinking of him to be the murderer before seeing that footage. Just think that you dint see that footage at all. Just lie to everyone about the timing of my exit from the hotel. Amma ji hugs him tearfully. I cannot do this son! He makes her swear on his head. You will have to support me, so my son and this family can live peacefully. Amma ji cries. I wont be able to do it. He insists. She gives in. Ganga wonders if Babu is really going to this the blame on himself.

Next morning, Ganga hasn’t slept. She speaks to her Bappa in her mind. We are in a big trouble. Wont you help me? The milkman calls outside. Maharaj ji is surprised to see Amma ji still inside her room. She is not in a mood to go for the snan. He is surprised. This has never happened before. She feels all her puja and prayers have gone waste. I don’t trust anyone. Now God will have to appear on Earth to garner my trust. They hear a couple calling for alms. They stand near the window, requesting Amma ji to give them something. God will help you. Amma ji tells them to leave. Ganga walks up to them. She repeats Amma ji’s words. Now God himself will have to come to return Amma ji’s faith in Him. Neither will he come nor will AMma ji’s faith return. We only have to do something now. Ganga walks away. The couple smile. Maharaj ji asks them about it. The guy says, will God tell you before coming at your door? It can also happen that God comes but you don’t recognize him and return him empty handed. Amma ji asks Maharaj ji to get something for the couple.

The couple asks Amma ji why she looks so disturbed. Amma ji gives round about answers. The couple calls her near the window. The lady talks about Ganga. She only will get you freedom from all your pain and troubles. Amma ji talks negative about Ganga. The lady says, all the problems have taught you something. Amma ji turns to look at them in amazement. She is stunned to see Narad ji and Devi Laxmi. She looks at them with love and devotion. Ma Laxmi says, your son brought that lonely girl home but you never accepted her. Gods reside in such people only. She is your guardian angel. She will help you gain freedom from all your problems. She only will help you always. Maharaj ji calls out for Amma ji, saying what all he is giving. Amma ji is about to tell them who these people are. She is taken aback to see the guy and the lady. They bless Amma ji. Maharaj ji notices the look on her face. What happened? She doesn’t share it with him. She thinks it was her dream. My mind is also getting old.

Ganga wakes up Sagar. She is missing Bappa. I am very mush worried. Sagar asks her what happened. You always talk to your Bappa through your heart whenever you miss him. She nods. He used to come to meet me whenever I used to think of him. But it isn’t so today. Sagar gets concerned. Why are you so tensed today? Ganga tells Sagar about Niru and Amma ji’s convo last night; and also of Babu confessing the crime for Pulkit’s sake. What will happen now? Sagar shares that a killer gets death punishment. They both are in tears and shock thinking about the punishment. I wont let it happen. Bappa left me, but I wont let Babu go away. He is your Bappa. You too will cry for him like me if he goes away from us. I wont let it happen ever. We will have to do something. Sagar is clueless. She thinks of telling Madhvi. She will stop Babu. Sagar nods, but then thinks of Pulkit. We have to save him as well. Ganga reasons that Bahu ji will try to find some other way to save Pulkit. They head towards Madhvi’s room.

Niru talks to Amma ji. Are you alright? You dint go for Ganga snan today? She replies that she isn’t feeling like it. Pulkit comes there and looks at them. Niru holds his mother’s hand. I know what you are thinking, but don’t blame yourself for my decision ever. I am doing the right thing. There is no other way. Niru notices Pulkit standing there. Parents sacrifice so much for the kids. Who else can know it better than you (amma ji)? Amma ji is in tears.

Shreya walks in. She greets them good morning. Pulkit is scared. She has also called Raj here. She asks them what they have decided. What is to be done? She looks at Pulkit.

Sagar and Ganga wait impatiently outside as Madhvi is taking a bath. They don’t want to lose any second. Ganga heads downstairs. She asks Sagar to bring Bahu ji asap. He nods.

Amma ji prays that both her son and grandson are safe. Please help them. Raj walks in. Ganga joins them too. Ganga hopes that Babu shouldn’t say anything, especially about confessing the crime for Pulkit Bhaiya’s sake. Shreya waits for the final answer from the family members. Amma ji shakes her head at Niru but he stays put. Niru says I want to tell you something.

