Thursday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv November 22

November 22

Thursday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

It seems Meera knocks Bani unconscious and the bells and everything ring.. Bani gets up at the feel of blood and stares at Meera… Meera pulls her up and throws her onto a pillar.. omg!

Meera gets her again and smashes her head onto another pillar. Meera goes to slap bani but she grabs the hand and holds her with a lethal grip and throws her to the ground.. Bani gets furious and goes to stab meera.. but Meera begs for her life. She says she will accept her guilt but don’t kill her.. Bani says why did you try and kill me.. why did u kill my children? Bani takes a fake stab and Meera screams.. she chucks the weapon and she turns and says she doesn’t want to stoop down to her level. Meera sees this opportunity to hit pronita. Bani falls with her eyes rolling, Jigs enters and when Meera  goes to stab Bani.. jigs gets fire and attacks Meera like no one’s business.. she shouts all the things Meera has done wrong and goes to hit her with the flame, Meera falls on the floor and jigs says you killed my nephew and niece…. Then Jai enters…. he grabs the fire thing and jigs explains everything to him.. he has one tear in his eye.. Jigs bawls her eyes out explaining everything. Jai asks her to relax and Meera goes to stab Jigs but Jai moves her to the side and jigs shouts she killed ur kids.. SHe DID IT!!! the whole family arrive to see jigs.. Raashi is the happiest  out the lot (the way jigs has treated her you’d think she’d be upset)

Jai strangles Meera thru gritted teeth and Meera cant brethe. Aditya tells Jai of think of the children they still need their father… Jai continues strangling and Ganga isn’t impressed.. Jai says i will kill you the same place u killed bani.. police arrive after a lot of persuasion Jai lets Meera go and she walks off handcuffed.. she walks past the family one by one… Vicky seems least bothered!

Skipped Update(unavailable)

All the Walias are leaving Mt. Abu … Ganga is not very happy… Rishi wants Ganga to sit in his car but she walks past him… She tells Adi that she wants to ride with Jai.. Rishi rides with Adi.. In the car Jai asks her what the matter is.. She requests him to postpone the bidai cause of the happenings of the last two days… She saysthat she is mentally not prepared as she is all shaken up… jai tells her that God has a plan for everyone.. if the bidai is to be done now, then its for your good.. he tells her that he is confident Rishi will keep her as happy as he always did… They arrive at Rishi’s place and all the people gather to see them.. Ganga is not very happy… Vicky tells Pronita on the phone not to come there and take rest and he will video shoot everything for her… Rishi is hiding behind Jai as his mother is coming with a belan in her hand.. Rishi tells her not to hit her too hard.. she tells I will and she starts banging loudly on a plate.. She welcomes all of them.. Ganga is getting irritated….The family is happy as all the neighbours welcome and praise her.. (they all belong to different communities… ) Jai asks abt Rishi’s dad.. he is sitting somewhere making Jalebis… He tells Rishi that he forgave him as he got a beautiful dulhan.. His mother does the rasam and welcomes Ganga into their home. Rishi’s father gives them mithai that he himself has made. Rishi’s parents also have a nice moment together. Jai tells them that he is confident that Ganga will be very happy here. He says that we have to leave as we have to prepare for Navratri. Rishi’s parents assure Jai that they will take care of Ganga as their daughter. Ganga bids a tearful farewel to the family. Rishi’s mom tells him to take Ganga to their room and rest. There Jigs is yelling at the servants to get everything ready for the puja. She tells Pronita that she has thrown everything that belonged to Meera out.. She tells in a few hours everyone will know she is Bani.. Pronita tells her that she is feeling restless and she wants to go to

Krishna-Atharva samadhi.. Jigs tells her that she should go and tell the kids that she won.. She also tells her that you are leaving the house last time as Pronita and come back as Bani…