Tuesday Update on Begusarai August 28

Tuesday Update on Begusarai

August 27 Episode

Bindya says how dare you Poonam, the girl who had no words in mouth, now she is looking straight in my eyes, i have to teach lesson to Poonam.

Choti amma is in corridor. Bindya stops her and says what are you taking secretly? choti amma says I don’t need to do it secretly this is my house. How heartless you are. You locked jiji in room for whole day. Bindya says its her fault she should have bore the punishment. Bindya says don’t make a fuss of it and ask someone to cook food. Choti amma says you kept jiji hungry for such long time. Thank God poonam saved her. Everyone deserves a daughter in law like her. Choti amma leaves. Bindya says just a little hunger and they are screaming. I have been hungry all my life. But what should I do? Punish should be assigned. Its thakur’s rule. Now its Poonam’s turn. She wants to play with fire. Now i will tell her.

Badi amma says I am fine choti. Check if sohni pintu have eaten something. Poonam says I will make something from them. Bindya leaks gas pipe in kitchen. Poonam comes in. Bindya says gas is not working I wanted to make something. Bindya tries to ligthen the stove. Poonam wonders what Bindya was doing in kitchen. she smells gas. Maya comes and gives poona the other stove. Bindya sees Maya in kitchen as well. she asks rekha to do something to stop her from lighting the matchstick.
Maya and Poonam are cooking in kitchen. Rekha says pintu pintu. Maya says to poonam pintu must have done something let me go out and check. Maya asks rekha you were calling pintu? She says i was scared of my own shadow so for a moment i thought it must be pintu.
Poonam lights the match stick. Her hands are completely burnt. she screams with pain and falls down. Maya takes her out and says i will bring something. Rekha says to bindya this is why you asked me to take out Maya. Bindya says now poonam knows how dangerous it is to play with fire.
Maya applies burnt relief. Poonam is screaming with pain. Bindya says she is lucky only her hands are burnt. she could be burnt completely. Maya says can’t you stay quite. Bindya says truth is bitter. Badi and choti amma come. They are dazed to see poonam’s hands. Maya says this is because of Bindya.

lakhan comes home and asks how did this happen? Maya says bindya.. Rekha says she was cooking the stove blasted. The gas leaked. accident is accident. It has to happen. She will be fine. Lakhn takes out the stove in his hands. Its still hot. Rekha says what are you doing? Poonam says what are you doing lakhan? She says leave it your hands will be burnt. Lakhan says burnt doesn’t hurt. Your daughter in law is burnt you don’t care right? She tightens the grip. He says i brought it to make you understand. Rekha says leave it what are you doing. He says i will hand it over you. Take it. So you will know what pain is like. Rekha is scared. Lakhan throws it away. He looks at poonam crying with pain. Lakhan picks her up and takes her upstairs. Bindya says what is this? Lakhan is healing her?
He takes her to room. He says where was your mind? She says badi amma was hungry i was making food for her. He says who asked you to make it? was her daughter in law dead? I dont care about anyone is this house. He grasps her hand. She screams with pain. She says its really aching. Poonam sobs. Lakhan sits down he holds her hands.
He says why you did this. he caresses her hands.

Lakhan starts blowing air on Poonam’s burnt hands, she is wincing in pain, Lakhan is also pained to see her like this, he brings cream and applies on her hands, Poonam is crying in pain, Lakhan looks at her, Pas aye phir bhi dour hum rhy.. ishq sacha wohi jisko milti nai mazilain… Humari Adhuri Kahani.. plays, Lakhan carefully heals her wounds, she looks at him, both share eyelock, Poonam scream, he ask what happened? did i touch your wound? she says no, Bindya is looking all this from far, she thinks as much as i try to give her pain, she gets more and more love, its seems like God has written all love in her fate, and my fate.. she goes to her room, Priyom is trying to change his shirt and is on call, he discusses about case of Phulan, Bindya comes in and says i will help you, she pulls his shirt up, he looks at her and leaves, Bindya sadly looks on.
lakhan is blowing air on Poonam’s wound, she is looking at him in tears, he glances at her, Rekha comes there with milk glass and ask did you apply cream? its good you did it, i have brought breakfast, Poonam has not eaten too, Lakhan ask her to put it on table, she puts it there and stares Poonam angrily, Lakhan ask will you make us eat too? Rekha says no i am leaving, REkha thinks because of this Poonam, my son is always angry.
Bindya says one side is Poonam, who gets all the love and my fake husband doesnt even look at me, all are caring for Poonam so much, what if my hands get hurt too? she brings pocket knife and is about to cut her pulse but cant, she throws away her pocket knife and screams, Priyom ask from washroom what happened? she says i fell down, Priyom says i am coming, she sit down starts screaming, Priyom comes and ask how did you fell? she says slipped, my back is aching, Priyom ask her to give her hand, she says no i will get up, she acts like she cant get up, Priyom helps her and makes her sit on bed, he brings balm and ask her to apply it on her back, she takes it and says how can i apply it myself? Priyom says i will send someone, Bindya says no i will apply it, she tries to apply it but acts if its hurting her, Priyom sees this and says give it to me, i will apply it, she gives it to him, Bindya lies on bed, Priyom looks otherside and applies it on her back, Bindya smiles, Soni comes there and calls him, Bindya gets up and says i wanna say something, Priyom says yes, she says Chachi.. Bindya says you should not come in anyone’s room like this, he will come to you, Soni leaves, Bindya says kids roam in whole house, she ask him to apply balm, he says i have applied enough, you seem okay now, he leaves, Bindya says even kids of this house are against me.

