Thursday Update on The Promise Zee World August 2

Thursday Update on The Promise Zee World

August 2 Episode

Jai is sad that he will never be able to be with Bani ever. Everyone is shocked when Bani turns up as the bride in place of Pia. Bani tells everyone that she is not Durga but Bani and she will seek revenge on Walia family. She tells them that she is back only for her children. Rano asks Jai why he is not telling Bani the truth. But Jai stops her. Bani thanks Deb for giving her a month to get her children. Deb promises to be with her always.

Deb promises to support Bani when she asks time to get her children back. Jai tells Deb to get out of his house. Deb tells him that he has proof that Bani is not Durga. Deb tells Jai that he has to make Bani hate him. Jai wonders why Deb is doing all this. Deb reminds him of the incident of Turkey. Deb tells him that he will have to take Pia for the Honeymoon. Deb tells Bani to get ready to go to Turkey. Jai tells his family that he is going to Turkey with Pia.

Jai and Pia reach Turkey. Bani follows them. Ranvir is worried that Rano is going far from her. Rano too goes to Turkey. Jai’s taxi breaks down. Bani offers a lift. Ranvir too comes to Turkey. He wants to tell Rashi that he is in love with Rano. Bani tells Jai that she has just begun her revenge. Deb tells Jai that he has come to see the fun. Deb reminds Bani of the pain that her dear ones have caused her. Jai is shocked to see Ranvir and Rano. Bani gets something mixed in Pia’s coffee. Pia faints.