Thursday Update on Twist Of Fate 27th December 2018

Munni comes to the staircase, Abhi watches her hurrying down the stairs and walks towards her with a smile. She was nervous and slips over the stairs as he comes closer. Abhi holds her into his arms. Abhi comes to meet the dancer Shreya and introduces her to Pragya. Shreya wonders how she will perform in presence of such a pretty lady. Abhi compliments whenever she is in a concert, he also gets confused. Tannu was furious over this. She comes aside and wonders why she got ready so much, she thinks about doing something to attract Abhi.
Sangram Singh comes to the changing room and makes the dancers flee.
Tannu decides to make Abhi fall over herself by throwing a bottle in his feet. She hears Sangram Singh’s voice from changing room. He soon
comes outside and follows her, holding a gun over her forehead. Tannu recognizes him as the man who wish to marry Disha. She thinks about helping him and make Aaliya happy. Sangram hits Tannu’s head with the back of the gun and carries to hide her in a corner of Abhi’s practice room.
Munni brings Sarla to meet Disha. Sarla remembers Bulbul, Disha bends to touch her feet but Sarla says daughter never touch feet. Disha gets weepy and says when she came here she was all alone but today she has found a mother. She reminds Munni how she was always on Bulbul’s side. She assures she would be on Disha’s side as well, and thanks to fill Poorab’s life with happiness. They hurry downstairs. Sarla notices the color of her chunri and goes to get it now. Sarla informs Abhi that she is going home for some important task.
Disha comes downstairs. Poorab was left speechless watching her. Abhi comes to cheer Poorab as Disha looks pretty.

Disha comes to take blessings from Dadi.
Sangram Singh comes to dance in the wedding.
Sarla couldn’t hire an auto rickshaw, she stands in front of auto rickshaw and was finally able to hire it.
Shreya performs in the wedding function. Everyone was enjoying the performance. Aaliya eyed them furiously with a distance. Abhi asks Munni to join, Munni signals in refusal. Munni thinks she would even look at him keenly now, its all wrong.
Disha asks Poorab if he has some pressure over him to marry her, is he happy. Poorab says he is happy because of her, he would always be with her atleast as a friend. If a friend is beside you, nothing can go wrong. Disha smiles.
Rishab calls Abhi, Abhi goes upstairs to take the call. Aaliya hears the talk that Poorab is happy with the girl whom he met a few days ago. She wonders how can he do this to her and breaks a glass nearby. Everyone look towards her. Disha was worried.
In the music room, Abhi takes a file and reads from it. Tannu lied somewhere nearby.

Mitali asking Aaliya to go and says if Abhi have seen then you must have paid for this, and asks her to go. Dancer scolds the goons thinking them to be her co dancers. She asks where are my dancers and troop. She calls security. They take her with them keeping sword on her neck. Mitali asks Tai ji to come and says this place is not safe. She sees Munni standing there. Munni asks them to move and goes. Goons take dancer to room and make her unconscious as she sees her co dancers unconscious. Dadi asks Purab and Disha to dance. Munni takes them to dance floor and says she will teach them dance. Aaliya takes Munni to side and says you are forgetting why did I bring you here. Munni says I remember and says if I don’t dance then everyone will understand that I am not Pragya,
but Munni.

Sangram Singh separate Purab and Disha. He says now it will be your last rites. He asks goon to take everyone’s phones. Goon asks Mitali to give phone. Mitali refuses. Raj asks her to give phone. They lock all guests in the room. Abhi is in the study room and talks to Rishabh. He sees Purab pic on projector. Goon attacks Raj and hits on him. Purab warns Sangram Singh not to harm his family. Dadi asks goon to kill her and asks why did you come to my house. Sangram Singh says I am Disha’s to be husband with whom your Ram eloped. Dadi says she don’t want to marry you. Sangram singh asks her to shut up. Dish assays she don’t want to marry him. Sangram Singh says he will not hear her wish and threatens to kill Purab. He says first I will kill you and then your family.