Scene 2
lakhan starts to leave but Poonam stops him and says your hand is burnt too, what will you apply? Lakhan says it will be fine, Poonam says how it will heal on his own? come and sit here, he looks at her, she says i am asking you to sit here Lakhan Thakur, Lakhan comes and sit beside her, she ask him to look at her, he looks at her, she ask to give hand, he gives it, Poonam rubs her hand on his hand and cream is transferred to his hand, it pains Poonam, Lakhan keep looking at her, he takes his hand back and says i will bring breakfast, he brings breakfast and offers her biscuit, he ask her to open mouth, she doesnt, and says no, he ask what happened now? are you fasting? she says cant eat it, Badi Amma, Choti Amma, kids all are hungry in house, if they have not eaten then how can i eat, this is my duty, i am daughter in law of this house, Lakhan says you are wife of someone too, you dont agree to your husband anytime, i am telling since morning that we have no connection from this family, if you had understood this then you wouldnt be saying this daughter in law thing, i am fooling myself to tell you all this, you have become like this family, he ask her to eat, she says no, he throws away biscuit and says do what you want, dont eat and die, he angrily leaves.
Poonam comes in lounge, Badi Amma ask how are you? she says Lakhan have applied cream, its not itching now, Maya says i have brought haldi, i will apply it on your wounds, Poonam says no Lakhan have applied cream, Rekha comes and ask Maya did you make lunch? Maya says i am going, i was asking Poonam about her wounds, Rekha says you should worry about your wounds as Bindya is hungry and she will get angry, Bindya comes there, Rekha says to Bindya that i was telling Maya that Bindya is hungry, she ask Maya to go to kitchen and make lunch, Lakhan comes there and says if you are in such hurry then go and make it yourself, all look at Lakhan, Lakhan comes to Rekha and stares her, he says to Rekha did you forget how to make lunch? Rekha says you joke alot Lakhan, how can i forget to make lunch? Lakhan says so go and make food, Rekha says me? he says you because Maya and Poonam cook food daily for everyone, if you make it one day then what will happen? cant you see Poonam’s hands are burnt, Rekha says yes but how can i make food alone for whole family, Lakhan says why alone, we have Bindya bhabhi, she will help you in kitchen, Bindya angrily looks at him, Lakhan ask Bindy will you help my mother in kitchen? Bindya says but me.. Lakhans says why not, you are daughter in law of this house too, we should see how good you are in cooking, Priyom comes there too, he smirks listening this, Bindya angrily looks at Rekha, Rekha murmurs to her that my son is still angry, dont mess with him, Lakhan ask them to go and gossip in kitchen, Bindya gives him deadly look and leaves, Poonam is looking at Lakhan with proud, she smiles at him as he looks at her.

