Thursday Update on The Promise Zee World August 16

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The kids are hugging Jai and after hugging them Jai stands up and walks up to bani and tells her thank you and she has returned him his life and the Children’s happiness. Jai adds that the children will miss bani a lot and he does not know whether he should say this or not but he wishes he and bani were still together, hearing this Aparajeet face goes green .Then Jai adds that whatever he wishes does not matter reality does, he thanks her once again and goes away. Aparajeet leaves and bani is standing alone and she recollects all the good memories and asks herself that day i was feeling bad for mr walia and today i gave him my children what am i doing?i hate mr walia..She walks towards the car where Aparajeet is standing looking puzzled she asks him whats wrong and he replies saying that he understands banis love for her children but not this sympathy towards walia and she would never give her children to someone she hates and that she still feels for Jai.Bani denies this and Jai hears her he is standing with the children waiting for a rickshaw when Aparajeet catches banis hand tight and asks her why can’t he see the happiness on her face when they are getting married soon and why does he always feel he doesnt have her?bani tells mr deb to leave her hand and its hurting her but he says she has hurt him even more.

Seeing this Jai comes and asks Aparajeet to leave her hand ,Aparajeet says he doesn’t have any right to interfere in their personal matters.Jai says he agrees he is an outsider but they are going to get married soon and marriage is trust and understanding.Aparajeet tells him not to talk in their matters when Jai says that the matters are not personal anymore because they are happening in public.He says maybe he is an outsider but the children are not and he does not want them to see this.Aparajeet tells mr walia not to act and he knows how cunning he is when bani cut in and tells Aparajeet that the the children are watching and not to create a scene .Aparajeet asks bani why is she taking Jai’s side?but bani says nothing else and walks away.Aparajeet is stunned, Bani is in walia mansion crying when rano comes in and seeing her rano remmebers all the good moments and thinks that today bani is not only crying for the seperation of her kids from her but also from the seperation of mr walia from her.Rano decides to tell her the truth and thinks that bani will have explain it to Aparajeet .She goes to bani and asks her that why is she crying?bani says she is not crying.Rano tells bani that she may have been seperated from bani for 5 years but she still knows when bani is crying and what she is feeling and tells bani that she is misunderstanding mr walia.Bani asks her how?and to tell her directly..rano is about to tell bani the truth when Aparajeet walks in.

Rano is shocked and she stops talking Aparajeet comes in and apologises to bani saying he becomes insecure and he always loses his goal when he is just about to get it. Bani tells him there is no need for him to be sorry and its ok she understands Angry Rano is disgusted. Aparajeet tells bani he cannot wait for four days anymore and lets get married today only.Bani is stunned Bani is stunned and rano is shocked. Aparajit Deb tells Durga that they should get married right away. Durga is left speechless when Aparajit Deb tells her he was just joking around and asks her that whether she is marrying by will. Bani tells him that she is marrying him because she wants to and walks away. Aparajeet is left thinking and he tells himself that there is something missing . Nachiket and Aditya are doing the accounts when they realize a 100 rupees not being accounted for. They wonder out aloud when Jigyasa tells them that she has spent Rs. 100/- on a soap bar. They shout at her and tell her that they can no longer afford such luxuries. She argues and even Dadi tells her that she should spread her feet only as far as the sheet can cover them. She gets mad and tells them that after the rent is paid they should divide the remainder amongst the members. Everyone else dismisses the idea. Jai comes home with the kids and everyone is elated to see them. Jai tells them that the kids will live with them from now. Dadi thanks god for the same.

Bani has gone to pick up the kids at school but they pass her and rush to Jai who is also there. She is heartbroken. The same minute Aparajeet comes and tells her that he will drop her home since she doesn’t have the car. Jai tells the kids to go meet their mother and when they reach the car, Aparajeet and Bani have already left. Nachiket comes and tells her that she should be happy that she has achieved what she wanted to but even then there is no happiness seen on her face. Jai then thinks to himself, maybe Bani yet has feelings for him. Raashi is cooking in the kitchen when Ranveer comes and picks up a piece of burning coal and approaches her. The same minute Jigyasa enters and asks Ranveer what he was doing. Ranveer leaves and Raashi tells Jigaysa that she wants to talk to her. Jigyasa says she knows that Ranveer isn’t accepting her but she will have to give it time. Jai, Aditya, Krishna and Atharva are playing carom when Atharva asks about Bani and that when is she coming home. He is lost in his thoughts when Atharva points out that even Bani used to sit like this, lost in her thoughts and even Jai is doing the same. Jai sends them to Raashi.

Aditya tells Jai that maybe the kids will never get both their kids love together since Aparajeet and Bani are getting married in four days and then she will go to the US forever. Jai tells Aditya that instead of finding a job they should start their own small business. Gayu, Nivi and Tanu are at an ice-cream parlour when Moksh comes with the bikers. Gayu asks him for a bike ride but he refuses. After he leaves, Gayu asks about the man she loves and Nivi realizes that Tanu shouldn’t know and hence she drops ice-cream on Gayu’s clothes. At home, the three sisters give Aparajeet the wedding card packet and when he opens it, the first card has his name cancelled and Jai Walia’s put instead. He gets agitated and leaves. While driving someone puts a rock in between making him turn into a tree. He gets out to examine the damage done when Pia comes from behind and hits him with a stick. He falls down bleeding and she goes and hides behind a tree. Jai Walia comes and picks up the stick. Aparajeet gets up the same time and Jai tells him that he hasn’t done anything. Pia is standing behind the tree and saying how she has become successful in getting them against each other and how she was the one who has been sending messages and everything to Aparajeet . She says this is a foolproof way to get Jai for herself.



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