Tuesday Update on Deception 12 May 2020


Tuesday Update on Deception 12 May 2020

Anuj asking Kusum about Pooja. Kusum says she will not do anything and asks if he still trust her. Anuj tells Naren that he is innocent. Naren asks Lawyer to get him punished by hook or by crook. Pooja comes to the tailor’s shop and comes to know that there is one only shop here, but it is closed. Pooja thinks to wait there. Court hearing begins. Reporter tells about Anuj being guilty of Meghna’s rape case. Harish fears that Naren and Pooja will separate if Anuj gets punished. Supriya says nothing will happen to their relation. Pooja calls Rahul and asks him to let the call on, as she wants to see the proceeding. Tailor opens the shop. Pooja shows the Sherwani to the tailor and asks if someone came to get the button stitched. Tailor says yes and tells that he brought a box of

buttons. Pooja is shown in the car and recalls giving specs to the tailor. She shows Anuj, Naren and Rahul’s pics and come to know that nobody among them were involved. She gets happy and asks him to give statement in court. He agrees. She is driving the car, when suddenly her car stops. She sees glass pieces on road and thinks someone wants to stop me from reaching court. Just then someone comes and hits on her head with rod. He then goes towards the tailor. Tailor says you were the one who got the button stitched. Man kidnaps Tailor and takes him with him. Naren gets a call and leaves.

Judge tells if Naren Vyas doesn’t come within 10 mins then court will give verdict. Naren comes there and sees Pooja unconscious. She tells about the attack on her and Tailor’s kidnapping. Naren says Anuj is in court, then who has kidnapped the tailor. Pooja says last hope to save Anuj went from my hand. Naren says we won’t let anything happen to Anuj. He asks her to come with him. They leave. Man driving the car passes from there and tailor’s dead body is inside. Judge gives the verdict and gives imprisonment to Anuj. Pooja and Naren come there and tell that Anuj is innocent. Judge says verdict is taken, now nothing can be done. Anuj tells Rachel to tell their baby that he is innocent. Pooja tells Anuj that she won’t let anything happen to him. Anuj is upset with her. Rachel asks Pooja why don’t she believe him when he swear on their baby. Kusum slaps Pooja. Pooja says she didn’t know that he was innocent. Kusum swears not to let Pooja see her grand son. Naren promises Satish that they will do something. Pooja cries.

Naren and Pooja returns. Neelima says brother has committed a big crime and she has come here proudly. Naren says you don’t know anything. Harsha also taunts Pooja. Dada ji asks them not to insult bahu. Neelima asks him to choose between Meghna and Pooja. Supriya says this is my family and everyone wants to suffocate others. She asks them to decide who are staying there. She says she will pack her bags. Naren and Rahul tell that they will be together. Naren comes to room and says I should have stopped the court verdict. Pooja says what to do as all proofs were against him. Naren asks about Rakhis which she has. She tells that she has been protective about him since childhood, but this she failed. Naren asks her to come. Shivani uses third degree torture on Anuj and throws a bucket of water on him. She asks him to sign on the confession letter. Anuj refuses to sign. Kusum asks Rachel to do more bhakti of Pooja and says she will take my son’s life. Naren tells Pooja that he got the CCTV footage deleted. Pooja asks then how it will be retrieved. Naren takes her to Pan shop. Private Investigator Ajay opens the door. He tells Pooja that he was here from 4-5 when crime happened.

Naren says Ajay can find solution of all problems. Pooja asks if he hired him for Meghna and says he was with you on marriage day. She asks what is he hiding from him. Kusum calls Satish and says Anuj is tortured. Satish says he came to Vyas Mansion. Naren tells that he is searching a man and shows his pic, but face is hidden. Pooja asks who is he? Naren says Maa and Papa’s real heir and son and he was in the resort that day. Man comes to Vyas Mansion and searches something in Naren’s room.

the spy giving CCTV footage to Pooja and says it will help you to get your brother freed. Satish comes to Resort as Danish brings him. Harish comes and says your son is guilty, leave us alone. Satish says my son is innocent and asks him to get date in higher court and says we want to appeal in higher court. He asks him to think about his son’s baby. Harish says he should have thought about baby before committing crime. He says it is good that Hardik saw you leaving from Vyas Mansion. Satish gets angry and tells that he was in his limits being samdhi and tells Anuj is innocent. Naren and Pooja hear them. They leave from back door and come from main gate. Satish folds his hands and asks Naren to save his son. Naren says nothing will happen to Anuj, we got the proofs proving him

innocent. Pooja says we shall not get late as Shivani must be torturing him. Naren and Pooja come to Police station. Shivani says this is not your party office where you go at any time. Naren says he has brought proofs and says Anuj is innocent. He says this CD is CCTV footage from 3pm to 5 pm. Shivani calls Anuj also there. They see Anuj sitting in the resort and then Danish coming there. Naren says now it is proved. Pooja asks Shivani to free her son. Shivani asks Constable to free him. Harish asks Shivani how why Anuj’s location was shown as he was in Vyasn Mansion at that time. Hardik tells them that he saw Danish talking to Anuj regarding phone.

Anuj says I remember giving my phone to Danish for charging and kept his phone as I want to make some calls. Same is shown in CCTV footage. They see Danish and Anuj exchanging phones. They doubt on Danish. Harish asks where is Danish? Satish says he came with me. Kusum asks if he eloped. Naren calls Danish, but he is not picking the call. He says I will not leave him. They leave. Satish asks Kusum to come with her and says they shall not interfere in Vyas family matters.
Danish thinks he shall leave before Naren doubts on him.