Bindya and Rekha are working in kitchen, Rekha says to bindya that this Poonam has filled my Lakhan’s ears that we dont work, she has saved Badi Amma and also will feed her food cooked by us, Lakhan ask her to bring food fast.
Rekha brings food for everyone, Poonam says you all eat, i will eat with Maya later, Lakhan says why? sit quietly and eat, he makes her sit beside him, he ask Rekha to serve her, Rekha serves food to her, all are amused, Bindya is angry in kitchen, Lakhan looks at Poonam and ask what happened? all are eating, will you eat after making whole begusarai eat? eat now, Poonam looks at her burnt hands and tries to touch food, Lakhan looks at her, he takes plate from her and offers her bite? she in surprise looks at him, he says why you are staring me? open your mouth, she does, he makes her eat, then eats himself, she keep looking at him with smile, he feeds her first then eats himself, Poonam coughs, Lakhan ask Rekha to bring water for Poonam, Rekha goes to bring water and says to Bindya that this Poonam is acting like queen, let her eat then we will teach her lesson, she says to Bindya that i am feeling bad for you, you are queen of Begusarai and cooking food, she takes water for Poonam, Lakhan takes it from her and makes Poonam drink it with his hands, Badi Amma says after many days Lakhan is eating with us, she ask Lakhan do you remember in childhood Rekha used to run behind you whole day with food but you used to eat with him hands only, eat with my hands today too, she offers him bite, he stares her and says there is no childhood nor we are kids anymore, Badi Amma says for elders kids are always kids, our love dont change for our kids, eat it else i will pull your ears infront of your wife, open your mouth now, Lakhan looks at Poonam, she nods him to eat, he thinks and says to Poonam that you eat remaining food, i am full, he leaves, Badi Amma gets sad and says Lakhan has gone really away from us, Poonam says dont think like this, Lakhan has changed alot, he will return to his family, i have faith. Rekha murmurs that i have filled my son’s ears against this family for 25 years, today my son s volcano for this family, Bindya says he should remain volcano, dont underestimate our enemy, Poonam failed today but she can succeed next time, if this family becomes one then it will be problem for us, my position, power nothing will work then, we have to something and i will do such thing this time that neither Poonam nor any other women of house will be able to stop me.

Poonam comes in room, Lakhan is there, she says to Lakhan that i saw Badi Amma happy today after many days, she was saying that.. Lakhan comes to Poonam and says i told you i dont care if they live or die then why did you force me? it should not happen again, Poonam says this is your family only, both families had so much love, Lakhan says it was past, it was my mistake to love them, what i got? i didnt get respect or position, that Phulan Thakur tried to snatch you from me, they dont deserve my relation, Poonam thinks he has so much bitterness for them but i have to unite him with family without getting afraid, i will keep trying, Poonam says to Lakhan that you are forgetting Badi Amma is from this family but she was not against our marriage, she knew that i am going to marry you but she didnt go against it, Lakhan says it was not Badi Amma but her fear, she knew that if you marry someone else then Lakhan will make Begusarai a graveyard, she was forced to accept all this, why i shouldnt have done that? i love you so much and thats why.. Poonam says thats why you burnt that family alive who came with marriage proposal to my home, Lakhan says you know only this about me in 1 years? you think like this about me? i will show you today, he drags her from there.

Bindya comes in room and says my feet are aching, they have forced me to cook so much, they eat so much like they are not human but.. she messages her feet and says i have not worked so much in life, i created impression by locking Badi Amma in store room but this Lakhn destroyed everything, these husband and wife keep fighting but today he was showing so much love on his wife, Poonam says is lucky that she eats food with his hands, he lifts her in arms, one side is her husband and otherside is my husban.. she finds Priyom sitting there and working on laptop, she thinks that to make him message my head, i first need to do drama, she finds Priyom smiling at laptop, she thinks why is he smiling so much? if he is hungry then i will not cook food for him, if he ask about food then i will cook him only, Priyom looks at her and smiles, she thinks he must be happy to see me in pain.
Lakhan bring Poonam out of house, he makes her sit in jeep, Rekha sees this from terrace, Poonam ask Lakhan where we are going? Lakhan doesnt answer her and takes her from there, Rekha says that Poonam made me work whole day and now she is going to roam around the city but where did they go?
Lakhan brings to Poonam someone’s home, she ask where are we? Lakhan says i have brought here to answer your questions, he takes her in arms and brings her out of jeep, she ask her to look in house, Poonam looks in and is stunned to see that family alive which was shown as dead to her, she is shocked and thinks that means Lakhan have not killed anyone, i was so wrong about Lakhan but he didnt do anything wrong, she looks at Lakhan and says i.. Lakhan says i know i am not good human, i have bad habits, i get angry fast but i feel that if someone has real love in heart for someone then he cant be a monster, Poonam is amazed.