Top 5 Summer Destinations


Top 5 Summer Destinations

Top 5 Summer Destinations

For some, the craving to travel abroad crest in when summer comes around, and the first thing that strikes one’s cognizance on hearing the word “summer” is that of vacation.

As awesome and exciting as it may sound, finding cheap flights or picking the best summer destinations is a dreary task in itself.

So many wonderful places attract different families or sightseers around the world as a result of their beautiful and eye captivating magnificence scenes. While some of them have astonishing recreational amusement parks and resorts to drawing in visitors.

According to preferences and interests of summer visitors, we have compiled a list of 5 of those destinations which are worth to visit this summers. we are certain, that such places would create brilliant memories for summer travelers to experience something new, and unimaginable adventures.

5. London

The capital city of England has been the top of the lists destinations for summer travelers that foresee the best of metropolitan reality and amazement. It is among those wonderful place that will without a doubt elude a feeling of wonder and peacefulness.

The extremely valuable impression of this city can be owed to the way that it is an escapade which conveys an entrancing blend of legacy and modernity also. As a historical wonder, London is home to probably the most intriguing relics that will make you to feel increased with your adventurous experiences.

Setting aside the opportunity to explore, visiting exotic places as much as you can and getting lost in the wonderful experience of the city would come in handy if your first step is by booking a cheap flights from Lagos to London and care less on what your account balance speaks since you’ve secure your travelling plan with one of the best travel agencies.

London isn’t simply just a beautiful escapade from a similar old city life but likewise an experience in itself which is certain to forge the most mesmerizing travel recollections one could ever experience.

Best Attraction: The London Eye: *Warner Bros Studio Tour *Madame Tussauds London *Notting Hill Carnival in Chelsea and Kennington *Tower Bridge and a few among all.



4. Amsterdam

Amsterdam may seem, by all accounts, to be strange to be included on our list, but summer is the ideal time to visit the smooth and graceful city. The dim skies have lifted, several festivals flourish and events to appreciate including the Open Garden Days when summer visitors can wander about the private gardens behind the great houses that line the outstanding trenches.

Amsterdam is a treasure hunt. There is such great amount to fill the eyes with, to experience, to fall in love with! and a place where you can get high without the fear of authorities. Try not to be terrified to draw out your inner monstrosity. You are in the best place to actualize such dream.

Best Attraction : *Rijksmuseum



*Artis, the Amsterdam Zoo.

*The Van Gogh Museum

*The Anne Frank Museum

Artis,-the-Amsterdam-Zoo Westerkerk

3: New York.

The city of dreams positively has more in stock for every summer travelers than what they would have anticipated without a doubt. Being one of the great benchmarks of history, New York has risen above itself into a standout amongst the most happening center of activity over the whole world.

It isn’t only a standout amongst the most in present-day cities that apparently hold a path to the future, but it is fairly an experience in itself that is should edify any visitors past their conventional belief systems.

Being imagined as the center of modernization, the city has likewise been home to cultural heritage, and development intended to aspire the living. It is a rich crossing point of all the elements that can without a doubt guarantee any individual an edifying adventure.

Best Attractions:

  • The Empire State Building:
  • The Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • 9/11 Tribute Center

American-Museum-of-Natural- The-Statue-of-Liberty

And to actualize all of this awesome experiences, proper planning and flight arrangement needs to be done before setting out and to be honest Travelstart are one of the best options to book cheap flights from Lagos to New York because they are offering really good price for flight bookings.

2. Paris

The French capital also called the City of Light draws in millions of vacationer and summer visitors reliably with its phenomenal and unforgettable ambiance. Clearly, this exceptional city is loaded with grandiose landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, and the Champs-Elysées Boulevard.

However, the appeal of the City of Lights lies in the little subtle elements: the interesting cobblestone avenues, pleasingly trimmed trees, impeccably puffed baked pastries, Belle Epoque brasseries, and cutting-edge art exhibitions. Like a veritable outside historical center, the city’s structures are masterpieces.

From up-to-date boutiques to dazzling and mouth-watering delicacies, Paris is synonymous with the beauty. The city celebrates its social and cultural legacy by diligently keeping up its noteworthy and historical monuments.

Best Attraction : * The Louver and the Musée d’Orsay to see the Mona Lisa and Monet’s artful culminations.


* The beautiful and legendary cafe in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, and the Bohemian atmosphere of Montmartre.

1: Dubai

Dubai is an equivalent city of business and extravagance life that turned into a heaven for voyagers. Known as the city of superlatives and the unforeseen, it has changed its skylines with creative and awesome architectural engineering. Home to probably the most stunning futuristic mega projects in the world.

Dubai has the world’s tallest skylines, the biggest shopping center, the tallest hotel the famous Palm and World Islands, and furthermore includes a blossoming garden and a ski (indoor) resort in the desert. So you should be ready to marvel at the wonders of Dubai

Make an effort not to mind the triple-digit temperature or moistness — you’re in Dubai, if it’s shopping you crave for, don’t miss the Dubai Summer sale Surprises festivals, where you can lavish your hard earn money on stunning discounts, raffle draws and fireworks.

Best attraction:

•Burj Khalifa

•Dubai Mall:

•Wild Wadi
•Burj Al Arab
•Dessert Safari
•Mall of Emirates

Dubai-Mall Wild-Wadi