Naren comes to Vyas Mansion and catches him. He asks how could you? He always cared for you and gave you equal respect. He beats Danish. Hardik asks Shivani to stop Naren. Shivani shoots in air. Dada ji comes and asks what happened? Naren tells that he is punishing himself and tells that Danish is Meghna’s guilty. Danish says I didn’t do anything which will break your trust. Harish asks why did you come here from 4-5 and why did you hide from us that you had Anuj’s phone. Harsha slaps him. Danish pleads that he is innocent. Rahul slaps him. Danish falls on Meghna’s feet and says trust me I didn’t do anything with you. Shivani arrests him. Danish says I am innocent. Harish says I knew that my family members can’t do such crime and says we will not discuss anymore about this from tomorrow. Meghna looks on.

Pooja tells Naren that Meghna will start her life again and says we have to behave normally. Naren asks if all the arrangements is done. Rahul, Surbhi and Supriya bring Meghna to hall. Rahul says it is a surprise. Surbhi says someone else will answer. Supriya says someone wants to become your vision for forever. Kunal comes with band and a song plays….He tells Meghna that he guarantees her that nothing will change, and only their relation name will be changed. He holds her hand and asks Meghna to give a name to their relation. He is about to make her wear ring, but she stops him. Ring falls down.

Meghna tells that that she was someone else and this meghna was someone else. She says I can’t give you and your family, a bad name for life. Pooja comes near Meghna. Kunal says my love is not weak and says this ring is only for you and you will only wear it. Naren and Supriya convince her. Pooja and Rahul ask Kunal to make her wear ring. Kunal makes her wear ring. Raabta song plays….Supriya tells that they will take proposal to Kunal’s family. Surbhi says we have to make arrangements as per our standard.

Meghna moves back. Pooja asks what happened and asks her to forget the past, says your criminal is in the police station now. Meghna cries and tells her that she feels that they have punished innocent guy and tells Danish’s touch and rapist touch differ. She tells since Danish touched my feet, my heart is very restless and says the touch differs, and I can guarantee this. Pooja says but…meghna says I know it is difficult to believe, but my sixth sense supported me till now. Naren tells Kunal that they shall make arrangements of marriage. Kunal hugs him. Meghna takes off the ring and tells Pooja that she will not wear the ring until she meets Danish.

Meghna telling Pooja that she will wear the ring once guilty is found. Naren thinks who is the criminal then if not Danish. Naren comes there and asks Pooja to get ready and says we are going to her sasural. Pooja tells that she is going to shopping with Meghna. Naren, Supriya and Rahul come to Goenka house. Supriya says don’t know if they will take nek. Naren says we have come and will get their approval. Surbhi is about to fall, but Rahul holds her hand. Pooja comes to Police station with Meghna. Shivani says case is closed. Pooja tells her that the case is not yet closed and asks her to let Meghna meet Danish. Shivani asks are you out of your mind? Pooja says Meghna wants to meet Danish and requests her. Shivani says ok and says everything comes with a price and asks her to

tell where were Naren for an hour that day. Pooja gets tensed. Supriya asks Mrs. Goenka to agree for the alliance. Just then Rahul brings media there. Naren tells Mr. Goenka that he knows how he used media. Reporters ask them to answer. Kunal tells that he is marrying Meghna with his parents support and thanks them. Naren asks them to accept the nek.

Surbhi says they shall have a group pic and says everyone shall know that Goenka and Vyas are together now. Kunal asks his mum to bring shagun plate. She goes to bring it. Pooja requests Shivani to let Meghna meet Danish for humanity sake. Shivani lets her meet Danish. Meghna checks his hands and hugs him. She then starts crying. Meghna nods no. Shivani asks Pooja what she is saying?

Pooja says Danish is not guilty. Danish cries. Shivani asks what is this new twist and says I want to talk to Meghna alone. Pooja pacifies Danish and asks why did you go to Vyas Mansion at that time. Pooja comes to Kusum’s house and asks why she was silent even after knowing that Danish is innocent. A fb is shown, Danish tells Pooja that Kusum saw him leaving for resort after taking Naren’s file, and tells that he was in a hurry to leave as he was scared as Naren’s car got a dent and he was going to get it repaired and asks her to check the car. Fb ends. Pooja requests Kusum to give statement, but she refuses and throws her out of house. Supriya asks Naren how he made this happen. Naren tells her that Mr. Goenka was sending meghna to US and that’s why he called Media to convince him. Supriya asks if she will be happy after marriage if we force her inlaws for marriage. Kunal says mom came with the nek. Pooja comes out of Satish’s house. Shivani says I can’t free Danish until she gives statement. Meghna asks Pooja to get the marriage date postponed and tells that she can’t marry while the rapist is around her.

Supriya is about to give plate to Mr. Goenka, but Pooja comes there with Meghna and stops them. She tells Naren that Danish is not the criminal and tells that until the real culprit is caught, this shagun thaali have to wait. Reporter says you have kept an ordinary employee to jail to save family member. Pooja says we have reopened the case. She says till then this plate have to wait.

Harish gets angry and asks why they have so much sympathy towards Danish. Pooja says Danish is not a culprit and says it is injustice to get innocent gut punished. Neelima asks Meghna to touch if hardik is guilty. She asks her to touch him, but Pooja stops him. Harish scolds Naren and says he is sure that Pooja can’t take this step without his help. Pooja asks Naren if he trust her. Naren gives him trust and support to her. Pooja says I know you have many questions in your heart and says it is simple for ladies to understand touch. She says I can identify your touch after 50 years even in crowd. Naren asks how to help you? Pooja says you can take us to that criminal and asks him to make the sketch.

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