Thursday Update on Twist of Fate 30 July 2020(Pragya shoots corporator)


Thursday Update on Twist of Fate 30 July 2020(Pragya shoots corporator)

Corporator asking his goon to keep Abhi and Pragya confined and leaves. Pragya’s daadi tells Abhi’s daadi they should hope that Abhi and Pragya have eloped from kidnapper’s den, asks her to be courageous and leaves with Sarla and other family members. Neil drinks alcohol reminiscing Aaliya and Abhi’s warnings and gets angry. He thinks how to kill both Pragya and Abhi once and gets an idea.

Sarla while walking back home sees an injured girl after accident, thinks she is Pragya, runs and hugs her and tells he mom has come. Purbi shooks her and says she is not our Pragya. Sarla starts crying vigorously.

Pragya cries telling Abhi that she is worried about Daadi as she must be happy thinking they will be back home soon, but will get sad after knowing they are kidnapped again. She asks him to elope whenever he gets a chance and says he is very important for his family, but she is not. Her mom may cry for some days, but will calm down as she has Bulbul with her. Abhi says he came to rescue her and she is very important to her daadi. He is a big rockstar and has many fans except her daadi and daadi is her fan. He says if again she tells she is not important and will not go home back, he will burst her balloon/fugga like face.

Purab and Bulbul are still searching Abhi and Pragya. He gives her tea from a roadside stall. She says she had to be with Sarla and console her, but she is away and is responsible for Pragya’s kidnap. She says she doubts Aaliya is involved in kidnapping. Purab says Aaliya has changed now and everybody will blame her if she tells that and asks her to stop thinking bad about Aaliya.

Neil laughs at corporator and tells him a story. Abhi asks his men to hold corporator, else he may fall limping. Corporator says he likes his sense of humor. Their drama continues. Coporator says he has a brilliant idea, takes gun from his pocket, wipes his fingerprints, forces Pragya to hold it and asks her to shoot Abhi.

Servant asks Pragya’s daadi to take he medicines. Daadi says her life will end soon, but Pragya and Abhi’s life is just started and she is worried about them. Servant says just like Abhi and Pragya escaped from kidnappers before, they must have again and asks her to calm down. Purbi comes and cries worrying for Sarla. Daadi consoles her.

Corporator points gun at Pragya and asks her to shoot Abhi. She says she will not. Abhi provokes that he has stoop so low to take woman’s help. Corporator says his words does not deter him and forces Pragya to shoot. She says she will not, but goon presses trigger and she shoots. Bullet hits corporator’s hand and he falls on floor unconscious. His goons gather him. Abhi runs with Pragya.

Mitali gets a hangover after her bang effect evades and she writhes in pain. She calls Aaliya and Tanu and tells police will come and arrest them. Aaliya asks where is police. Mitali says she saw police coming with Abhi and Pragya and will arrest them all. Tanu says she is inebriated and asks her to drink coffee. Mitali asks her to accept mistake and not tell her name. Pragya says Abhi and Pragya cannot come as kidnappers kidnapped them again and she herself met corporator some time back. She asks her to go now, else someone will listen to them. Mitali says someone is already listening and points at Bulbul. Tanu and Aaliya are shocked to see her.

Aaliy and her puppets Tanu and Mitali getting tensed seeing Bulbul and thinking she heard their conversation. Bulbul says Aaliya she needs her help and takes her. Mitali says Tanu that Bulbul knows their plan and send them both to jail but will spare Aalia. Tanu asks her to stop panicking.

Corporator’s goons catch Abhi and Pragya and confine them in a room. One of them angrily tries to shoot them, but another goon stops him and says Pragya shot their boss and once boss wakes up, he will kill them both, so they should wait until boss wakes up. Once they leave, Abhi jokes with Pragya that she will not get AC here as it is underconstruction building. She asks what if bullet had hit him.

He says he knows her aim is wrong and if she had aimed at corporator, she would have shot him. She says what would she have told Dadi if something had happened. He says until she is there, nothing will happen to her. He continues his blah…blah.. and asks her to hug him. She crawls, hugs him and cries. His emotions change. Me tenu samjhawa ki….song.. plays in the background.

Purbi gets food for Sarla and does not find her. She searches whole house and tensely informs Janaki and Daadi. They both go out to check and asks Purbi to inform when Sarla comes back. They search her in whole market.

A man gets tea for goons and forces them to drink. They drink tea and run to bathroom. One of them think they are running towards dhaba as they liked tea. Once everyone leaves, he goes and frees Abhi. Abhi asks who is he. He says he is his big fan and followed goons to free them. Abhi says he has gained people’s support. Man frees their legs and helps them elope. Abhi sees an ambulance and asks Pragya to free his hand. She could free him, peeps into ambulance and sees corporator in it. She informs Abhi and they both run before corporator comes out of ambulance.

Abhi and Pragya run in jungle again continuing their verbal argument. They reach highway, see a truck and Abhi stops it. Truck driver scolds him for stand in between road. Abhi tells that they just escaped from kidnappers and need his help. Man questions them and Abhi gives his witty answers. Man agrees to drop them and ask to sit behind. Abhi says he will drive, but man scolds him and sends back. Pragya frees Abhi’s hand and asks him to free her hand, but he does not and continues his jokergiri.

Corporator comes to his den and asks his goons about Praga and Abhi. Goon says they eloped. He hits them, asks if they work for him or Abhi/Pragya and asks them to catch Abhi/Pragya soon.

Daadi gets tired and sits at a tea stall. Janaki says she told not to stress herself and gets her tea. Daadi asks her to call Abhi’s daadi and check if Sarla has com to her house. Janaki calls Abhi’s daadi. Daadi speaks and tells Sarla did not come to her home. Pragya’s daadi continues searching Sarla.

Truck stops. Abhi gets out to check and asks driver what happened. Driver says engine stopped due to dirt. Abhi starts yelling at him. Pragya stops him and takes him from there. They both walk on road again, Abhi continues yelling at Pragya. He tries to stop cars, but no one stops. He then sees a car and sees goons and corporator in it. Goon identifies Abhi.

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