Thursday Update on Twist of Fate 3rd September 2020 Aliya disguise as Purab wife


Thursday Update on Twist of Fate 3rd September 2020 Aliya disguise as Purab wife

Pragya says I will not get respect when I will leave this house, but then also I am supporting you, as you gets your love Tanu. She says Dadi will hate me for this, and you are saying I should think about my happiness. She cries. Abhi comes to her and apologizes. He says he didn’t know what has happened to him. He says he didn’t run away from any problems and is afraid to lose her. Pragya looks on surprisingly and emotionally. Tu Meri Jaan Hain plays…

Pragya telling Abhi that she is also afraid to lose him. Abhi says you said that you will stay alone after going from here, and will not remarry. Pragya asks him to sleep. Abhi asks why did you say that you will not remarry. Pragya says it is late night, go and sleep. Abhi asks why did you say that you will not marry again? Saiyyara plays…………Pragya says no, as humans are born once, marry once, and fall in love once. She says she don’t want to repeat her mistake, and if she marries again then it will be a punishment for her partner. She asks him to worry for Dadi instead. Abhi looks at her…………….while she goes. He sits down tensed.

Sarla worries about the arrangements and says she has to do all the work. Pragya comes and says haldi is kept there itself. Sarla says I know. Pragya says I miss this always at my sasural. Sarla says you can come here at anytime, but Abhi’s house is yours. Beeji asks Sarla to take care of Bulbul now, else she will go without haldi rituals. All the guests compliment Bulbul’s beauty. Pragya asks Bulbul to sit and do the rituals. Bulbul asks why my mum is tensed? Sarla asks her to get haldi applied on her face. Bulbul asks why you are worried. Sarla says I am sad thinking you will go from here. Bulbul says Maa is confused about my bidaai and says she will stop if her mum stops her. Abhi looks for Pragya and calls her. Pragya tells Beeji to pick the call and hold phone for her. Abhi asks where are you? Pragya says she came for Bulbul’s haldi ceremony. Abhi thinks she is selfish and didn’t tell me before going. Pragya asks him to hold, and takes Dadi’s call. Dadi asks her about the arrangement and asks her to send Bulbul’s photos with haldi. Pragya says okay. She takes Abhi’s call and asks what do you want to say. Pragya asks him to keep call on hold as she gets Dadi’s call again. Abhi thinks to do the work before baraat comes.

Pragya and other welcome Purab’s baraat. Abhi dances with the baraat. Main Toh Aave plays…………Pragya comes to welcome Purab. Abhi asks Purab to tell Pragya to welcome him first. Pragya says she knows how to welcome him and calls Dadi. She complains to Dadi that Abhi is not letting her welcome baraatis. Dadi asks her to welcome baraatis. Everyone enter the hall dancing. Purab sits on the chair and waits for his bride Bulbul. Bulbul’s friends tell him that they will not give Bulbul to them. Purab says he has decided to take her with him. Aaliya takes care of Rachna. Dadi and Abhi are happy and thinks she has become matured and understanding. Abhi tells Aaliya that she has become matured now and asks her to search a good guy from the baraat. Pragya brings Bulbul to the marriage altar. Aaliya teases Purab and asks him to close mouth to garner everyone attention. Sarla praises Bulbul’s beauty. Bulbul makes Purab wear the garland. Purab makes her wear garland too. Purab tells her that he has striken a deal with her friends. Bulbul says he has to pay 50000 Rs to get her sandal from her friends. Purab agrees. Abhi gets Tanu’s message that she couldn’t attend Purab’s wedding as she is going with her parents, but will come back to talk about their wedding. Abhi calls her, but she disconnects the call. Tanu messages him that her parents are not understanding. Pragya brings Bulbul inside, and asks Mitali to take her room to rest, as there is still time for wedding to happen. Mitali agrees. Pragya sees Abhi sitting sadly.

Abhi and Pragya discuss about the wedding and the problem. Bulbul takes off her jewellery. Pragya asks her to sit and says she will bring water. Aaliya comes and pushes chair shocking Pragya and Aaliya. Aaliya pushing the chair when Bulbul is about to sit. Aaliya says there was a nail on the chair and Bulbul’s clothes might have tear. Aaliya asks Pragya to go and says she will take good care of Bulbul. Pragya asks Bulbul to obey Aaliya and not show any ego. Abhi talks to someone and asks him to keep them (Tanu’s parents) busy with court dates. Pragya comes and asks what you are doing? Abhi says whatever he is doing is for her, so that he gets time to spend with her. Pragya says why did you say that. Abhi says he will feel bad when she leave the house. Kaisa Yeh Ishq hain plays……………..Pragya says you will feel bad when I leave. Abhi says who will entertain me, on whom I will take anger, etc…..He asks her to make list of things in his room, says he has ladies’ handkerchief with him. Pragya says I will leave once Bulbul marries.

Bulbul tells that she is getting married afterall. Aaliya says she has been waiting for this day for long long time. She asks her to take a look, and says your make up is ruined with sweat. Aaliya says I will do your touch up. She asks her to closes her eyes. Aaliya ruins her make up and blackens her face. Bulbul asks her to marry soon. Aaliya says she will marry on the same mandap. Bulbul opens the eyes and asks how dare you to spoil my make up. Aaliya says I knew you were stupid. Bulbul says so you was acting. Aaliya says she was bearing all this and waiting for this day. She says Purab is mine. Bulbul says have you lost it. Bulbul says I did a mistake by trusting you and says she will tell the truth to everyone. Aaliya attacks on her head with a heavy iron rod. Bulbul gets unconscious. Aaliya acts madly and says Purab is just mine. I didn’t want this to do, and made arrangements for Purab and my wedding. She says today I will marry Purab and no one can come between us. She says good bye Bulbul, and get ready Aaliya.

Dadi praises Aaliya for making all the arrangements. Sarla tells that she will talk with Pandit ji. Dadi says we gave everything to Pandit ji. She says Purab is waiting for his bride anxiously. Sarla asks them not to tease her damad. Dadi says he is our son too. Panditji tells about importance of marriage and rituals. He asks to call the groom on the mandap. Abhi wishes that everything get back to normal, and wishes to carry on his marital life with Pragya. Pragya also wishes the same. Aaliya wears bridal clothes and says Purab is hers as he came in her life first. She says Pragya and Bulbul have a bad habit to keep an eye on other’s things. She says Purab will be hers and she will become his wife. She says Purab will initially get angry, but then he will realize his mistake. She says Abhi and Pragya have become typical married couple, and they were like them. Aaliya looks at Bulbul’s earrings and recalls Purab praising bulbul’s beauty. She tells you can’t do anything when Purab praises my beauty. Sarla thinks her daughter will leave after she gets married. She says we will be left alone after Bulbul leaves. Beeji says we shall be happy that our daughters are happy, and our responsibility ended with this marriage.

Dasi says Sarla ji started crying before her daughter’s bidaai. Dadi explains to her about a mother’s feelings when her daughter is getting married. Abhi says why a girl goes to her sasural, when she gets married and why not a guy goes to his sasural. Dasi asks Abhi to go to his sasural and set the example for his fans. Dadi says you can go whereever you wants to, but Pragya will not go as I can’t live without her.

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