Thursday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv November 15th

Thursday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

November 15th

Pronita tells Meera what she thinks will never happen, she will twist the situation in her favour.. she takes a KASAMH that Ganga will not marry Prityush.. Meera says I take a Kasamh that Ganga will be married in 5 days and on the 6th day Pronita will be kicked out.. only time will tell who will win

Ganga is all alone crying her eyes out (no tears hahahaha!) n Jai comes and tells her to stop crying, Prityush then conforts her and says we can break our marriage when we like no one can butt in, and wipes her tears. Jai says i thoguth i loved her the most but it seems you do.. Prityush thinks hes hit the bullseye.

Mr Mital tells jai not to worry and Mrs mital requests that Pronita is not part of the Mehndi rasam tomrw as they dnt want any problems in the future Jai vouches for Pronita and says shes part of the family he cnt take her out as thats rude, he promises to keep Pronita in line.. Mr Mital agrees with the terms and the family take Ganga down with them Meera asks why he can forgive Pronita so fast? If Jai loved his daughter alot he wouldve stopped Pronita from going to the wedding, but why the love for her all of a sudden? Jai says he knows there must be a reason for why Pronita behaved in such a way. Meera says shes insecure about life, shes scared Jai will go from her. Jai tells her to shut up and that he has no time for all this.. Meera says shes happy with the result now she has to ignite the fire more.

Pronita at a table reflecting upon what Prityush told Pronita and then how Ganga was adament that Pronita apologise.. she says she will not let Meera win, she has to talk to jai regarding this matter then Pronita stops jai and tells him that she has to tell him the reason.. jai says he doesnt care! The mitals are nyc ppl, he tells her that the mitals do not want her to join any event.. he says he just wants peace (yet yday he was saying there must be a reason behind her behaviour!) Pronita says she will open mitals truth..

The kids are sitting in an area and they wonder why pronita behaved the way she did, vicky says ganga is like a daughter she wouldnt mess her life up on purpose.. Pronita then tells Jigs what happen and asks for guidence.. Jigs says you have to use Meera’s people to attack her.. people only win when they use their efforts at the right time. She says that a person breaks if you attack their weakness, Pronita says money is the mitals weakness and jigs tells her to work on that The house is all colourful and the KS theme tune plays as Ganga walks down the staircase.. she sits on a chair thingy and Prityush’s family give something.. the mother puts a bit of mehndi on Gangas hand and leaves/ Daadi blesses Ganga and then the rest of the family follow.. As Pronita goes to give her blessings Ganga stops and says lets start the acutal ceremony

Ganga’s getting her hands Henna-ed (hehehee) and Prityush keeps staring at Ganga.. Daadi notices how jai is upset and says that he is upset as his daughter is leaving him.. Daadi says that RAashi and rano gave her a family tree.. Aditya then thanks the duo Mrs Mital wishes Meera and says you won, meera says she isnt having fun so she must do something

Ganga is looking for someone but everyone is in their own biz, she notices Rishi and asks him to give her a drink he tells her to drink anything as shes not fasting.. she shows him her hand and then he goes to give her a drink but he drinks it himself that was actually funny.. he says we’re both friends anyway so its okay.. Prityush comes and says you are a caterer now obey what she says, Ganga feels bad and says tells Prityush not to say thatto him as he is like that.. Prityush says i dnt like it when shes hasseled. Prityush then says he will get her a drink… Ganga then says she hopes rishi wasnt hurt.. Meera then asks Jai ti fix something of hers and says he is the husband he cant do it, she shows her hands and says shes got mehndi one.. Jai then does the honours of fixing her hair. pronita watches and is cheesed off Meera follows pronita and says people win yet lose.. she excuses herself and leaves Rano compliments Mrs Mital that her jewellery is nice, she then asks if she can have it for some time to take the design..

Mrs Mital thinks to herself that the jewellery is fake… she tells rano they can go after the wedding Pronita stops Mrs Mital and tells her that she knws as a woman how important it is to dress up, she also knows that her husband is backrupt and the peice she was wearing is fake she tells her that there is a ceremony where the inlaws switch jewellery for good fortune.. she says that meera has amazing sets and says hai hai hai kitne sundaar.

Meera gets told by Mrs Mital that they have to exchnage jewels.. Pronita says its a must Raashi gets all of Meera’s stuff and Mrs Mital goes mental over em.. Mrs Mital thanks them and then gives her fake ones to Meera who takes it with a pinch of salt.. Mrs Mital says she will lock all the jewels away as anything can happen.. Everyone leaves and Pronita says had fun? She will ruin the mitals but she is going to attack meera first… she says you have to do these things now as ur the wife! Meera says she will get the jewels back as they her people..