Tuesday Update on Begusarai Zee World

Tuesday Update on Begusarai Zee World

Poonam and further explain to her that his mother have gone to God in his childhood, and since then Poonam behaves like his mothers and further tells her not to bother about her words. Bindiya on the other hand gets furious and decides to answer back Poonam and teach her lesson but Priyom stops her and sternly warns her against doing so to Poonam. Bindya is shocked to see his reaction. He tells Bindiya that he is with her and should show her anger on him, Bindiya smiles.

It’s Rajkumar’s birthday celebration and the preparations are in full swing for Piddi’s bday. Poonam’s friend ask Poonam to forget everything and that the college will forget too. Poonam says everyone come here because they think college is secure place for studies, she don’t want girls’s parents to think that this is not right place and they don’t allow them to come here just because of her and if anyone have to leave this college because of her then she will feel very bad so she have thought what she have to do and she will not come to college from tomorrow. Her friend asks if she have gone mad. Poonam says it was her mistake to come here and she should have known that her shadow will never leave her, she don’t want people to get affected here because of her so after the function, she will tell people in the house about her decision.

Meanwhile, celebrations begin for Rajkumar’s eighteenth birthday and all the guests begin to arrive one by one. Everyone are getting ready in Thakur’s house, Maya ask Guddi to come fast. As she is straightening her hairs, Maya comes to Piddi and compliment him that he is looking nice. She tells him to come for his function otherwise someone else will eat his cake. Piddi (Rajkumar) recalls how Priyom fooled him and took Bindya with him, Piddi says no that he is ready. Maya comes to Mithilesh, he hugs her, she says they are getting late and tells him to go and give peace to his eyes seeing Bindya and that she will come to him at night, she leaves and he smiles. Badi Amma tells her family that if she miss Bindya’s dance then she will make people dance in the house and order them to get ready fast.

Poonam’s family comes to the function, Poonam greets her future mother-in-law to be, Rekha. Rekha thinks if she didn’t had gold jewelry, then she could have asked her and is upset that she will embarrass her in people’s eyes. Poonam goes to meet Badi Amma. Chuna Yadav comes to Rekha and greets her, she ask how is he doing? He says living under Thakurs. Rekha ask everything fine. Yadav who meets Lakhan’s mother during the function, brainwashes her against Phulan Thakur by purposely informs her about one girl whom her family wants her to marry and they are giving 1 crore as dowry and banglow too, adding that they asked for Lakhan’s hand in marriage but he told them that Lakhan is engaged with Poonam who is a servant’s daughter. He further tells her that Puhlan has done wrong by fixing Lakhan’s marriage with the daughter of their servant. Rekha asks if he is insulting her? Yadav who want to destroy the Thukur’s family says he is telling the truth that Phulan wanted to make Manjeeta his servant for his whole life so he made his daughter marry her son, he has sacrificed her son for his benefit and that she will not get anything from Poonam’s family, adding that Phulan could have engaged his son Priyom to marry Poonam but he didnt.

Priyom later comes to the function and he looks at Poonam. Yadav further tells Rekha that his relatives are giving 2 crores as dowry and that he is telling her to marry Lakhan to her, he leaves after leaving her in deep thought. Rekha talk to herself that she didn’t think about it before and she have to break this forced marriage, she looks at Poonam and Priyom and says she know politics too, she will do such cheap politics that in the whole function, Poonam will force everyone to break her marriage. Ghungroo comes on stage and announce that their very loving girl Bindya is coming on stage. Priyom looks at Poonam and smiles but she doesn’t smile back. People ask Ghungroo to bring Bindya, he says she is coming in a minute. Priyom’s servants are making Bhaang for themselves when Rekha comes there, she asks him if he isn’t ashamed of drinking Bhaang. She ask them to give her Bhaang and they reluctantly gives it to her. she smirks and leaves from there, she says today it will be divorce for not married bride. The servants bring another packet of Bhaang while everyone ask to call Bindya on stage. Rekha comes to food stall, she mixes Bhaang in sweets, she says once Poonam eat this and dance then Phulan will cancel this marriage himself and even if he doesn’t then Manjeeta will shoot his daughter in embarrassment. Lakhan comes there and is about to eat the sweets but Rekha doesnt allow him to eat. Lakhan’s mother who have decides to feed Poonam some sweets that has ‘bhang’ mixed in it so that she will misbehave in front of the guests comes to Poonam and ask her to eat sweets. Poonam takes a plate from her and is about to eat when Badi Amma comes there. Rekha greets her and Badi Amma ask if she can sit here? Rekha nods, Badi Amma ask her to leave and Rekha leaves.

