Thursday Update on Twist Of Fate 10th January 2019

Disha thinks Aaliya is heavy. She asks Pragya to find the papers as soon as possible. Tanu comes out of room and thinks to hear if there is some noise coming. Just then a book falls on her. Tanu thinks if Munni is planning to kick us out and gets doubtful.

Tanu coming to Aaliya’s room and thinks Aaliya is sleeping, then from where did the noise comes from. She keeps the fallen lamp back to its place and sees reflection. She thinks if there is someone hiding there. She couldn’t find anyone. She thinks if there is a ghost here. She shouts asking Aaliya to wake up and says she is not getting sleep and asks her to wake up. She shouts aloud. Pragya and Disha get worried thinking everyone will come here. Dasi comes there and scolds Tanu for shouting and disturbing her sleep. Tanu says even I can get angry. Dasi asks her to tell what she can do and warns her not to shout. Tanu goes to her room.. Dasi also goes to her room. Pragya thinks now she can search the papers. Tanu thinks Aaliya must have kept papers safely and that’s

why sleeping peacefully. Disha tells Pragya that she thought they will be caught. Pragya says God is with us and that’s why we are not caught. They search for the papers. Disha asks did you remember if she kept the papers here. Pragya says we have search everywhere in the room, don’t know what will happen if we don’t get the papers. Disha returns to room. Purab asks where did you go? Disha says she went to have water. Purab asks her to sleep. Disha thinks Pragya might be very worried and thinks don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

Pragya cries looking at Abhi’s pic and thinks about Aaliya and Tanu’s words. She feels apologetic and thinks she couldn’t protect him. Aaliya wakes up and thinks why she is having hangover. She recalls and thinks if someone came here last night or is it my illusion. She sees the book kept there and says it was kept here. She thinks I had seen her face, but who was she ? She thinks if Disha came to my room and that too in the night. She thinks how dare she to enter my room and goes to ask her. Purab brings tea for Disha and keeps his hand on her head. Disha wakes up. Purab says good morning. Le Jaaye Jahan plays…Disha says I would have made tea. Purab says you was in deep sleep so I made tea. He asks her to enjoy good morning tea and says he will make tea. She drinks it and says it is good. Purab says I will make it daily. Disha says not daily. Purab says I was joking, if I make tea for you daily then I will not get to drink your tea. Disha feels guilty for hiding the fact from him and thinks she can’t tell him until Pragya permits her. She thinks to talk to Pragya.

Aaliya comes to Disha’s room and asks what she was doing in her room. She says you thought that I will not know. Disha says I was sleeping in my room, why I will come to your room. Aaliya says you made me unconscious with a cloth and says I saw your face. She asks her to tell why she came to her room, and says she is asking for last time. Disha says she didn’t come. Aaliya holds her neck asking her to tell. Purab comes out of washroom and shouts Aaliya. Purab asks how dare she to touch his wife? Aaliya says Disha came to her room. Purab says Disha didn’t come to your room. Aaliya says she might have come when you were sleeping. Purab says I was awake and Disha was awake too. He says I don’t need to tell you what a husband and wife might be doing when you are awake. He gets closer to her. Aaliya cries seeing their intimacy.