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True Love November Teasers 2020 Glow Tv

Niloufer asks Meethi to stay away from Ashfaque as she loves him. Ansari questions Meethi and accuses that she and Akash entered Pakistan through illegal means. Below are the True Love November 2020 Teasers:

Glow Tv True Love November 2020 Teasers

Monday 2 November 2020

Episode 1423

Meethi’s protest for Nusrat’s is fruitful as Nusrat is finally allowed to marry Shahbaaz, her lover. Akash leaves his home blaming Ekadashi for separating Meethi and him. Ashfaque is attracted to Meethi.

Episode 1424

Ashfaque confesses his love for Meethi. Akash is putting in all the efforts to trace Meethi. Niloufer is welcomed in Asghar’s house. Meethi yearns to be in India while, watching cricket on television.

Tuesday 3 November 2020

Episode 1425

Asghar clears Meethi from Ansari’s suspicions when she hails for India. Raghuvendra is upset as Sumitra plans to get Mukta married to Akash. Saba doesn’t like Meethi getting close to anyone in the house.

Episode 1426

Niloufer asks Meethi to stay away from Ashfaque as she loves him. Damini comes across Fida’s portrait at the police station. Dharamveer tells Raghuvendra that Malvika is alive.

Wednesday 4 November 2020

Episode 1427

Raghuvendra visits Ambika in jail, who is furious to see him. Akash has started searching for Fida. Asghar learns that Akash is looking for Fida. Zubeda notices Asghar watching videos of bomb blasts.

Episode 1428

Ashfaque gifts a saree to Meethi. Asghar surprises her by returning her Visa and gives her hope of returning. Meethi makes Lord Shiva’s sculpture and prays for Akash, as she celebrates ‘teej’.

Thursday 5 November 2020

Episode 1429

Mukta is hospitalized and Akash takes care of her. Sumitra performs the virulence rites of Vishnu and informs no one except Tapasya. Ashfaque is sad as Meethi is returning to India.

Episode 1430

Tapasya gets back home with the cops and accuses Divya and Sumitra of Vishnu’s murder. Ansari learns about an Indian woman, Meethi, who is lost in Pakistan. Ansari suspects Fida is Meethi.

Friday 6 November 2020

Episode 1431

Meethi bids farewell to the Rizvis and leaves with Asghar for the Wagah border. Ambika tries to commit suicide in prison. Raghuvendra tells Tapasya that he needs to go to Dubai as Malvika is alive.

Episode 1432

Malvika comes to the hospital to take Ambika away. Ansari and his team start checking the bus in which Asghar is taking Meethi to the Wagah border. Meethi and Asghar manage to hide.

Monday 9 November 2020

Episode 1433

Ashfaque tells Ansari that Fida (Meethi) went back to her mother’s place. Ansari arrests Ashfaque. Asghar manages to smuggle a bomb in Meethi’s bag. Akash searches for her and comes across Asghar.

Episode 1434

Asghar refuses to tell Akash that he knows Meethi. While escaping from the hospital, Malvika and Ambika come across Raghuvendra. At the function, police alerts everyone about a terrorist attack.

Tuesday 10 November 2020

Episode 1435

Asghar convinces Meethi to stay in Pakistan. Akash tells Kanha that Meethi is in Pakistan and that he plans to go to Pakistan. Asghar takes Meethi to the police station and gets Ashfaque released.

Episode 1436

Ansari warns Meethi to inform before leaving for her mother’s place. Akash manages to cross the border but Rehamatullah Khan notices him. Meethi decides to tell the truth to Ansari.

Wednesday 11 November 2020

Episode 1437

Meethi gives Akash’s phone number to Ashfaque. Damini takes Mukta to the hospital and informs Jogi about it. Ashfaque meets Akash at a phone booth and they both become friends.

Episode 1438

Meethi is happy to find that Akash is in Pakistan. Divya takes Vishnu to the hospital. Akash finally meets Meethi with the help of Ashfaque. Rehamatullah Khan comes to arrest Akash.

Thursday 12 November 2020

Episode 1439

Meethi’s amulet breaks while trying to stop Akash’s arrest. She is surprised to see a microchip in her amulet. Rehamatullah Khan arrests Akash and takes him away. Rehamatullah Khan interrogates Akash.

Episode 1440

Mukta gives birth to a baby boy while Vishnu is struggling to stay alive. Meethi and Ashfaque try to access the information in microchip. Asghar disguises as an officer and goes to see Akash.

Friday 13 November 2020

Episode 1441

Asghar manages to fool Rehamatullah Khan and takes Akash away. Ansari comes and confronts Rehamatullah about his mistake. Mukta is shocked to learn that Vishnu isn’t conscious. Akash meets Meethi.

Episode 1442

Asghar reunites Akash and Meethi. Asghar’s intentions about reuniting Akash and Meethi aren’t good. Vishnu regains consciousness. Asghar orders one of his men to lace Akash’s food with a drug.

