Tuesday Update on Begusarai Zee World Tv

Tuesday Update on Begusarai Zee World Tv

October 16 Episode

Lakhan is sleeping, Poonam gets up and looks at him sadly, she recalls their time spent together, Adhuri kahan plays, she puts his hand on her belly, she recalls how Lakhan said that he wants baby boy, Poonam kisses his hand, she holds his feet and cries, Poonam looks at Lakhan and opens door of her room, she is at verge of breaking down, she turns and looks at Lakhan last time, she closes door and goes.
Badi Amma is sleeping in her room, Poonam comes there and touches her feet, she says i am sorry, i wont be able to serve you anymore but wherever i will be, i will keep praying for Thakur family like you, i should be going now, she looks at her last time, closes her door and goes.

Poonam comes to Maya’s room, Maya is sleeping, Poonam says i wont let anything happen to Mitlaish, he will be soon with you all, i promise you that, i am going, she touches maya’s feet and leaves.
Poonam comes to Bindya’s room, Bindya is sleeping, Poonam looks at her baby, he is sleeping too, Poonam says i am sorry Baby, i love you alot thats why i am taking this step but you have to become good boy for your mother, my blessings are with you, she looks at Bindya and says i am leaving, take care of my family, Poonam kisses baby’s forehead, she closes her room and leaves, Bindya wakes up and sees her room’s door being closed, she gets suspicious.

Poonam comes in hall, she looks around and cries, she recalls how Phulan used to love her, how they used to have fun with Priyom, how Lakhan celebrated her birthday, she breakdowns recalling everything, she goes to mandir.
Bindya looks at her baby, she sees water finished in her bottle, she gets up.
Poonam says to lord that for my family’s safety, i am taking this step, take care of my child and be with me. Bindya is coming down, she finds someone’s noise but doesnt see Poonam, Poonam sees her coming and gets tensed, Poonam hides behind pillar, Bindya feels someone’s presence and says if Komal is in house? she looks around, Poonam is hiding and thinks that if Bindya sees me then i wont be able to go and Komal will think that i didint fulfill my promise, she would hurt Mitlaish and Manjeeta, this should not happen, bindya doesnt see Poonam and leaves.

Manjeeta tries to open his hands rope with blade he found on floor, he cuts ropes and frees Mitlaish too. Mitlaish and Manjeeta starts leaving but Komal’s men points gun at them, goon asks them to move back and do hands up, Mitlaish says they seem strong, do what they are saying, Mitlaish and Manjeeta put hands up, Mitlaish whispers to Manjeeta that this is not happening frist time, we know how to deal with this, they turn and snatches gun from them, they fire at them, goons die, Mitlaish says its time for Komal, Mitlaish is leavin, one goon points gun at him, Manjeeta sees it and pushes away Mitlaish, Manjeeta takes bullet on his chest, Mitlaish kills goon and says to Manjeeta that i have to take you hospital, Manjeeta says i cant be on your side now, just leave, i was with you till here, Mitlaish says dont say like this, you are lion, you have to live for our family, you know how important you are to us, you have to play with your grand son, i will take you hospital, you are Manjeeta, nothing can happen to you, he takes Manjeeta from there.
Lakhan wakes up and does find Poonam in room, he calls out for her but doesnt get answer. Lakhan comes to other rooms and doesnt see Poonam there too.
Mitlaish is taking Manjeeta from there, he asks Manjeeta to run, we cant get caught, goons are running them. manjeeta falls down, Mitlaish says i can waste time in fighting with them, i cant leave you, Manjeeta says leave from here, tell truth to everyone else whole family will be in problem, Mitlaish says i cant leave you alone, Manjeeta folds his hand and says you have to fulfill my wish, fulfill my mission, Mitlaish gives him gun and says i wont let your mission be incomplete, you will live forever, he runs from there. Goons come there, Manjeeta points gun at them, they all surround Manjeeta with guns.

Lakhan is calling his men and ask them to find Poonam. Lakhan says to Badi Amma that this must be Komal’s work, Badi Amma says how can she kidnap Poonam from house? Bindya says i asked all guards, they didnt see anyone coming or going out then how did Komal take Poonam from house. Lakhan gets call from his man, he says i am coming, Lakhan says to Badi Amma that my man have seen Poonam on road near tea stall, i am going, Bindya says what Poonam is doing there at night? Maya comes and says i think she has gone to Komal, i talked to her, i was tensed, i never thought she would go to Komal, Lakhan angrily leaves.

