Thursday Update on Twist of Fate Sept 20th

Thursday Update on Twist of Fate Sept 20th

Abhi asking Pragya to keep work aside, and says I want to say sorry for yesterday. He says I had to propose someone yesterday and practiced with you. He apologizes. Pragya says it is okay, but I am not any love guru. Abhi thanks her for the decoration. Pragya asks about today’s decoration. Abhi says he has kept party for proposal announcement. Pragya thinks he is trapped. Abhi asks did you see news and asks what she thinks about it. Pragya says if that had happened infront of my eyes, then I would have blamed myself and not you. Abhi says you trust me so much. Pragya says whenever there is relation between the persons then trust is built. Ya Rabba plays. Abhi says I have to go for urgent work and asks her to come. Aaliya asks everyone to hurry up and says party is in the
evening. Raj and Mitali ask about the reason of the party. Aaliya says she will tell later and asks them to finish work fast.

Mitali says what she will do then. Tai ji says she is making us do everything. Taya ji says it is our house, you can eat good food in the evening. He jokes with her. Raj says he has to go, but will come before party ends. Mitali asks where is he going? Raj asks her not to stop him and waste his time. Abhi takes Pragya holding her hand. Pragya asks him to leave her hand. Abhi takes her to Dadi’s room and shares his plan with him. Pragya says I can’t do this work. I am your secretary. I can’t get involved in your family matters. Abhi says I am ordering you to talk to Dadi. Pragya refuses.

Abhi pulls her hands and pushes her inside Dadi’s room. Dadi asks Pragya, why did you come here and who called you here? Pragya says I want to tell you something. Dadi says I don’t want to hear. Dasi asks her to tell and go. Pragya says there is something about your grand son. Dadi says if you want to tell us about party incident then we don’t want to talk, as we trust him. Pragya says no, and tells that he has taken a decision for family’s betterment. Dadi asks her to tell clearly.

Pragya says Abhi has proposed Tanu for marriage and he will announce this in party. Dadi refuses to accept this. Abhi hears from outside, thinks Nikita might ruin his plan. He comes inside and tells Dadi that he sent his secretary to talk to her, and saw her efficiency. Dadi asks if this is true? Abhi says it is truth. Dasi asks what is the hurry? you would have talked to Dadi. Abhi says this matter seems to be strange to you, but I have no other way. He says I would have never proposed Tanu, but circumstances forced me. He says I can’t bear anyone raising finger on my family. He says this was the only way to save our respect. I didn’t tell you as I was unaware about Tanu’s answer. He says I didn’t mean to hurt you and asks if he has done anything wrong. Dadi nods.

Abhi says I won’t let your trust break. He says I will marry, but this girl is not of your choice. He asks shall I think you have forgiven me. Dadi nods. Abhi asks Pragya to come. Pragya asks Dadi, if all this had happened infront of your eyes. Pragya nods and says she didn’t stop him thinking about his health. She says she left her kumkum on her destiny, and says his health is her everything now. Dasi asks Dadi, why didn’t you tell anything to Abhi? Dadi says I was silent, but I won’t be silent anymore. I will do something.

Sarla tells Beeji that something is happening in Pragya’s life and she is not telling me anything. Beeji asks her to watch film with her on women rights. Sarla asks her to watch film with Purab. She says he will come now. Beeji says he will come and have food made by you. Aaliya sees Pragya and thinks she came back, I thought she might be sitting at home and shedding tears. She thinks to make her cry. She asks if she read the news. Pragya asks if she is talking about the party conspiracy. She says I know well what he can do and what he can’t. She says you played a cheap trick, and did this in a hurry. you are very much insecure. Aaliya asks her to shut up. Pragya says I left everything on God, and asks her not to say anything. She says Abhi will get his memory some day and then she shall plan her retirement. Aaliya thinks she won’t accept defeat so easily, and thinks to give her a wound which she can’t forget.

Pragya comes to Abhi’s room and asks where is he? Abhi says I am in the changing room and comes out trying to wear pant. Pragya asks if you are going to wear this. Abhi says he is helpless to wear this and says it is not fitting him. Pragya asks him to wear some other pant. Abhi says he has emotionally attachment with this pant. Pragya asks if this is marriage pant. Abhi says I am not married yet. He says I want to look same as I looked 2 years back. Pragya asks him to wear other pant of same color, and says you gets it made in 2 sizes. She thinks what did I say and looks tensed.

Pragya realizing what she has just said. Abhi says correct. It should be here. Pragya says I will check. Abhi asks how do you know that I get made all pants in two sizes. Pragya shouts cockroach. Abhi also gets scared. She says it went there. Both of them jump and fall on bed, cover themselves with blanket. Zindagi ke safar me song plays…………………They have an eye lock and look at each other. Abhi asks her to check there if cockroach is there still. Pragya refuses and says it is your cockroach and asks him to check instead. Abhi says I am a rockstar and says I am ordering you. He says if cockroach dies under my foot then media will make news. He asks her to check else he will push her. Pragya checks her side and says no, it is not there. She asks him to check at
his side. Abhi says no, and asks her to go out and see. Pragya says I have to jump over you, to check. Abhi asks her to use her legs and walk. Tanu comes to room and sees Abhi inside the blanket. She takes off blanket and asks what you both are doing here.

Abhi says they are planning baby. He jokes and asks her to come on bed also. He tells that cockroach is there. Tanu says there is no cockroach. Abhi says she is my secretary and does hi five with her. He tells he thought dinosaur is here. Tanu says I have to talk to you in private. Abhi says lets go. Tanu says it is your room and asks him to send Pragya. Abhi sends Pragya to check the decoration. Abhi asks Tanu what she wants to talk. Tai ji tells Mitali that they will have a good time in the party. Taya ji says you haven’t done anything. Dasi tells Dadi, did you decide what to do? Abhi will come now and party will start. Dadi calls Raj and asks who are invited to the party. Raj says friends, media and some relatives. Dadi asks when will Abhi come to address media. Raj says 9 pm.