Bindiya on the other hand comes on stage and gives a stunning performance in front of the guests. She dances on Aa Ree Pritam Piyare song. Rajkumar ( Piddi ) and Priyom enjoys her dance. While Rekha is waiting for Poonam to eat the sweets, Guddi takes the plate from her and asks why she is eating sweets, she brings chowmins for Poonam. On seeing this, Rekha is upset that she spoiled her plan. Rekha goes to take the plate from the servant and again brings the plate to Poonam asking her to eat the sweets first. Badi Amma ask if she is drunk? Rekha says no. Badi Amma says she don’t show this much love in sane state, Rekha deny and claims that she love her daughter-in-law alot, she have brought sweets for her 2 times but she is not eating it. Badi Amma ask Poonam to eat it else Rekha will not leave her. Poonam takes the plate. While Bindya is dancing with the boys, her veil falls down and she gets conscious, Priyom comes there and drapes veil around her. Phulan notices this, Bindya dances around Piddi and Priyom. Priyom’s girlfriend Jaya comes there too and informs Priyom that her brother is seeing boys for her marriage. Priyom says very nice that he will pray that she get a good boy. Jaya bluntly tells him that he is not here to listen to his jokes. On seeing how serious she is, Priyom ask if she is thinking that he will marry her? He reminds her that he cleared it on their first day that he don’t like marriage. Jaya says she thought he will change in her love. Priyom says it can’t happen and she gets depressed hearing this, he looks at Bindya and says he will marry Bindya. Jaya is stunned, he says he have started loving her and Jaya is more shocked.

Priyom tells his girlfriend that he have fallen in love with Bindya and he have promised to marry her. Jaya asks if he will marry that dancer? Priyom says she know he respect every girl. A flabbergasted Jaya says it was her mistake to love him and further says he can’t be for anyone, she leaves angrily. Priyom’s servants ask why he lie about Bindya? Priyom says he had to do it as she was falling in love with him and it would only pain her so he want her to curse him and forget about him instead of crying in his love. Poonam eats the laddos which has Bhaang in it. Lakhan’s mother Rekha Devi watches as Poonam eats the sweet and she feels happy as she believes that Poonam has eaten the sweet which has the ‘bhaang’ in it and will soon create a problem during the function and think that now the game will start.

Bindya is dancing, Poonam’s earring falls so she gets up to find it, Rekha thinks she will start dancing, Poonam finds it and sit back. Rekha is stunned and talk to herself why the bhaang is not affecting her. Badi Amma have plate of same sweets and she has
eaten the Bhaang sweets and starts doing dance steps seeing Bindya. Choti Amma ask her to sit down that everyone are watching her. Badi Amma claims she dance better than Bindya. But Rekha Devi is in for a shock when she sees ‘Badi Amma’ behaving in a weird manner and thinks what happened to her, she recalls how she brought the plate to Poonam which had no bhaang in it and it was Badi Amma who had eaten the bhaang laddos. She further talk to herself that she is gone now and her dream of getting 2 crores is gone now. Later, the celebrations reach its peak and the men begin to fire their guns. But what occurs during the evening is nothing to celebrate about as Poonam is stunned when her father falls down unconscious and shouts calling out to her father. Everyone looks at Manjeeta and are shocked to see his condition and they all gathers around him. Phulan comes there too and realizes that Manjeeta has been shot. Poonam ask her father to wake up and she finds blood coming out of his hand and is stunned, she cries. Phulan gets furious with the gunmen shouting at them to be silent, he shouts who dared to fire at him and ask his men who fired that bullet?. Seeing Phulan getting furious, everybody begins to panic. Bindya is in shock too, Puhlan asks his men to tell him else he will kill them all, all are silent. He asks if they will not tell me and ask them to load their guns, all does so, he ask them to put the gun in their mouths and they all silently does so. Phulan ask them to fire now and just his men are ready to kill themselves, Manjeeta gains consciousness and he stands up. Priyom says the bullet just touched him, he became unconscious because of the hit on his head and he is fine now. Phulan angrily leaves from there. Priyom offers to take him home, Manjeeta says he have got many bullets on his body but he is fine now, he finds his daughter Poonam there and asks why did she come to men side?. He point out to his daughter that her mother is still on women’s side but she (Poonam) forgot her limits with one bullet?. He tell her to remember that life can be gone but respect should not. Priyom looks at he, Manjeeta leaves from there and the servant comment that they saw real the Thakur today, he is calm from outside but volcano from inside, Priyom listens to this.

