Thursday Update on This is Fate 10th December 2019

Karan was confused about what to say to Kareena. He wonders what if inspector has told her that they have proof. He then decides to see the situation first.
At home, Kareena asks Mr. Luthra to wait for Rishab. When Rishab comes there, Kareena asks if he respects Rakhi. She then asks Mr. Luthra if she has ever taken any wrong decision for this house. Mr. Luthra recalls when he had a heart attack she took care of the whole business, and the house as well. Kareena says Rishab had decided not to help Preeta, so she used Karan now. She wonders what she said to Karan and convinced her to withdraw the case against Sarla. Everyone was shocked. Rishab cheers about it. Karan must have asked someone at home before taking such a decision. She asks Dadi and Mr Luthra permission to question Karan. Mr. Luthra allows her to question Karan.

Preeta sat in the room worried when Shrishti comes in. Preeta decides not to share. Shrishti fell in misunderstanding that she had a fight with Karan again. Shrishti says she is really upset with Preeta as she always fight with Karan. Preeta stops her and says she is really worried for Karan. Shrishti asks why? Preeta takes the promise from Shrishti not to share with anyone. She tells Shrishti Sarla only knows Sherlin ruined the food, but Sherlin is involved with something else as well. Karan trusted them a bit, his family is still against him.
Karan arrives at home asking why everyone silent is. Kareena says they are all shocked, and he is responsible for it. Sherlin says she thought they were all family. Mr. Luthra wasn’t ready to listen to Karan, as Karan hurt him. Kareena questions if Karan hurt them all for Preeta only. If his feelings and friendship for Preeta is important than her. Sherlin says Rakhi would feel really bad when she will find out what he did. Karan comes to Rishab and asks him to speak in the matter. Rishab tells Karan he was hurt the most by Preeta’s trouble, still he didn’t help her. Preeta did a lot for their family, he respects Sarla but only because of Rakhi he didn’t help them. Their family has some rules which they must follow. Kareena doesn’t listen to any explanation from Karan. Dadi insists family comes ahead of everything. Sherlin cheers it’s time for her last strike, she asks Karan to go and register their complaint again and get Sarla arrested again. This time, they must charge her with attempt of murder as well, Sarla must rot in jail for lifetime. Rishab tells Sherlin to relax.
Preeta tells Shrishti Sherlin is a really cunning girl. Shrishti agrees Kareena is under the influence of Sherlin, and holds superiority complex. Preeta was worried that Karan must be in trouble. Shrishti thinks for a while, then asks Preeta to go and handle the situation for Karan. Preeta wasn’t ready but Shrishti says Karan can’t handle Kareena and Sherlin alone. Sherlin is a psychotic case, they must reveal her truth in front of everyone. They must take the proof to everyone.
Kareena agrees to Sherlin to prove his regret over his act. Karan asks when did he apologize? He clarifies he doesn’t need to prove his love for his family. He tells Sherlin he will never file the case again. He promised Preeta. Mr. Luthra says he wants Sarla Arora to be where she belongs. Karan says Mr. Luthra doesn’t want this, someone else did. Kareena questions if she does? She was irked and calls Karan rude; Rishab never argued with her ever. Mr. Luthra forbids Karan insult Kareena anymore. Rishab also relaxes him. Sherlin asks Karan why he doesn’t listen to her, his mother is ill, his brother’s engagement was ruined… so what’s the reason. Rakhi calls from behind that he is the reason. She asks Mr. Luthra to say something. She says it was her decision that Sarla must be released. Kareena doesn’t let Rakhi speak much and says Rakhi was also worried when everyone had fallen ill, and is now emotionally attached to Preeta. Sherlin asks Rakhi to think about her. Rakhi clarifies to Sherlin this function would never have happened if Preeta wasn’t involved. She made up Rishab’s mind to marry. She questions Kareena if none of their family function was ever ruined under the supervision of Kareena, and reminds how Kareena forgot the cake in their anniversary. She mentions the fire in Kritika’s wedding function, then why she behaves as if Preeta’s family is criminal. Can’t they blame Kareena for deliberately putting the party on fire as well? Kareena interrupts Rakhi, saying enough is enough. Rakhi agrees the fires wasn’t her mistake, similarly Preeta and her family is also innocent in this matter. She requests Mahesh and Dadi to let Preeta allow in the house. Sherlin leaves the hall.