Monday 16 November 2020

Episode 1443

Meethi expresses his gratitude to Ashfaque and thanks him for being such a good friend. Khalid finally accesses the microchip and learns that Asghar is a terrorist. Asghar kills Khalid.

Episode 1444

Everyone is shocked to see Khalid dying. Khalid breathes his last breaths in Saba’s arms. Saba blames Meethi for Khalid’s demise. Ashfaque is suspicious about Asghar’s behaviour.

Tuesday 17 November 2020

Episode 1445

Ansari investigates Khalid’s murder case. Akash feels unwell owing to the drugs. Ansari doubts Meethi as Saba had said that she was responsible for Khalid’s death. Ansari arrests Meethi.

Episode 1446

Meethi declares that she is an Indian in front of Ansari and pleads him to arrest her. Asghar is angry with Saba as she informed the police about Meethi. Mr Rizvi is upset about the development.

Wednesday 18 November 2020

Episode 1447

Ansari questions Meethi and accuses that she and Akash entered Pakistan through illegal means. Ansari asks about the person who helped them reach Pakistan. Meethi says that it was Asghar Rizvi.

Episode 1448

Meethi expresses her desire to go with Asghar when he says that he is going to find the whereabouts of Akash. Asghar tells Meethi that she should wait while he goes with Ansari to find Akash.

Thursday 19 November 2020

Episode 1449

Ansari asks Rehamatullah about him framing him as a terrorist. Rehamatullah tells him that Akash has entered Pakistan by illegal means. Ansari asks Rehamatullah not to doubt him.

Episode 1450

Ansari is searching for Meethi in Asghar’s house. Saba tells Ansari that he shouldn’t doubt the Rizvis. Meethi and Ashfaque tell Ansari that they got married. Ansari is shocked by this revelation.

Friday 20 November 2020

Episode 1451

Mukta is feeling good to be back in Vishnu’s house but Sumitra taunts her. Divya is worried that Mukta won’t be able to stay there as she has a baby to look after.

Episode 1452

Asghar hits Akash with an iron rod because Akash didn’t listening to him and was insisting to meet Meethi. Asghar drags Akash’s body to hide it from Meethi before she can spot it.

Monday 23 November 2020

Episode 1453

Vishnu comes home with an injured hand. He tells Mukta that he helped a mechanic who was stuck under a car and was hurt in the process. Mukta offers to deliver the car as she knows how to drive.

Episode 1454

Meethi calls Damini from Pakistan, who is shocked to hear Meethi’s voice. Meethi tells her that she has not married anyone and that it’s a plan to save Akash. Damini advises Meethi to follow her heart.

Tuesday 24 November 2020

Episode 1455

Asghar tells Meethi that she is free to go but he will make sure that she would die just like Khalid. Meethi is not afraid by his threats and tells him that she will soon reveal the truth.

Episode 1456

Meethi shouts for help when Asghar forces her. Asghar tells her that she free to go to Ansari, if she wants. When he makes her listen to Akash’s voice on the phone, she agrees to go with him.

Wednesday 25 November 2020

Episode 1457

Asghar and his boss are planning to plant a human bomb in Indian embassy. Asghar leaves it to Akash and Meethi to decide who wants to be a human bomb and who’d like to get shot by him.

Episode 1458

Mrs Rizvi tells Asghar that he won’t achieve anything by getting involved in terrorist activities. Mr Rizvi expresses his anger by telling him that no matter how wealthy he becomes he won’t be at peace.

Thursday 26 November 2020

Episode 1459

Ekadashi and Mukta pray to Lord Ganesha along with their family. Meethi is being used as a human bomb. Akash dresses up like a Pakistani officer and cautions Ansari about the bomb.

Episode 1460

Akash kicks Asghar just as he is about to detonate the bomb. Akash finds Meethi on the terrace strapped with the bomb. He disconnects the circuit in the bomb to defuse it.

Friday 27 November 2020

Episode 1461

Meethi talks to Vishnu over the phone and asks about Mukta and the baby’s well-being. Mukta is harassed by disrespectful passengers who misbehave with her until Chameli comes to her rescue.

Episode 1462

Ambika meets Shrikant at a bar and apologises for her behaviour. She pretends to be concerned and asks him to stop drinking. Ekadashi is furious to hear that Shrikant has started drinking again.

Monday 30 November 2020

Episode 1463

Meethi and Mukta receive Kajri at the bus stop and insist her to come with them. Meethi tells her that she wants to know if she loves Shrikant or not. She accepts that she loves Shrikant.

Episode 1464

Jogi, Divya, and Damini reach the Bundela house. Ekadashi, Meethi, and Akash welcome them. Shrikant is sitting somewhere on the road and recalls his meeting with Ambika.

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