Thursday Update on Twist of Fate 20th December 2018

Sangram Singh Chautala having wine with his goons. He asks his goon to bring that girl. Other goon comes and tells that she went to market. Sangram Singh plans to molest her in market. Aaliya tells Tanu that the woman Munni is not Pragya, and asks her to stop her imagination. Tanu asks what did she talk to Munni after sending her out. Aaliya says nothing. Tanu asks if you are betraying me. Aaliya says I have realized that she is Pragya’s lookalike and fulfills all our wishes. She says she asked Munni to convinced Abhi to get her married to Purab. Tanu says so you was thinking this, and asks her to solve her problem first and make her marry Abhi. Aaliya says Abhi will not think about her for now, as Pragya is in his heart and mind, till then I can settle down with Purab. She
says Purab had challenged her that Abhi will never ask him to marry her.. She says once Munni convinces Abhi, then Abhi will force Purab to marry her. Disha is walking in the market. Sangram Singh and his men try to catch her. She runs. They surround her on the bike.

Sangram Singh comes to her and says you are very beautiful. I have never seen such beautiful girl in Haryana. He asks how did you get time to fight with my men. Disha says they were doing wrong, and I can’t see any wrong happening. Sangram says you have done gandhigiri and asks why did she beat his men. He asks about her father. Disha says Vijay Chauhan. Sangram Singh says you are saying as if your father is Amitabh Bachchan. He pulls her closer. Disha slaps him hard and asks him to go taking his respect in his hand. Sangram Singh says you have slapped me. Disha says you might be feeling pain. Sangram Singh asks his men to hold her. Disha shouts for help and asks someone to call Police.

Purab comes there in car as he is site seeing. Driver tells that some poor person might be stuck. Purab sees Disha and says we have to save her. Driver says he is Sangram Singh and is dangerous. He asks why you are interfering and says this is that girl’s destiny. Purab says it was my destiny which she took on her. Sangram Singh says he will molest her and holds her dupatta. Disha asks him to leave her. Sangram Singh says let me hold you first. Disha shouts for help. Purab sits in car and rings fast speedy car towards the goons. He asks Disha to sit fast. Disha sits in car and picks chilli plate and throws on the goons. She thanks Purab for saving her. Purab says I got this strength from you, I know you, but you have saved me without knowing me.

Abhi thinks to surprise Pragya and decorates the room. Munni comes to room and thinks why the room is looking like garden and thinks if there is some festival today. Abhi comes and asks if she liked his surprise. Munni says good and asks it is for whom? Abhi says for you. He says this is not for your welcome, and asks her to tell. Munni says what to tell. Abhi says today is first night. Munni asks what did you say? She says it can’t be your first night and says it is my first night, as I came here. Abhi says her sense of humour got better. She asks him to celebrate his birthday. Abhi asks if she really don’t understand or trying to find ways to make excuse. He says today is their marriage first night. Munni thinks he is talking about wedding night and gets tensed.

Munni tells Abhi that her foot is paining. Abhi says he will make it fine. Munni says it is a sin if husband touches wife’s foot. Abhi says it is enjoyment and goes to bring ointment. He brings ointment.

Abhi and Munni’s conversation. He asks if she is scared as he is getting closer to her. Munni says she can’t explain her and asks him to stay away from her. Abhi locks the door and says she has no option. Munni thinks to attack him to stop them from getting romantic and thinks she is not Pragya. Sangram Singh asks who was that guy? The goons say that he is the same guy for whom girl fought with them. Sangram Singh asks them to catch them. Disha tells Purab that goons are behind them. Purab asks her not to worry and makes the goons fall down from bike one by one. Disha says this is the best drive of her life and he is riding car as Hritik Roshan. Purab drives the car and they reach market again. Sangram Singh shoots at them. Disha says I told you that they will not leave
us.. Sangram Singh punctures the tyre. Purab manages to drive the car.

Sangram Singh follow their car, but he is stopped by the truck. He gets upset as Purab and Disha manage to escape. Abhi tries to get closer to Munni. Munni stops him and says she is feeling unwell. Abhi says she must have told him and asks what is bothering her. She tells him that something is bothering her and tells that she is not comfortable. She says she will come to him when everything is fine. Abhi says when you are not comfortable, we will not make love, he says I will not sleep in this room, call me whenever you are comfortable. He asks her to sleep well and goes.

Munni thinks he is a good man and she is doing wrong with him and apologizes to God. Sangram Singh gets Purab’s car. Goon says car is empty, it seems they have escaped. Goon says guy is from other city, but I know girl’s address. Sangram Singh says lets check in her house. Disha takes Purab to her school in the night. Purab says it is good, now you don’t have to come in the morning. She says she wants to learn car driving from him and asks from where did he learn to drive fast. Purab says he drove the car fast for the first time. Rain starts. Sangram Singh’s goon check in her house and tell that she is not there. Sangram Singh says a teacher hides in school while Pandit hides in temple. They get inside the temple. Purab gives his jacket to her. He sees the firewood and asks who lighted this fire. Disha says may be watchman. He thinks this girl is so good, and wishes best for her. Disha also prays for her and wishes best for him.

She tells him that she gets drenched in rain and likes it. Purab asks her not to get unwell and says I really need you, as I don’t know this place. She says when rain stops, we will go to our house, and tells that she stays with her father and bua. She tells that Kanha ji was jealous of her mum and that’s why taken her mum. She tells that his father has taught him and made him independent. She says don’t know what they will do after I get married. She asks about his family. Purab tells her that he is an orphan and his parents died when he was a child. Later Bulbul, a cute, bubbly girl came in his life, but God had snatched her too.

Disha and Purab see Sangram Singh and his goons coming to school. Disha says they are very dangerous. Purab says we have to hide here itself. Just then light falls on them. Read Friday: 21th on Twist of fate