Preeta doesn’t let Shrishti take the proof and asks for two days to reveal Sherlin’s reality.
There at home, Sherlin was curt that she should have fed some more to Rakhi. Kareena wonders what happened to Karan, why he took Sarla’s side. She says Karan doesn’t trust anyone, she wonders why Karan was angry at Sherlin and spoke to her dryly. Sherlin says this qualifies Karan never trusted him. Kareena wonders what Preeta knows about Sherlin that won her Karan’s favor. She could sense there was some chain missing. Sherlin wonders what exactly happened, does Preeta know about her ex-husband? She remembers she had heard something last night, and takes in a glass of water. Kareena asks Sherlin if she is hiding something that Preeta knows.
Karan brings water for Rakhi and asks why

she lied, she didn’t tell him to withdraw Sarla’s case. Rakhi says Karan was on the right. Rishab is always his side, but this time even he was against it. She went outside to feel fresh but found everyone blaming Karan, she couldn’t witness the peace. Karan requests her to get well soon. Rishab brings juice for her but Rakhi forbids having it, Rishab was annoyed. Karan complains Rishab didn’t stand with him today. Rakhi advices Rishab to always be with Karan, no matter what happens in life. She is proud that Karan helped Preeta and Sarla. Rishab says he always wanted to help them but… Rakhi asks what stopped him. Rishab says Kareena told him that Rakhi wanted Sarla to get punished. Rakhi denies saying anything. Karan was also shocked. Rakhi thinks she can’t ruin Kareena’s image in the eyes of her sons, she explains she couldn’t understand what to say because of her ill health. May be she had said something she didn’t mean to, she is happy what Karan did. Karan hugs Rakhi and leaves. Rishab sits with Rakhi and apologizes for not being able to do what he should have. Rakhi says she is really proud of him as a son, but she advices him to always listen to his heart. It would never take him to the wrong path, he must live his life to its best. Rishab gets weepy, he leaves Rakhi to take rest; he has got the energy for today. Rakhi hugs Rishab assuring everything would be fine. Rishab was determined to get everything right.
Preeta was restless at home. Karan calls her asking if she missed him. Preeta says a lot, then asks if everything is fine at home? Karan tells her to speak less. He says everyone at home scolded him, Kareena even said Preeta did some magic over him. He says even Rishab is upset with him. He says there was a miracle, Rakhi came there and took his side. Preeta says she loves Rakhi. Karan asks what about him. Preeta emotionally says I love you too Karan. Karan gets stuck with his consent that she is crazy for him. Preeta asks what Sherlin’s reaction was. Karan says she was little tensed, but then he made her feel relax. Preeta was worried how they will do this. Karan tells her to let him relax, he is mentally tired now. Preeta turns to find Shrishti at the door. Shrishti complains Preeta didn’t share with her about loving Karan.
Kareena asks Sherlin what the exact matter is. Sherlin says Preeta suspects she is responsible for food poisoning. Kareena asks Sherlin what the right matter is. Sherlin says she isn’t keeping any secrets, she should go and handle her family, Rakhi and Karan. She boasts about fulfilling her responsibility, Sarla was sent to jail and Kumkum Bhagya was sealed. Kareena’s tricks all went flop instead. Rakhi even insulted her. Kareena forbids Sherlin pose smart, she brought Sherlin to the home and is sure Sherlin did something to give Preeta a chance. Sherlin blames Kareena couldn’t act of her sickness and not even handle her family. Kareena tells Sherlin to do something. Sherlin says only she will have to do something now, like she did the food poisoning. They turn to see Karan at the door. Sherlin explains she had food poisoning and was telling Kareena about it.

Karan says alright, he came to look for dad. He turns wishing something stops him. Kareena finally stops him and asks if he trusts Preeta more than her? Karan says he is angry at Kareena for scolding him. Karan tells Sherlin Preeta says she has proof against Sherlin, she found a packet with white powder and Sherlin’s finger prints. He says he fears what if Preeta takes it to police. He doesn’t want Sherlin’s reputation to ruin. He says he saved Sarla just to save Sherlin. Sherlin was relieved that Karan trusts her, she thinks she can now meet her ex-husband. Karan thinks Sherlin is now over confident, she will commit some mistake and he and Preeta will catch her red-handed. READ FRIDAY 11TH ON THIS IS FATE