Puhlan Thakur tells Manjeeta that today he thought for a second that he lost him. Manjeeta says death will come one day. Phulan tells him that he is not scared of death but he is scared of his family and wonder what will happen to them, adding that when he saw his daughter Poonam and wife, he saw fear on their faces and he wonder what will happen to them after he ( Manjeeta) leave. Manjeeta tells Phulan that he is with them, he made his servant’s daughter, a daughter-in-law of Thakur’s, made his son study in Patna, it’s his family but he take care of them and he will not mind giving up his life for him. Phulan smiles and says he is scared for his family, he is worried about Begusarai and asks what if anything happens to him and it’s definite that they will die. Later, Phulan decides to prepare his ‘last will’ for the entire family and he asks Manjeeta to gather the entire family together and tell them that he want to talk to them, Manjeeta leaves. Poonam is still crying, Guddi ask if she will bring storm crying so much. Poonam’s friend ask her to calm down that her father is fine. Priyom comes there, Guddi her brother that she is trying to make her laugh but she is crying. Priyom asks how much she screamed today, he ask his sister, Guddi and Poonam’s friend to leave and they leave. Priyom tells Poonam that he is still angry with her with the way she insulted him in college and she should have come to him to apologise but he is here consoling her. He asks how can she love her father Manjeeta so much despite the fact that he looks scary. Poonam angrily look at him and warn him to dare say anything about her father. Priyom smile and says atleast she spoke something. Poonam’s mother comes there and informs them that Phulan Thakur has called everyone.

Choti Amma ask Badi Amma to drink black coffee that the hangover will go away, Badi Amma drinks it. Badi Amma says once she get to know who mixed bhaang in her sweets then she will not spear him. Rekha gets tensed and just when she is about to go, Badi Amma stops her and ask what she is doing here now?. She order Rehka to go back to her house. Bhushan asks Phulan why he has called them here. Bindya comes to Ghungroo and he is packing his stuff, she ask him what happened? Ghungroo asks her if she was dancing with blindfold and didn’t she see Phulan Thakur’s anger. Bindiya is less bother and shows him money which she earned in the function, she says she got 2 lacs first time in her life and that life comes first. Ghungroo says he is not staying here but Bindya suggests they set limit by running away from Thakur’s house after getting 1 crore. Manjeeta informs Phulan that all his family members are waiting for him and asks him to think before doing anything, Phulan tells his family that he have taken his decision and if someone likes it or not but this decision will not change.

Meanwhile, Ghungroo asks Bindiya if she is in her senses and tells her that they will kill them instead fo giving 1 crore. Bindiya decides to control her greed for money and plans to escape from Begusarai once she earns twenty five lakhs, saying their old age will be saved and remind him that they got so much money in one dance and will earn 25 lacs in somedays. Ghungroo asks if she is sure she will leave after getting 25 lacs? She says sure and tells him to sleep now, informing him that Thakur has called meeting. Ghungroo tells her that it’s for family and she can’t go. Bindiya later goes to the meeting that Phulan Thakur has held for all his family members, hoping that Priyom will take her along holding her hand and will take her to the meeting and that she have to keep an eye on everything, she leaves.

Thakur comes inside the room and everyone are present there. Meanwhile, Poonam and her mother Bimla join for the meeting and seeing them Rekha Devi is surprised and tells Bimla that this is a family meeting and asks why she is here?. But Phulan reminds her that Poonam too is his family. Rekha tells them to come in as Phulan clearly states that Manjeeta’s family is part of their family too. Moments later, Bindiya enters the room apologising for being late and has if the meeting have started?. All are stunned to see her, Badi Amma ask who called her? Bindya says it was family meeting and she live here too so she came her. She then ask Priyom if she do right? Everyone looks at Priyom. Priyom comes to Bindya, he angrily looks at her, holds her and throws her out of room and closes the door. Bindya is stunned as she is pushed out by Priyom. Ghungroo laughs at her that she said he spoke alot there and Priyom said he will come at night.

During this meeting, Thakur says that whatever happened today, they all saw it that Manjeeta who is his shadow was in danger too and asks what if anything had happened to him?. He tells them that nobody can do anything about death but they can do something for their family in life and that’s why he have called them here. Phulan makes a decision that does not sit well with his family as he announces that Manchita will get ten percent of his profit and wealth. All are stunned as Puhlan take a decision of 10% of his profit to Manjeeta. Then smile. This announcement pleases most but upsets few. Thakur adds on that after his death, his assets of 10% will go to Manjeeta too, he ask Mithilesh to prepare the papers. Badi Amma is not so happy too. Puhlan Thakur says he is happy by doing this work and he hope no one has problem with this decision, telling them all can go. Badi Amma tells them to bring her food in her room, she sternly looks at Phulan and leaves.

