Thursday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

Thursday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

Oct 25th Episode 

Jai filling the brides maang and Meera stepping out the car. Jai ties the Mangalsurtra and then Meera gets stopped by the guard he asks for her invitation card.

And now the phere take place inside..

A servant comes and recognizes Meera and says then who is inside? Meera runs for her life… and watches the wedding..

Ganga’s friend asks who is Jai marrying, Ganga tells her to shut up and lay off the drinks lol..

Pandit says the wedding is complete and Meera stops the wedding…everyone is shocked minus Jai. Meera says the person is someone else and he says he knows with a smile.

Ganga asks who the bride then? Jai says i have thought about this wedding, this isn’t fake.

Jai tells all that they know the lady.. The bride takes off her veil and its pronita.  (wow if looks could kill!)

Jai says: Meet Mrs Pronita Walia, my wife.

Ganga objects and Jai says of all people you should understand you were the one who said live your life the way you want to. Jai asks so what is the big deal?

He then says i don’t think i owe anyone an explanation… Meera says  am your wife, jai says you have signed the divorced papers. Meera asks when? Jai shows her the proof. Jai says the business papers and then divorce papers..

Meera rips up the papers and then says rip these too.. the original is at the courts. He tells her that Pronita is his wife NOT her. He calls Meera the nanny and says you can live in the house for the children, but not for me as Pronita is with me now.

Meera cries saying think of the children, Jai says what am i supposed to do? It’s their life let them do what they want.. (i feel for the kids when he said that,.. their faces dropped!)

Meera grabs Pronita and slaps her.. then she goes to slap her again she stops her!

Pronita tells Meera to stop, did she think she wont reply to that slap? Jai is upstairs asking for a drink.. meanwhile, Pronita and Meera have a PROPER catfight! Meera slaps Pronita and grabs her by the hair.

Jai says who do u think will win? Jai bets on Pronita.

Pronita throws some prssies at Meera and then Meera throws water/oil on Pronita. They grab each other by the neck and everything!

Pronita looks proper angry and charges toward Meera, she pushes her to the floor and goes to calm off the other side Meera grabs a stick and hits Pronita, Pronita then stops her and pushes her to the ground (id hate to get into a fight with these!)

Pronita towers her and says this family is MINE! Kali ma idol is seen

Pronita towering Meera and then she looks about and realises what her position is.. she takes off the garland and walks away.. Jai then comes and asks the children to ask for their new mothers blessings. Vikcy goes foward and then Jai rasies his voice a little and Ganga goes foward.

Pronita tells Jai that the ladies never touch elders feet, they have their head down thats enough anyway. Jai then tells Pronita lets go.. they walk the steps.

The kids jump to consol Meera.

Upstairs Jai says how you whooped Meera it was amazing  he helps Pronita dry her hair.. Jai’s cuff gets stuck in her hair and they have a eye lock session.

Jai says he can’t go out to sleep, no one knows the plan, Pronita says i understand. Jai thanks Pronita for everything.. the children are his blood, whereas they have no relation with Pronita, yet shes doing a lot!

pronita says they are my own anyway then adds Bani was her best friend anyway.

Jai gives her a night dress so she can change into someone comfortable. she changes and Jai says you can take the bed.. they argue saying no i will take the couch.

Jai wins in the end and he takes the couch. Tere liye from Veer Zaara and Jai looks at Bani’s pic and falls asleep.

Pronita takes off Jai’s glasses and looks at the picture he was staring at, she says something,

Jai seems to get up and then Pronita falls asleep.. all the Pronita/Jai scenes are seen in Jai’s eyes and this song is really irritating now.

Meera is in a room throwing everything she can at the floor, she can’t get over the fact that Jai got remarried.. she says she will never leave Pronita, she lever left Bani, so Pronita kya cheese!

Everyone comes to see Meera and Meera says you all just watched the fight downstairs no one said a thing, i did everything all these years no one stuck up for me, i was called a nanny today, no one came foward. What have i done wrong?

