True Love July Teasers 2020 Glow Tv


True Love July Teasers 2020 Glow Tv

Meethi is in a state of shock after knowing that she is partially paralyzed, Read True Love July Teasers 2020.

April 2020 Teasers on True love 

Glow Tv True Love July Teasers 2020 

Wednesday 1 July  2020

Episode 1250

Meethi warns Mukta that she is ruining her own life. The house catches fire and Meethi and Mukta are stuck in a room. Vishnu and Akash save Mukta and Meethi from the fire.

Episode 1251

Meethi tells Akash that she wants Vishnu to get back with Mukta. Meethi tells Akash that she can’t break her promise to Damini. Vishnu finds out that Mukta faked being in love with Akash.

Thursday 2 July 2020

Episode 1252

Meethi admits to Akash that she loves him very much, but she can’t break her promise to Damini. Akash tells Ekadashi that he has lost Meethi forever. Meethi promises to convince Damini.

Episode 1253

Sumitra informs Ekadashi that Mukta and Akash weren’t actually in love. Damini says that if she knew that Mukta and Vishnu were in love, she would never have forced Meethi to get married to Vishnu.

Friday 3 July 2020

Episode 1254

Agarth tells Ekadashi that he sacrificed a lot for the sake of her revenge, and that he won’t repeat his mistake. Meethi misses Akash and keeps longing for him. Vishnu and Meethi finalise the divorce.

Episode 1255

Raghuvendra seeks Meethi’s permission to organise an engagement party for Mukta and Vishnu. Mukta and Vishnu invite Akash for the engagement. Meethi, Rohini, and Kanha perform a dance.

Monday 6 July 2020 

Episode 1256

Ekadashi calls Akash to inform about Agarth’s intentions, but Akash doesn’t receive her calls. Agarth tries to shoot Akash, but misses his aim and shoots Meethi instead. Meethi is rushed to the hospital.

Episode 1257

Damini accuses Akash for Meethi’s condition. The doctor tells everybody that Meethi is in a critical condition. Damini requests Akash to stay away from Meethi. Akash blames himself for Meethi’s condition.

Tuesday 7 July  2020 

Episode 1258

The doctor tells Jogi that if Meethi doesn’t regain consciousness within 24 hours then she can slip into a coma. Akash files a complaint against Agarth. Vishnu informs Akash that Meethi’s life is in danger.

Episode 1259

Doctors operate on Meethi. Akash prays to God to save Meethi’s life. Akash promises to go away from Meethi after she recovers. Damini refuses to eat until Meethi regains consciousness.

Wednesday 8 July  2020

Episode 1260

Vishnu informs Akash that Meethi has regained consciousness and is out of danger. As Meethi regains consciousness, she looks for Akash. Damini tells Mukta that she asked Akash to stay away from Meethi.

Episode 1261

Ekadashi bribes the police to save Agarth. The inspector says that if Ekadashi gets Akash married to his daughter, then he will help Agarth. The doctor announces that Meethi is rendered partially paralysed.

Thursday 9 July 2020

Episode 1262

The doctor says that only a miracle help Meethi recover. Vishnu tells Mukta that Meethi needs Akash the most right now.

Episode 1263

Vishnu convinces Akash to visit Meethi, but Akash denies to meet her. Akash tells Vishnu that he has moved on. Akash pretends to move on for the sake of Meethi. Meethi asks Damini about Akash.

Friday 10 July 2020

Episode 1264

Damini tells Meethi that she asked Akash to stay away from her. Meethi reveals the truth to Damini and says that Akash is not like his family members. Damini admits that she misunderstood Akash.

Episode 1265

Akash is despondent. Damini apologises to Akash for misunderstanding him. Damini requests Akash to mend his relationship with Meethi. Akash considers himself responsible for Meethi’s sufferings.

Monday 13 July 2020 

Episode 1266

Mukta tells Vishnu that she wants to postpone the wedding until after Meethi recovers. Mukta visits Akash’s home to scold him. Mukta is angry as Akash plans to get married in spite of loving Meethi.

Episode 1267

Meethi gets Akash’s engagement invite. Meethi is sad to see the invite. Mukta tells everyone that Akash wants to go away from Meethi’s life though he knows that Meethi is no longer married to Vishnu.

Tuesday 14 July  2020 

Episode 1268

Akash unsuccessfully tries to take off the ring given to him by Meethi. Raghuvendra tries to convince Akash to call off the engagement. Meethi tells everyone to forget the past and cheer up.

Episode 1268

Akash happens to see Meethi when she is with Raghuvendra and Damini. Akash is shocked to see that Meethi cannot walk. Akash tells Ekadashi that he doesn’t want to ruin Ambika’s life by marrying her.

Wednesday 15 July  2020

Episode 1268

Akash tells Ekadashi that he cannot live without Meethi. Akash accuses Ekadashi of hiding from him the fact that Meethi cannot walk. Meethi tells Mukta and Vishnu that she wants to move out of the city.

Episode 1269

Akash refuses to marry Ambika. Mukta and Vishnu get married. Meethi plans to leave the city with Damini. Sankrant goes to fetch Meethi but Sumitra doesn’t allow Sankrant to meet Meethi.

Thursday 16 July 2020

Episode 1270

Meethi and Damini leave the city and Akash sets out to search her. Mukta and Vishnu begin a new life together. Dharamveer puts Ekadashi behind the bars. Akash and Meethi finally meet each other.

