Thursday Update on The Promise Zee World July 26

Thursday Update on The Promise Zee World

July 26 Episode

Jai and Bani come face to face after 5 years but she walks away. Jai pleads with her to look at him and talk. Deb is surprised to see them together, so he runs his car over Jai. Jai gets flung and injures his head. Deb tells Durga that this is how she wanted to see Jai from the last 5 years. The cop informs the commissioner that they have found a bomb in the building and says that only ACP Aftab Khan (Anoop Soni) and ACP Kavi (Vikas Sethi) can save people from such dangerous situations. The cops try to vacate the temple. Khan and Kavi arrive and throw the bomb into a stream.

Aditya informs everyone that Durga is the one who wants to finish off the Walia’s family and is merely using Deb as a pawn. Pia decides to meet Durga. Bani gets Jai admitted to the hospital but Bani promises that Jai will not die an easy death. Jai’s family hear about his accident. Rano collides into a man at the hospital and her phone falls. When she turns to pick it, she sees Bani getting into the car. She yells out to her but Bani goes away. The doctor says that Jai has been uttering Bani’s name even in an unconscious state. Pia is disgusted. Bani informs Aditya and Ranvir that Bani is alive. The doctor informs Pia that Durga has paid for all the hospital bills. Deb tells Durga that it is time to attack the Walia family directly now.

PIA SEES BANI’S PHOTOGRAPH IN DURGA’S HOUSE    Pia decides that she must get close to Durga because once Jai’s problem gets solved, it will bring Jai and her closer. Jai regains consciousness. Pia comes to Durga’s house and is stunned to see Bani’s photograph on the wall. Deb warns Durga not to become Bani in front of Pia.  Deb introduces himself to Pia. She says that she loves Jai very much and hates to see him in trouble. Jigyasa informs Pia that Bani is alive and Jai will bring her back home.