Tuesday 26th Update on This is Fate Zee World

Sarla brings drinks for everyone and says that she is happy that are together. Dadi Jee says that whenever everyone comes back after an incident then the happiness is awesome. Sarla says that it was because of Janki and she is their hero. They all talk and Sarla says that she is really happy as Prithiv really helped them a lot and he is a very good person, Shrishti says that he can only give orders and does nothing else but Sarla is convinced that he is as good person, Shistri and Preeta are not happy with Prithvi’s behavior and then they all go to sleep
Rakhi is sitting with Rishab and Karan and they are all talking about what happened and Rakhi says that Rishab will today sleep with Karan as they have done something incredible, Sameer also joins them and says that they all forgot about him and he will also sleep with his brothers now that they have done something worth mentioning. Mahesh comes running also wanting to sleep but the brother’s decline and say that it is their time and they will sleep only in this room to which Rakhi also agrees and asks Mahesh to come.

Rishab congratulates Rakhi on how brave she has been today in fighting the Goons, she says that she lost every interest when she got married and she was finally able to fight and is now feeling good, Rishab says that he will buy her a gun to which his father disagrees and taunts her mother.
Prithvi is in his house when he gets a call from an unknown number he picks it up to find its Neil who is very angry, Prithvi tries to calm him down but he says that he wants sixty lacs for the release of his people, hearing this Prithvi gets nervous on how will he arrange such a large amount. Neil ends the call and then Prithvi gets confused as now he has to give the amount for their release also.
Shristri says that she never cared for the comforts of the house that soft bed and peaceful environment but now when she has come back from such a horrible place she finally understands Preeta also says that whenever a person goes through a horrible incident only then does he understand the safety of home.
Preeta says that Sameer did everything he could to help her and Karan is always ready to enter a fight but ashes was amazed at Rishab Jee as he is such a gentleman and when he fought for her I that disguise and did everything for her. Shristri says that she has always felt that Karan does everything he can for Preeta and takes her problem as his own and always helps them to which Preeta also agrees and says that they are blessed that they have met the Luthra’s because they have become their good friends.
Preeta asks Shristri to sleep and then goes out, she says that Karan is not a bad person and she will now save his name instead of KADWA KERALA. She calls him and Karan asks Sameer to give him his phone and he asks Rishab after he picks up the phone, the all get irritated and ask Karan to go out to attend the phone, Karan goes out and says that does she not understand that they were all very tired and were sleeping and what the matter is. Karan asks her as to what the matter is and why did she wanted to call , Preeta does not know what to say at which Karan decides to put the phone down at which she says THANK YOU and he gets amazed and asks if she is alright and if she has a fever but she asa that she 8is genuinely happy and is lucky to have a friend like him as he is such a good person and is always ready to put his life in danger,

Karan says that he is not used to hearing so much thank you and he did it for his own family, he says that he will get a headache if she thanks him again and he also changes her name from Kareli to Preeta. READ NEXT/WED 27TH MAR ON THIS IS FATE