Tuesday Update on Gangaa 15th Jan 2019

Sagar shares Ganga is his best / sweetest friend. His friends ask him if it means love. Sagar’s friends tease Janvi. Sagar denies. She is my best friend. We have been very close since childhood. It is impossible for me to think like that.

Ganga’s hand got burnt in the process. This is nothing. I am yearning for you since years. This fire is nothing as compared to the fire burning inside me. On the other hand, Sagar speaks about a mystery. The girl should be scuh that you want to explore her. I know Ganga since childhood. I know her inside out. I cannot feel that ways for her ever! Ganga says I love you to the photo. Sagar continues talking. I have never looked at her that ways. Best friends are best friends are after all. They cannot be lovers.

Amma ji calls for Ganga so she goes inside. Amma ji is speaking to pundit ji. Mehri shoos JP away. She later complains to Ganga about JP. He is always after me. Ganga says he was only following you. Mehri is irked. Amma ji is looking at the photos of girls for Pulkit. Ganga peeks at the photos. Prabha comes just then. Prabha sits with Amma ji. Ganga is taken aback to know about Amma ji’s intentions. She remembers Pulkit’s love for Saloni. Madhvi says we will get Pulkit’s engagement done this time when Sagar will come over. The wedding can happen a little later. Ganga suggests asking Pulkit first. Maybe he likes someone. It is the best thing if your life partner is someone who you know already. Madhvi recalls Ganga and Sagar’s proximity before he left for hostel. Madhvi asks Ganga to go to kitchen. Don’t speak in between elders. Prabha points out that Pulkit is not working. We should get Sagar married first. Ganga speaks in between. Elders marry first. Pulkit Bhaiya will marry first. Madhvi looks at Ganga. She goes inside.

Ganga mutters angrily to herself. She thinks of Sagar. He is only mine. He held onto my hand for life. He will not marry anyone like this!

Janvi’s brother (Sahil) is also coming to the party. Sagar jokes about him. He always goes on a date but the result is always 0. He cannot marry in this birth. Sahil comes just then. Why not? Let me find a good girl first. Sagar asks his definition of a good girl. Sahil says I don’t know. Sagar asks about his date today. Sahil comments that the girl was good but something was missing. Janvi too wants to know what he is looking for in a girl. Sahil explains that she has to come out of his dreams. Her simplicity will say everything about her. Sagar acts all sleepy. They were dialogues of 60s. Will you find such a girl in today’s date? Only girls with old, conservative thinking can think like that.

Ganga talks to Pulkit. All the old fashioned women of the house are thinking to trap you. They are talking about your marriage. Tell them about your love for Saloni Didi. Gather your courage if you love her. Pulkit reasons that he has to ask Saloni first. She isn’t talking to me. How can I take things forward? Ganga says you both love each other then why not. He says it was years ago. I don’t know what happened to her in the present. He notices her burnt hand and goes to bring ointment. He applies ointment on her hand. She remarks that he hasn’t changed a bit in all these years. You still love and care for everyone. How can Saloni Didi change? He goes all quiet. She talks positively about love. I am sure she loves you still the same way. True love happens only once.

Sahil says true love happens only once. The day I meet such a girl, I will understand that she is the one. Sagar loudly asks everyone if they share the same feeling. Janvi pulls him down. Don’t make a joke of my brother. Sahil says the eyes can see everything. Janvi takes her brother’s side. Sagar gives his phone to Sahil. See which girl you like. You can judge everyone from face so you will understand. Janvi likes the idea. She checks the photos with her brother. He asks her to stop on one photo. Sagar checks the photo. He says Ganga. Sahil likes the name. Janvi is happy for her brother. Sagar goes all quiet. Janvi asks him if he has any problem with her brother liking Ganga. Sagar declines. She is my best friend after all. She is a widow! Sahil doesn’t mind it. It isn’t her mistake. Janvi asks Sagar to do everything for Sahil and Ganga. Will you help? I know about your friendship with Ganga. Bhai cannot do anything without your help. You have to do the matchmaking. She is your best friend. You would want her to have a good partner in life. Sagar agrees. We all are anyways going to Banaras. I will make her meet Sahil there. It is your (Sahil’s) job to make her agree.

Ganga keeps encouraging Pulkit to not give up so easily. Your love can bring him or her to you. It is so powerful. You cannot give up in love. It gives you strength to fight anything in life. You never break down before anyone in any situation. She remembers the vermilion incident. I know you love Saloni Didi a lot and want her to be with you. Will you be able to live without her? You love her so much so why let her go?

Ganga speaks to Pulkit. I know you love Saloni Didi a lot and want her to be with you. Will you be able to live without her? You love her so much so why let her go? We will talk to Babu right away. Pulkit stops her. I am not ready yet. She reasons that it can get late. Stand here quietly. She goes to kitchen for a minute. Pulkit stands there confused.

