Thursday Update On Twist of Fate Sept 13th

Thursday Update On Twist of Fate Sept 13th

Abhi thinking Nikita is showing him attitude and would have say sorry atleast. He thinks he have to make her come down on earth, and make her say sorry. Pragya tells Beeji that Abhi got angry on her and hoping to hear sorry. Aaliya comes to Abhi and asks where was you? Abhi says my mood was off and that’s why went for a long drive. Aaliya blames receptionist and says she has ruined everything, says she will get her fired from job and will ask Sethi to fire her. Abhi says it is okay, and says we shall not get her fired. He says it is her seniors mistake, and says Saira and others would have checked CD, says everyone is careless. Aaliya thinks Abhi is reacting calmly and thinks she has to do something big to make Abhi react and fire her from the job.

Pragya comes to office and thinks about Abhi’s anger. Saira comes and asks why did you come to office? Pragya asks why? Saira says because of yesterday happening. She asks her not to come infront of Abhi today, and says she don’t want boss to fire you. Pragya says I will handle him. Saira repeats her words. Aaliya is thinking about the idea. Tanu says I can help you out. Aaliya says a guy and a girl are meeting each other, and says someone don’t want them to meet, and asks her to give a solution to separate them. Tanu asks her to prove girl characterless infront of guy. Aaliya says no bad, and praises her dumb mind. Tanu asks who are they? Aaliya says you don’t know them. She thinks to prove Pragya’s characterless.

Abhi comes to office and thinks he will not talk to Nikita now, and thinks she is showing me ego and not apologizing to me. He goes to reception and sees other girl. He asks who are you. She says she is Pooja? Abhi asks if she is fired. Saira says no sir/yes sir. Abhi thinks they might have fired her. Pragya comes and gives papers to Saira. Abhi thinks she is here and have changed her work place being scared with me. He sings of fuggi….asks Saira if the recording room is ready. Saira says yes. He starts walking off. Pragya calls him and smiles. Abhi thinks now she will apologize to me.

Sarla tells Beeji that Abhi and Pragya might be fighting in office. Beeji asks her to do whatever she wants. Purab comes and says I brought good news for you. Beeji asks did you get a new job with double salary. Sarla asks did you buy new home. Purab says no. Beeji asks did you decide to marry? Purab says no. He says Pragya and Abhi came face to face and nothing happened to Abhi. Sarla and Beeji don’t pay attention. Purab asks what happened? Beeji says it is old news. Sarla says we know this. Purab says I have no importance in this house and asks what is my relation with you. I will not come back. He goes. Beeji tells Sarla that he will return and asks her to relax.

Abhi is in the recording room. He thinks she called me from behind, but didn’t apologize. She haven’t bring coffee also till now. Pragya comes and says peon went to get sugar as it is over. Abhi asks do you have to say something. Pragya asks what you was singing…fuggi..She asks from where did that word come in your mind. She asks who is she? Abhi says it is my girl friend’s name. Pragya says it is your girl friend name and blushes. Abhi says I called her fuggy by love. Abhi thinks why she is looking at me as if I called her my girl friend. He thinks to undo his words by ctr Z and says that word came in my mind while sleeping and I kept it in my song. Pragya smiles. He asks her to say sorry and asks if she is mad? Pragya says sorry, and says you are so cute…Abhi thinks unbelievable. She said sorry so soon, but why did she smile? He wonders……

Purab comes back and says you people did wrong, and have hidden truth from me. Beeji says we know that you will come. Purab misses Bulbul and says she would have told me if she was alive. He asks what do you think that I have problem with their meeting. He says he is happy. Sarla tells him that she didn’t tell him as she was afraid about Aaliya threat. Beeji says I didn’t tell as Pragya asked me not to tell you.

Pragya thinking about Abhi’s words and smiles….Abhi comes and tells Saira that he is going on a meeting, and wants an assistant to accompany with him. Saira asks can I come? Abhi says you are a manager and it doesn’t look nice if you come as assistant. He asks her to send someone efficient, sensible and who is free. Saira asks Pragya to go with Abhi. Abhi thinks it will be fun now. Saira tells Abhi that Pragya is ready. Abhi says I told sensible person, and then hesitantly agrees to take Pragya on a condition that she shall not spoil his mood. Saira asks Pragya to do as he says. Pragya nods…..They come out. Abhi asks Pragya why you are standing near car and asks her to take a taxi, and reach mall. Pragya asks shall I come in auto? Abhi says who I am? Rockstar…and
says Khadoos and asks her to reach before him. He parks his car far and thinks it will be good. He thinks Pragya’s attitude will go because of heat. Pragya is waiting for auto. Goons come near her and ask if the notes bundle belongs to her. Pragya says it is not mine….Abhi sees goons teasing Pragya. They ask her to come with her. Pragya asks him to keep the money and says I will click your pics and show to police. Goons run away. Abhi goes in his car seeing Pragya handling the situation. Pragya takes auto.

Aaliya comes to office and thinks it was good that Abhi went out and Pragya is also not here. She tells Saira that she has some work with her, and asks what is your salary. Saira says 50000. Aaliya says how you manage? Saira says someone I manage. Aaliya asks her to make easy money by doing short cut, and says I need your help to teach someone a lesson. Saira says I am ready and will do as you says. Aaliya shares her plan with Saira. Saira says she knows someone who can help them and do the work. Aaliya says superb and says you have met with my expectations. She hugs Saira and says we are team mates now. Saira looks on.

Pragya thinks Abhi didn’t reach till now, even though I have reached by auto. Abhi thinks she must have realized what I do, whoever shows me attitude. He comes to her. Pragya asks are you fine? Abhi asks you might be waiting for me since two hours and says you were doing right and left. She asks if she felt bad. Pragya thinks he has done this to tease me, and says she is feeling good and important. She says you was watching me since two hours and giving me attention, making me feel special. She says my working hours is over now, and asks him to make a bigger plan to torture her. Abhi thinks she is don no. 1, and thinks her eye sights and mind are very sharp. Pragya thinks I can bear any torture for the happiness which you have given me.

Sarla, Janki, Beeji are with Purab in his car. Sarla says Purab agreed to take us on shopping. Beeji asks him not to run away. Purab says why I will go, I offered you all to come with me. Janki says they have to buy glass. Beeji argues with her and Sarla.

Aaliya and Purab are in car. Tanu insists to meet Abhi. Aaliya says I am trying to find a permanent solution so that you can get in his life. Tanu asks what is your advantage, and thinks what is her problem. Aaliya asks what did you say? Dadi tells Purab that she wants to check the new version of game at a mobile shop. Sarla gets fed up. Purab takes her to mobile shop.

Varun Sethi comes to meet Aaliya and says I am always ready to help beautiful girls. Aaliya says I need your help, but different way. She says whoever we accuse, the world should question her. Varun asks what you can do for me. Aaliya scolds him and says she can get Abhi’s contract to him, and asks him not to misbehave with her. Varun says bye. Aaliya thinks everyone will accept now that Pragya is characterless.