Dasi tells Dadi to think something. Dadi says I can’t do anything, as I am afraid that my Abhi’s name will be ruined. He says I can tell Abhi not to marry Tanu, but for that I have to tell him about her truth. Dasi asks if we will keep quiet even after knowing everything, says she will suck his blood once she marries him. Dadi says she won’t let that happen. Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya was on Abhi’s bed with him, and says we have to do something. Aaliya says we can’t do same mistake again, and will do something before she diverts Bhai’s mind towards her. She says she will make her servant and ruin her. Tanu says Abhi has soft corner for Pragya. Aaliya says Pragya is trying to get back in his life, but before she succeed, we have to do something. She asks her not to come downstairs until she asks her. Tanu nods.

Clients asks Aaliya, if Abhi doesn’t know that his name is getting spoiled. Aaliya says Abhi called media and his clients to make an announcement. Pragya orders waiter to take care of guests. Aaliya calls her and asks her to take special care of guest and serve them. She tells that Abhi will be in more demand after today’s announcement and tells that distributors will be at loss. She asks Pragya to serves snacks and drinks to guests. Dadi and Dasi are shocked.

Taya ji asks Raj, why this party is kept and says reason may be special. Mitali says I know about the announcement which Abhi is going to make today. Tai ji asks her to promise before that. Tai ji promises. Mitali asks Tai ji to tell Raj to take her out for watching film. Raj refuses and asks her to wait till Abhi makes an announcement. Mitali cries. Taya ji goes to talk to Raj. Tai ji says she will also talk to Raj and asks Mitali to tell fast what is Abhi’s announcement. Mitali says you have done a limit and says she will announce about her condition in Mehra house. Aaliya asks Pragya to serve to guests and family also. She says you have to do this, else can go, I will make sure that your condition is bad. Pragya goes to Mitali. Mitali says I will prefer to die, rather than taking water from your hand. Tai ji also ill treats her and asks her to get juice made for her. Aaliya scolds Pragya and asks her to go and get fresh juice for her. Pragya says I am Abhi’s secretary and not your servant. She says she will not work for them and will leave when Abhi asks her. Aaliya says I will see you.

Abhi comes downstairs. Aaliya sees him coming and acts. She asks media to calm down and says Bhai will talk to you. Abhi asks what is happening? He asks Pragya not to do waiter’s work else his image will be ruined. Pragya says your sister asked me to do waiter’s work. Abhi asks Aaliya, why you are making my secretary do waiter’s work. Aaliya lies to him that she just asked her to get the stuff served by waiters. Aaliya asks him to come and says Media is waiting. Abhi asks her about Tanu and asks Pragya to keep the plate.

Tanu comes to party. Media surround her and asks if the incident is true. Abhi holds her hand and takes her to stage. He addresses to the media and says you might be thinking why did I call you here, when negative things are written about me. He says I request you not to make news, and don’t project any news as breaking news just to raise TRP. He says your one news piece have harmed my career and life, and asks who are you to decide anyone’s career. Reporter says we had written what was shown. Abhi asks did you see with your eyes. Someone gave money to you and you made news. Reporter says that photo. Abhi says that photo can’t be of some shoot. He asks them to make his truth reach audience. Everyone looks on.

Abhi addressing to media and says you have shown what you wanted and harmed me, but the way you have made this lie reached everyone, make one truth reach everyone also. He tells Tanu is my girl friend, and why anyone will do this with his girl friend. He says we didn’t do this relation public as we want privacy, but what we got is bad image. Tanu and Aaliya smiles. Tanu says Abhi is right. He is my boyfriend. She asks why did you present our relation wrongly and asks if we aren’t human? She says we are a couple. Reporter asks did you think about marriage. Abhi says we have thought about our kids, suhaag raat, kids boyfriend or girl friend. He asks them to decide the date if they wanted. He says we are just in relationship, and want to concentrate on our career now, will
let you know once we decide to marry. He says bar is open and food is served. Pragya and Dadi looks on. Tanu thinks why didn’t he tell anything about marriage. Pragya looks at Abhi and is still hopeful. Aaliya tells Tanu that Abhi told her that he will make marriage announcement, but he didn’t say that. Tanu says Pragya changed his decision. Aaliya says Pragya can’t do this as she don’t want Abhi’s life in danger. She says who might be that person.

Dadi says I am the one. She says what did you think that I will make her my bahu, and says I will not let even her reflection come around him. She says because of Tanu, Abhi was about to die. She asks her to have shame. Dasi calls her shameless and says she came again to add poison in Abhi’s life. Dadi asks Aaliya to ask her to leave. Aaliya says she won’t go anywhere, and will stay here. She don’t wanted to kill Abhi, but Pragya. She says until Pragya is around him, there will be danger, so she will leave from here. Dadi asks Aaliya to think about herself and says I am letting you stay here just for Abhi, else I would have thrown you out. She says you have separated Abhi and Pragya, even after knowing that he can’t live without her. Aaliya says I have no problem with abhi, but with Pragya. I can’t bear her. Dadi says I can’t bear tanu and my blood starts boiling seeing her. She says I don’t want to say anything, and says I will never let Abhi marry her. Aaliya says Abhi will do whatever was there in his mind. Today you have stopped him, but if you really can then stop him again. She asks you will blame whom if anything happens to Abhi. She says you can’t stop his marriage with Tanu, and says she will marry right infront of you here. She takes Tanu from here.