Thursday Update on This is Fate 7th February 2019

Preeta calls Karan as crazy, then says she called Shrishti as crazy.
Rishab was fixing a meeting with event organizers at home. Karan comes to ask him about Prithvi. Rishab says not yet. Karan complains Rishab wasted more than six hours he could have inquired about him; they have lesser time. Rishab tells Karan they are doing a deep down investigation through their official papers, he tells Karan to stay out of the matter as he can handle this matter. Rakhi and Dadi come to ask why they are arguing. Karan says it’s for Preeta? Rakhi asks how can Preeta be the cause of their argument. Dadi asks if it’s about love, and asks what’s that Karan wants to do and Rishab wouldn’t let him. Rishab was about to tell them but Karan says they like Prithvi a lot, Rishab insisted upon buying the

gifts for him. He is also human and wish to do shopping.

Preeta reach the beauty parlor and calls Shrishti. Prithvi reaches the salon right behind her. Inside, Preeta was shocked to see Shrishti in green hair makeover. Shrishti boastfully walks around Preeta. Preeta scolds Shrishti for getting such a weird color. Shrishti says this is really amazing color. Preeta scolds her for becoming a parrot, she questions the salon lady why they have given her this hair color. She tells them to change this hair color. Shrishti defends its rocking, as it’s in fashion. Preeta tells Shrishti she looks really weird. Shrishti says her real hair were so cheap. Preeta asks who told you about it. Shrishti replies Sameer! She regrets. Preeta forces her into a chair and tells the beautician to return her to humane look. Shrishti resists as she doesn’t want to get the color changed. Preeta was tensed and decides to make a video call to Sameer.
At home, Sameer decides not to pay much heed to Shrishti. He gets a video call from Preeta. Preeta asks Sameer if this hair color suits Shrishti. Sameer was left in a state of shock. Sameer says Shrishti always speak like a parrot, and now got a hair color like a parrot as well. He laughs hysterically. Shrishti gets ready to change her hair color. Preeta teases Shrishti that it was her fiancé who made Shrishti agree for a change of color. Shrishti says it’s getting much now, and warns Preeta for a last time. Preeta says the color actually suits Shrishti and would get her fame. Shrishti laughs that she has now decided to keep the same color and hurries Preeta to take the seat. Prithvi was about to enter the salon when Sherlin calls him as Punnu from behind. Preeta recognizes Sherlin’s voice. Shrishti doesn’t let Preeta go out behind them.
Prithvi asks Sherlin when she came out of the salon, he went inside to look for her. Sherlin minds she has a class and wouldn’t have gone to a parlor Preeta would visit. Sherlin was excited about the reunion. Prithvi suggests to walk towards the hall, it’s nearby around. Preeta comes out to look around for Sherlin.
Prithvi and Sherlin meet Nitin. He tries to flirt with Sherlin, but she gets her hand out of his grip. Preeta spots Sherlin from back and could see her speaking to someone. Prithvi and Sherlin boast about being together; while Nitin says he feels bad for her. Preeta comes to an auto and could see Sherlin hug Prithvi. Nitin asks for a friendly hug, Prithvi doesn’t let him close to Sherlin. Preeta turns to look at them, a car stops right behind Preeta and an old woman comes out of it. Nitin watches the missed accident and compliments Preeta to be pretty. The old lady warns Preeta to be careful and scolds her for intending to ruin her clean driving record. Nitin turns to look towards Preeta staring at them. Sherlin and Prithvi calls Nitin to join them at City Zone Club.