Lakhan is finding Poonam and says you have taken such a big step and didnt even tell me, where to find you now. Lakhan finds Mitlaish on road, they are relieved seeing each other.
Poonam comes to Komal’s den, Komal stares her and says welcome here, i am dying to meet you Lakhan but you seem more excited to meet me, you are women of words, you didnt get scared of me and came here, thats why Lakhan loved you, Poonam says stop this rubbish, i have come to you, bring Mitlaish and Manjeeta infront of me, where are they? Komal says dont take tension, its not good for your baby, she offers her water, Poonam doesnt take it, Komal says your ego will never die, you wanna meet Mitlaish and Manjeeta? come with me. Komal brings Poonam outside room, she says open room and free your relatives, Poonam says why is it so dark here? Komal says they are in our abduction not our guests, i am doubting you, are you changing your decision? Poonam says i am not afraid of anyone to change decision, my love for Lakhan is my strength and it wont get less ever, Komal asks her to go.
Poonam opens room and comes in, she is shocked to see Manjeeta dead there, she comes to his deadbody and asks him to wake up, she says how did this happen? you cant leave me, she asks him to wake up, she cries, Komal’s man closes door from outside, Poonam knocks door and asks Komal to open it, she says you promised me to free Manjeeta and Mitlaish safely, you have broken your promise, she cries.

Lakhan calls Badi Amma and tells her that Mitlaish have runaway from Komal’s den but Poonam is in her abduction now, Mitlaish told me that Komal offered Poonam that if she wants Mitlaish and Manjeeta safe then she has come to her, i am going to free Poonam now, Badi Amma asks him to be careful, she ends call. Maya says this means Poonam accepted her demand, Bindya asks which demand? Maya says Poonam told me that Komal wanted something from Poonam so i spur of moment i said to he that give anything to Komal she wants, Bindya says this means you provoked Poonam to go to women who is behind our lives? Maya says i didnt know she will kidnap Poonam, i just said that give her what she wants, Bindya says you are not a kid, you knew it, she killed Guddi and now Poonam, how can you be so selfish? you have put Poonam and her child in danger, you are mother too, Maya says i just said that give Komal money if she wants, Bindya says she doesnt want money, she wants bloodshed and Lakhan, Maya cries, Bindya says nothing will happen by crying now, if anything happens to Poonam then not Komal but you will be killer in my eyes, she says to Badi Amma that i will bring Poonam, Badi Amma says i will come with you, Poonam have given done so much sacrifice for this house, what if anything happens to her? Bindya says nothing will happen to her, i wont let anything happen to her.

Komal is waiting for Lakhan. Poonam looks at Manjeeta dead, she says i couldnt save you from Komal, i couldnt fulfill duties of a daughter, i am sorry, just forgive me. Komal comes there and points gun at Poonam, Poonam stares her angrily, Komal asks where is Lakhan Thakur? you promised me that he will come, why he didnt come till now? are you and your husband playing game again with me? Lakhan comes there and says you have played game with Poonam by calling her here, Poonam is happy to see Lakhan there, Lakhan looks at Manjeeta’s deadbody and is distraught, Komal gets emotional seeing Lakhan there, she comes to him and looks at him emotionally.
Mitlaish comes to Komal’s den with his men, he says no goon of Komal should remain alive. He comes inside den and shoots Komal’s men.

Komal says to Lakhan that you have finally come, i have waited for you for so long, at the end of day, my love has brought you here, Lakhan says love or revenge? Komal says love, its love wrapped in revenge, you cheated me alot but still i love you and i love you alot, nobody can love you like i do, Poonam is crying listening all this, Lakhan says dont know about love but you have gone mad for sure, Komal says yes, so much mad that i can give or take life, Komal’s goon comes there but Komal says dont say anything, i am with Lakhan rightnow, this is my and Lakhan’s moment, goon says outside Mitlaish.. Lakhan shoots and kills goon, Komal is shocked, Lakhan says today no one will come inbetween you and me, Komal says you cheated me again? she looks at Poonam, Komal grabs Poonam by hair and points gun at her belly, she says to Lakhan that Poonam is reason for all the drama, she has come inbetween you and me but she wont be saved today, she and her child will die today, Lakhan points gun in their direction and shoots, both Poonam and Komal are shocked. REA NEXT PAG 2 BELOW


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