Ganga brings tea for Niru. He asks her how she brought tea for him today without even asking for it. You don’t allow others to give it to me. She talks about his busy day in court. I know you need it. She says Pulkit Bhaiya want to talk to you. She calls out for Pulkit. Pulkit enters in the study room. Ganga urges him to speak. Madhvi comes to give coat to Niru. She too waits to see what’s happening. Niru asks Pulkit to speak up. Pulkit fumbles. Niru asks him to speak fast. I don’t have time. Ganga asks Pulkit to speak. You both came face to face after so much difficulty. Madhvi too asks Pulkit to speak. Pulkit says I don’t want to get married. Ganga signals him to speak further. Niru likes the idea. You are all grownup but still aren’t settled. You do door to door sales. Why will someone give you their girl? Pulkit remarks that he has told him many times. I assemble computers. It isn’t sales. I do installation. I agree the business is small but things will be fine soon. Niru taunts that it will get better when he turns 50. Take job in Gupta’s firm. Pulkit refuses to take his help. Niru taunts him. You aren’t capable to do anything on your own so I have to help! Pulkit is hurt. Niru leaves. Madhvi tells Pulkit not to take it to his heart. Pulkit holds his fist angrily. He walks away from there miffed. Madhvi and Ganga follow him. He is angry at Niru. He scolded me and taunted me. What’s left now? Amma ji thinks if Niru and Pulkit came face to face again today. Pulkit says I know I dint live up to his expectations. He wants everyone to become a lawyer. He always calls me useless; good for nothing. I couldn’t become a lawyer like Sagar so I do sales. Yes, I do it! When his younger kid is fulfilling his dream then why isn’t he letting his other son fulfils his own dream. Why force? Madhvi says Niru talks for your favour only. Pulkit hates the taunts he gets to hear day and night. I don’t need it! He goes upstairs.

Madhvi has never seen Pulkit this angry before. There is surely something. Amma ji thinks of talking to Niru. He has to understand Pulkit has grown up. He wont be happy if he hears taunts day and night. Madhvi says the reason behind Pulkit’s anger is something else. Ganga thinks of doing something. I don’t think Bhaiya will be able to tell anyone about Saloni Didi. Ganga stands quiet when Madhvi asks her if she knows the reason. She shakes her head. She leaves to do something.

Janvi, Sahil and Sagar are in the train. Janvi gives ideas to Sahil to spend time with Ganga. I will enjoy roaming around with Sagar. Sagar tells Janvi to not let anyone know that they are dating. My family is old fashioned. No one likes it. Janvi talks about Ganga. She is pretty broad minded you said. Sagar says she isn’t broad minded like people in London. She is very emotional and simple. She can do anything. Don’t tell her anything. She can even start taking it all too seriously.

Ganga decides to get Pulkit married to Saloni. She talks to JP. Ganga will never back down or give up when it comes to love and emotions. I will check on Saloni Didi. I should know why she isn’t talking to Bhaiya. She goes inside. The house is completely decorated. A few ladies are singing. Mehendi function is going on there. Ganga greets a lady (Saloni’s mother) she comes across. Saloni’s mother does not recognize her. Ganga shares she is Saloni’s friend. Saloni’s mother asks about her white saree. Are you a widow? Ganga declines. I am only pretending to be one. There was play in our college today. I am coming directly from there. I dint get time to change. Saloni’s mother points at Saloni’s room.

Ganga is shocked to know Saloni is marrying someone else. She loves Pulkit Bhaiya. How can she marry someone else then? Salni notices Ganga in the mirror. She sends her friends outside. Ganga asks Saloni how she can do this with Bhaiya. You both love each other a lot then why? She asks him if Pulkit sent her here. Ganga says no, I came on my own. He is very worried. You aren’t even talking to him. Talk to me. Why are you doing this? You both are together since so many years. You both love each other. How can you put someone else’s name’s mehendi in your hands? Love happens once in life. You loved Pulkit Bhaiya. Where did it go now? Time changes with love. It does not end. Why then? Why are you marrying? Saloni is all quiet. Ganga asks her if she is being forced for this marriage. I remember this is what they had done with you years ago. Are they doing the same thing today too?

Srivastava comes there. Who are you? You are instigating my own daughter against me. He recognizes Ganga. It can be no one else but you who can talk like this! This is what you have done since childhood. Your face changed over the years but not your arrogant! I can recognize you in crowd. You sent me to jail. How can I forget you? Ganga wonders what to do now. He wants to know why she has come here. Saloni tries to speak but he does not let her talk. He asks her to leave. Saloni reluctantly leaves from there. Ganga tells Srivastava he cannot force Saloni to marry someone against her wish. She loves Pulkit Bhaiya and vice versa. He tells her to come to her senses. Be in your limits. He calls security guards inside. They hold Ganga. She tries her best to free her hands from their clutches. She slaps one of the guys. Srivastava gets angry. He asks the guards to take her to one room and lock her there.