Tuesday Update on Gangaa 18th December 2018

It is morning. Ganga wakes up. Babu must be on his way. I am not late. Pishi Ma asks her why she woke up so early. Ganga replies that she has to get ready. Sudha asks her about Ganga. Pishi Ma says you were right. She might not have slept at all.

Ganga is waiting for Babu. She hears the honk of a car. She excitedly goes out thinking that it will be Babu but it turns out to be Amma ji and Mehri. Ganga asks her about Babu. Sudha and Pishi Ma greet her. Pishi Ma takes Amma ji inside. Sudha too tells her about Ganga’s excitement. She woke up early morning and got ready. She is so excited to go back to her house. Amma ji holds out her hand. That house is not hers. She clears it to Ganga that that house is neither hers nor her Babu’s. I am still the owner of that house. You think your Babu will make all the decisions? As the owner I will decide who should and who should not stay in that house. It is my decision that this girl will not even step inside my house! The cloth falls from Ganga’s hand. Everyone is taken aback by Amma ji’s decision. Amma ji requests Ganga to free her and her family. Get out of our lives! I will be grateful to God if that happens. She folds her hands before Ganga. A tearful Ganga quietly looks at her as she gets up to go. Amma ji adds that if she will still come to her house like a beggar after hearing all this then understand that there is no one as selfish and shameless like you! Ganga sadly looks at her hands. All the ladies feel bad for her. Ganga runs inside. Sudha picks her bag and follows her inside.

Sagar and Niru are leaving for the ashram. Madhvi and Maharaj ji are very happy to see him happy. Amma ji asks them where they are going. She tells him that it is of no use to go to ashram. She wont come here. Niru talks about his promise. Amma ji questions Madhvi. Don’t you talk to your husband? Today is Shrad. She cannot come today. niru talks about his promise but Amma ji refuses to break the rituals that she has been following. Sagar is a kid but you are grown up. Niru cannot understand why she is talking about auspicious and inauspicious when it comes to Ganga. Madhvi suggests him to drop the matter for now. I will talk to Amma ji. Sagar again insists upon going but Madhvi tells him not to act stubborn. Sagar questions his Dadi as to why is she doing it. Ganga will be waiting. What is the problem if she comes? Amma ji stays put. She cannot come. He angrily takes the Prasad from her. I will not eat anything or drink milk till she is back. He heads to his room. Amma ji tells Madhvi that he will not stay hungry for long. Don’t support him in his childishness. Anyone can say anything but I wont let her come back in my house!

Madhvi is worried as Sagar has not eaten anything. It is evening. Maharaj ji takes juice for him but Sagar refuses to take anything. Tell Dadi that I don’t want anything. Amma ji says Sagar is hungry and so am I. We have to be strict with kids a little or they get used to making their own rules. I am doing it all for my family and their happiness. I don’t enjoy hurting others. Madhvi looks at Sagar.

At night, Madhvi tries to feed Sagar but he refuses to budge from his decision. I wont even take medicine. Amma ji looks on. Madhvi requests her to let Ganga come back. Sagar has to take medicine as well. I cannot see him like this. His health might worsen. Amma ji denies. It is pointless to change my decision. Madhvi says I have been accepting your every wish till now but today it is about my son. She promises Sagar that it is late today but they will go to bring Ganga back tomorrow morning. Sagar’s face lights up. He finally eats something. Amma ji feels helpless too. You don’t realise that he stopped eating food for that Ganga today. What will he do tomorrow? He might leave us only. You will regret it. Ganga’s return will only invite destruction for our house.

Ganga thinks of how Amma j has been against letting her stay in Chaturvedi House since beginning. She unpacks her clothes. She looks at her palms. She keeps her saree back in her potli but Amma ji’s words keep echoing in her head. She looks out of the window. She thinks of Sagar telling her that she will always stay with him. Will I never see Sagar again? Will I be never able to meet Babu, Sagar, Bahu ji, Pulkit Bhaiya ever again? Amma ji’s taunts haunt her. Why did Amma ji say so? Would it mean I have no shame? I am not like that. I will have to do something.
Sagar is happy as he will be going to bring Ganga tomorrow. We will all live together then.

Next day, Sudha tells Sagar that Ganga left in a rush. She said that she will go to some other ghaat to take bath. She should have been back by now. Sagar cannot waste time. I will find her on the way and take her with me. He rushes out. Sudha thinks of Amma ji’s words.

Amma ji is going for the snan. The same dog (Moti) is in her way. She thinks of the last time when Ganga had helped her. Ganga comes there just then. He knows you now. He is wagging his tail. Amma ji asks her to shoo him away. Ganga does so. Moti goes away. Amma ji asks her what is she doing here. You thought you will request me and come with me? This cannot happen. Sagar looks on from a distance. Ganga denies. I just came to meet you. you were right. That house is yours. You did not like it when Babu brought me home first time. You opposed him but had to give up. The same will happen today. I don’t want Babu and you to fight. I don’t like it. You don’t want me to come to your house. I will now come to your house only when you will come to take me with you!