Meera says she will leave if Jai wants her to leave. Raashi stops her, Adi too joins in saying Pronita is not part of this family. he tells Meera to understand that the family needs her.

Everyone walks off leaving Gang and Vicky. Ganga takes a Kasamh to make pronitas life in Walia household a living hell!

Meera observes all the pictures off the house and takes out the Jai and meera one.. she goes to replace it with herself and Jai’s pic but the children stop her. Pronita tells them that she is married to Jai now, she has the right.

Vicky says he will never accept her as their mother. Pronita says i am your mother through marriage, do you want me to tell your father how you r  behaving with me?

She puts her picture up and then Ganga and decide to take off all the other surrounding pictures. Pronita says this is what i wanted. She says thanks for making my plan easy!

She then gets a LARGE pic of Jai and Pronita and puts it up with the help of a Tony rip off!

She calls Krishna Ms Air hostess, Ganga Ms Ciggerate and gets them to help her put the pic up.. As she gets down she blesses the children by putting her hand on their heads.

Up above Meera saw everything and says she will have to answer her

Baba tells his mate on the other line that Pronita got married to Jai (he missed out the detail about the cat fight!!!!!) Baba tells that person not to worry and that she doesn’t know anything about me. He puts the phone down when he hears Pronita/

Pronita tells Baba that no one likes her in that house, she says she understands as she is an outsider in that environment.

Pronita says she is happy that she is in the house anyway. Baba asks what she has thought about Meera. She says i have an answer to every ploy of hers.

Theres a knock on the door and a person comes to clear Baba’s room. Meera walks in sayin i am the land lady and you have to get out.

Baba being told to clear the room, Pronita asks hu gave these orders. Meera walks in saying shes the hotel owner.

Meera says to Pronita that you have ruined my life, so i have just paid the debt i had to you. I couldve made it worse, but i looked at your father age. Meera says the property is still in my name.. Pronita smiles..

Meera apologises saying this is because of your daughter. Pronita tells her baba not to worry, she knew Meera would do this. she goes on to say she knws what to do next.

Varun and the chishmish (Vidya) talk about how everything has changed.. the specy (Vidya) says she will go to jai, Rano and Raashi stop the duo and they express their feelings on how they feel sorry for Meera. Jai watches and says you think meera was right when that is not correct it will be best if you found out the truth yourself.

Meera is on the phone and talks business terms, she tells the person now to call her again and she sits down.. something falls and Meera thinks its a theif.

She grabs a vase and the door opens and baba walks out the door. Pronita taps Meera on the shoulder and says wow your soo loud, theres only three of us here.

Meera tells them to leave her room, Pronita says the room is now her fathers not Meera’s. Pronita asks if her name is on the door? lol.. Pronita says this house is mine, i own the house, i will decide who lives here. Pronita says i have a room for you..

She takes her to a room with cob webs and someting really dry!  Its the servant quaters, Prpnita tells her that she doesnt have to worry about dusting its a small room theres pets too, the beetles etc.

Pronita says she has to leave as she has to cook for the family, she says she will cook Jai’s favourite dishes.

Meera in her own mind says my family love me alot they will never let me live here.

Jai wonders why theres soo many dishes. Pronita saus she is the bahu of the house thats why she cooked the meal.. everyone arrive looking angry..

Meera above watches and says this is the right time.

Aditya wants to talk to Jai.. Vicky and Meera walk down the stairs. Vicky wonders why Meera’s bag is empty.

Aditya asks where Meera is going, Meera says Pronita’s baba is here so shes taking the servant area. Jai tells Aditya that his father-in-law is here, so he has to acommodate him its only a few days. Pronita tries to talk but Aditya says its between me and Jai only. Rano agrees and says we cant accept an outside. Jai tries to explain something to rano but everyone gangs up on them two sayin meera cant leave.

Daadi comes and Aditya tells Daadi Meera is being shifted, Daadi says Meera can stay with her. Krishna says we wont eat from her hands.. Ganga says she would rather have poison and Jai is checking his nails on the table  (pretty unhygienic)

Once the children go then the adults go too leaving Meera, Jai and Pronita.. Meera then walks off

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