Madhvi finally comes out. Sagar wants her to come downstairs. There is a very big problem at hand. She is worried for Pulkit. She is applying vermilion when Sagar tells her about Niru’s plan. Ganga told me about it. I came to seek your help but you aren’t helping me.

Barkha’s parents too reach Chaturvedi Sadan. Shreya asks Niru to speak. Raj interrupts. He will cook up a fake story to save his son only. Niru agrees to tell the Shreya what happened that night. You don’t know the complete truth. I will tell you. I went to hotel with Barkha. Pulkit reached there once I left. No one knows what happened afterwards, except me. I went back there after Pulkit left. Pulkit was saying the truth. Barkha was alive when he left the hotel room. She was still alive when I went back there.

Madhvi rushes downstairs to stop Niru.

Ganga knows why NIru is saying all this. She also thinks of her promise to Sagar. I wont let Babu leave you like Bappa. Ganga cuts Niru’s sentence. I will tell the rest of the story, not you. I went to hotel after Babu and Pulkit bhaiya. I went to meet Barkha Massi. I was very angry. Bahu ji and Babu fought because of her only. I tried to make her understand why she is doing so. She pushed me. I got angrier. I picked up a knife and killed her! Niru calls it a lie but she stays put. Call police now. I will go to jail. I should be hanged. I killed Massi. No one else killed her. Everyone looks at her in shock and disbelief. Madhvi is in tears. Sagar asks his mother if Ganga is doing this to save Papa and Bhaiya. Madhvi nods. Amma ji thinks of Ma Laxmi’s words. Niru refuses to believe Ganga. You are lying! Don’t trust her words. How can such a small girl kill someone? She hasn’t killed Barkha. I have killed Barkha. Shreya says wow. Earlier we dint have even one killer. Now we have two. The third one, the real culprit, hasn’t confessed his crime so far. I wonder why. So many interesting twists are happening in this story! She turns to Mehri who gets all scared and blabbers on. Shreya asks for tea. I thought I wont trouble anyone today but it seems like this drama will continue for some more time. I need tea. Sagar and Ganga look at each other. He wonders why Ganga is taking such a big step. She thinks that she will not let anything happen to Babu. He cannot leave us all like Bappa!

Prabha still cannot believe that Barkha is dead. Pulkit is being blamed for her death? Ratan disagrees. It is better to go there and meet Bhabhi. She is so sad. You dint even meet Mama Mami. Yash asks his mother when he will go to school. Ratan asks Prabha if she hasn’t paid the fees yet. She replies that he took the money. Ratan gives her money. He leaves without eating breakfast. She gets Ginny’s call. Ginny says sorry to Prabha from her friends’ side. I was so against hypnotism but no one listened to me. My friends too are feeling bad. They want to apologize to you too. Come for a little while. Prahba acts modest. She agrees to come over.

Shreya writes down Ganga’s confession in a letter. She asks Ganga to sign it. Pulkit tells her otherwise. Don’t fall for her words. You wont sign. Ganga takes the pen. Sagar also tries to stop her followed by Madhvi. Don’t be mad. Do you even know what will happen if you sign this? Shreya again asks Ganga to sign the papers. Amma ji looks at the file. Niru tells Ganga against signing the papers. I can bet you are innocent. You haven’t killed anyone. You have to listen to me. You wont sign. Pulkit requests Ganga to listen to papa. We all know you cannot do it. Why are you lying? Maharaj ji too has full faith in Ganga. Mehri cannot understand what Ganga is up to. Madhvi tells Ganga that this time she cannot do things as per her wish. Barkha’s mother too cannot understand anything. Sagar requests Ganga to speak the truth. Raj asks everyone why they are stopping Ganga. no one is forcing her to say it. She herself is confessing it. Shreya asks Ganga if she will sign on it or not.

Ganga looks at Sagar. I will sign on it. The shock is visible on the faces of everyone. Madhvi tells Ganga not to do anything for which she will have to repent. Ganga thinks of last night. Amma ji pulls the pen from her hand just when she is about to sign. You cannot become great even if you want to! I know you are doing this to save Niru and Pulkit. Niru asks her about it. Pulkit says you don’t have to do it. Neither of us (NIru or him) has killed Massi. Don’t sign. She is lying. Please don’t listen to her.