Abhi thinks Aaliya must have seen Purab’s pic as she is so obsessed with him and thinks he won’t let anything happen today. He pulls the wires. Electricity goes. Sangram Singh is about to attack Purab with sword, and stops as electricity is gone. Munni thinks this is the right time to save Purab and Disha. Goon asks Raj to tell where is the main button and threatens to kill her. Munni takes Disha with her and asks her to hide. Sangram thinks some panauti is always there, don’t know when his troubles will end. Mitali says your troubles will end with you. Sangram Singh says who said. Mitali says I am this house spy and can read faces. Sangram Singh thinks they are not simple people. Mitali says you thought right and asks him to go before they twist their finger. Sangram Singh says if someone says anything again then I will not leave. Aaliya thinks where is Tanu? She thinks help came infront of her and thinks to help Sangram.

Raj checks the fuse and fixes it. Goon asks him to come. Electricity comes. Goon tells Sangram that light came. Sangram slaps him and asks where is Disha? He tells Purab that he will search Disha and then will Purab. Dasi says Disha and Pragya are not here. Sangram calls Disha and kicks Purab. He takes out his turban and beats him with rod. Aaliya panics. Dadi asks him not to beat her son and says my other son will come and save all of us. She asks him to run and save his life. Sangram Singh is about to attack Dadi with sword, Purab stops him and asks how dare you touch my Dadi. He beats Sangram. Sangram’s goons hold Purab again. Sangram hits rod on Purab’s head. He beats him. Dadi asks him to leave her son and says if Abhi see you then he will not leave you. Sangram Singh asks her to call rockstar Abhi. Dadi says you did your life biggest mistake by coming here. Sarla tells Beeji that she came to get chunari for Disha which she got made for Bulbul. Beeji asks her to go fast. Suddenly Pragya’s photo frame breaks, Sarla gets shocked and thinks if trouble is on her.

Divia was upset about family’s respect. Munni says she holds the family’s respect important for her, she locks Divia into a cupboard and assures to take care of everything outside.
Sangram Singh beats Poorab even more and says he won’t spare him until he finds Disha. He will kill everyone right here. He beats everyone there with the rod. Poorab tells him to spare his family, they have done nothing in the matter. Poorab says he didn’t bring Disha to be left with him, he won’t let him take Disha.
There at home, Sarla was worried at the break of frame and wish Pragya is fine. Bee ji assures she will be fine and sends Sarla with the Chunri. Sarla says Bee ji must also have come along, everyone was asking about it. Bee ji says she will meet Disha when she comes here. Sarla notices
Bee ji hiccupped, and smells the glass scolding Bee ji to get drunk again, the doctors have forbidden her. Bee ji promises she won’t drink again. Sarla leaves, while Bee ji prays for Pragya.
There in the hospital bed, Pragya comes to consciousness getting jerks.
Abhi reaches home wishing Aalya doesn’t create another problem. He comes inside and asks if this is Sangram Singh. He comes forward, he and Poorab fight Sangram Singh together. Some goons attack Poorab from behind. Munni thinks about calling police, then watches Abhi fight Sangram Singh. She boosts Abhi up to kill them more. One of the goons hold a sword over Dadi’s neck. A few men get hold of Abhi from the back. Dadi screams as the sword is pressed against Dadi’s neck and it bleeds. Sangram comes to beat Abhi with the rod.
There Pragya was getting restless on the bed. She sits up on the bed at once, shouting a No! A lady comes to Pragya and tries to speak to her, she asks her about her name and address if she remembers. Pragya asks to go to her husband Abhi. She says he must be finding her, and tries to get away. The lady says Pragya is weak, she was in comma for quite many days. Pragya insists to leave, but fell unconscious. The lady calls her maid comes in to hold Pragya with the lady and helps her on the bed.

There, Munni comes to snatch the rod off Sangram’s hand and beat them all over head. Abhi gathers courage to stand up, but before that a goon holds Munni from behind. Sangram kicks Abhi again. Munni comes to hold Abhi’s head who was getting unconscious. Aaliya wonders if Munni is acting or really cares for him.
The lady was happy that Pragya hasn’t lost her memory. She wanted to go to her husband and felt he was in danger. She sits beside Pragya and wipes her face with wet cloth. They were happy and hopeful she would recover soon. READ NEXT: FRIDAY ON TWIST ON FATE