Episode 1271

Ekadashi asks Sankrant to marry Ambika in order to escape Dharamveer’s wrath. Meethi asks Akash if he will accept her regardless of the fact that she cannot walk. Sankrant agrees marry to Ambika.

Friday 17 July 2020 

Episode 1272

Mukta and Vishnu are living happily together. Akash promises Damini that he will protect Meethi all his life. Ekadashi apologises to Damini and plans to get Meethi married to Akash.

Episode 1273

Meethi and Akash get married. Ambika envies Meethi and wonders why Akash left her for someone like Meethi. Raghuvendra recognises Dharamveer and plans to confront him. Everyone bless the newlyweds.

Monday 20 July 2020 

Episode 1274

Mukta and Vishnu share intimate moments. Damini is relieved to see Meethi happy. Ekadashi welcomes Meethi and Ambika home. Ambika vows to ruin the family. Ekadashi asks Ambika to greet Akash.

Episode 1275

Ekadashi finds out that Ambika had fainted on purpose and that she has feelings for Akash. Ambika tries to humiliate Meethi and constantly taunts her for not being able to walk.

Tuesday 21 July  2020 

Episode 1276

Sumitra visits Mukta. Sumitra finds the place where Mukta lives very dingy. Sumitra asks Mukta why she adjusts herself in such a house. Ekadashi asks Meethi to let bygones be bygones.

Episode 1277

Akash and Meethi find out from the doctor that Meethi may walk again. Sumitra tells Jogi that Mukta’s lifestyle doesn’t suit her. Tapasya is worried about Mukta. Vishnu doesn’t like Mukta spending money.

Wednesday 22 July  2020

Episode 1278

Tapasya’s stops worrying when she finds out that Mukta is happy with Vishnu. Ambika envies Meethi as she is given more importance than her. Akash apologises to Ambika for not marrying her.

Episode 1279

Ambika burns Meethi and Akash’s wedding photographs. Tapasya is worried for Raghuvendra. Mukta tells Vishnu that she wants to work. Meethi prepares food for everyone and Ambika plans to spoil it.

Thursday 23 July 2020

Episode 1280

Ambika plans to harm Meethi and sets the kitchen on fire. Meethi faints. Akash comes to Meethi’s rescue. Ambika vows to create a rift between Akash and Meethi. Sumitra is shocked to see Mukta work.

Episode 1281

Divya doesn’t like the fact that Mukta is looking for a job. Jogi asks Raghuvendra about his worries. Raghuvendra visits Meethi and gives her gifts. Akash plans a date with Meethi. Ambika vows to ruin it.

Friday 24 July 2020  

Episode 1282

Ambika pretends to be ill so that Meethi and Akash aren’t able to go out. Akash plans a surprise at home which makes Meethi very happy, but Ambika intervenes anyway. Mukta is happy to find a job.

Episode 1283

Mukta is excited on her first day at work and informs Meethi about it. Meethi wishes good luck to Mukta. Akash asks Meethi to try and walk. Ambika tells Ekadashi that she is biased towards Meethi.

Monday 27 July 2020 

Episode 1284

Ekadashi asks Pavitra to steal bangles from Meethi’s room and give it to Ambika. Raghuvendra finds out that Ambika is not Dharamveer’s daughter. Mukta gets a threat call at the office.

Episode 1285

Akash plans a surprise for Meethi. Akash invites Meethi’s family to play cricket. Ambika pretends to be hurt and doesn’t be a part of the game. Meethi catches the ball while standing on her feet.

Tuesday 28 July  2020 

Episode 1286

Akash is very happy to see Meethi standing up on her feet. Ambika insists on going to the temple to pray for Meethi’s well-being. Someone dresses up as Santa and goes at Mukta’s place.

Episode 1287

When Meethi is not home, Ambika tries to get close to Akash. Mukta wonders who must have given her a Christmas gift. Mukta gets a threat call and decides to resign. Yuvraj is back in Mukta’s life.

Wednesday 29 July  2020

Episode 1288

Mukta decides to quit the job but she finds out that she has been promoted. Yuvraj vows to exact revenge from Mukta. Akash and Sankrant plan to go on a honeymoon with their respective wives.

Episode 1289

Meethi, Akash, Sankrant, and Ambika leave for their honeymoon. Sumitra visits Mukta and tries to insult her. Mukta says that she don’t need any gifts from Sumitra and is happy with her life.

Thursday 30 July 2020

Episode 1290

Mukta smells something fishy at work. Mukta insists on meeting her boss. Yuvraj meets Mukta. Akash asks Meethi to walk on her feet but Meethi fails despite trying. Ambika plans to kill Meethi.

Episode 1291

Ambika puts a snake inside Meethi’s basket to kill her. The snake does not bite Meethi even though she puts her hand inside the basket. Yuvraj offers to drop Mukta home.

Friday 31 July 2020

Episode 1292

Ambika wonders why the snake didn’t bite Meethi. Akash thinks that there’s fake snake in the basket and asks Meethi to open it. Akash is shocked to see a real snake in it. Meethi falls off the bed.

Episode 1293

Ambika is envious as Meethi and Akash are enjoying their honeymoon. Yuvraj calls Mukta and asks her not to go to the office. Yuvraj plans to trap Mukta and asks her to attend a meeting with him.

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