Guddi happily tells Poonam that she got money, suggesting they go and have shopping. Poonam clearly says. that money is for bad times. At the same time, Priyom comes there and teases his younger brother Rajkumar ( Piddi ) and asks if he is dieting for Bindya? Poonam asks why is he teasing him and tells him to eat his food. Lakhan comes there too. Priyom gets a call from Bindya and he gives the food to Lakhan, he takes Bindya’s call and says since she is calling him so he will come, he leaves. Phulan notice his mother is not happy and asks her ( Badi Amma ) if she isn’t happy with his decision?. Badi Amma expresses her disappointment regarding the announcement before Phulan and that if Manjeeta is his loyal servant then he have done alot for him too. She remind her son that he made his son study in Patna’s college, made his daughter, the daughter-in-law of this house and it was fine till here but today it was not a good decision, adding that only his sons have right on his money. Rekha on the other hand taunts her husband Bhushan that his elder brother gave money to the servant and not him. Bhushan explain to his wife that Manjeeta is their brother. Rekha ask how much he earn in a year, he says 50 lacs. She ask how much Thakur earn in a year, he says 11 crore. She says this means Manjeeta will get 60 lacs per year and it is more than him and says this is not fair.

Phulan says 20 years back, they divided the property between Bhushan and him ( Phulan ) but someone else have shed blood for then too and she can’t forget that. He begins to narrate tales of how Manchita has served him as a real brother by being his shield for life. He reminds her the sacrifices that Manchita has made for him. A flashback is shows that 20 years back, some goons were searching for Thakur and they kidnap Manjeeta’s parents and ask for the address of Thakur from Manjeeta to save his family but Manjeeta won’t betray the Thakur and the goons kill Manjeeta’s family. Just when they goon is about to kill Manjeeta, Phulan comes there and saves him, flashback ends. Phulan further tells Badi Amma that there are very less people who can shed blood for others. Another flashback shows how Majeeta saved Phulan life’s many a times. Phulan says if they are alive then it’s only because of Manjeeta, he says once Manjeeta saved him but he didn’t let the world know about them as people would have made fun of him, adding that people believe in Bhushan and Phulan’s pair but the truth is that Bhushan was not able to support him, he was weak and this Phulan Thakur who is king is because of acloyal Manjeeta. He tells his mother ( Badi Amma ) that she would say that it’s is his duty but duty has limits too. Manjeeta have crossed all limits of loyalty and asks her if she still think he took wrong decision? Badi Amma suggests they have food together, she says being a father and king is not easy, someday he will get burnt of it. Phulan says he never got it and neither will he get it in future.

While Poonam is serving food to Lakhan, Rekha sees this and is angry. Later, Rajkumar is eager to enter Bindiya’s room but Priyom stops him. Bindiya on the other hand is waiting for Priyom to enter her room and talk to herself when will the handsome Priyom come. Meanwhile, Priyom comes to Rajkumar ( Piddi ), he finds gift in his hand, Piddi claims he is 18 now and he can meet Bindya now. Priyom tells his younger brother that he ( Piddi) can marry her after 23 years old. Piddi insist that he will not stop him now. Priyom says he steal money from his father and gives it to him but he will stop it now. Piddi tells him to do it. Priyom shows him a video in which Piddi is trying to look inside the washroom where girl is inside, Priyom blackmail him that if he go to Bindiya then he will send this MMS to the whole Begusarai. Piddi says this is wrong and this is unfair. Priyom says everything is fair in love and war. Piddi leaves from there, Priyom laughs and says what he have to do for Bindya. As Priyom is going to meet her, Poonam sees him going from her balcony and is not so happy about it. Bindya’s door is knocks, she opens the door and doesn’t look at the person. she scolds him that he is angry with him as he made him wait alot. Bindiya looks at his face and she is quite surprise seeing the face of her visitor is Mitlaish and not Priyom. She comes in and closes the door, he comes closer to her. She asks what he is there. He brings out his gun, Bindya out of fear, she starts to apologize to him for trying to get close to Priyom and that she didn’t do anything but he came to her. Mitlaish looks at her intensely, he puts his gun on her face, puts hand on her back and asks if she don’t like this Thakur? He takes off his gold jewelry. Bindya is surprised and smiles when she realizes that Mithilesh is here to spend some time with her. He comes closer to her.