Thursday Update on The Promise Zee World August 16

Thursday Update on The Promise Zee World

August 16 Episode

Recap: Moksh is surprised and asks the biker what they are doing here the biker replies they have come here to rob. Moksh  is shocked but since he is helpless he goes into Aparajits house..He is climbing up the staircase quietly when aparajit deb hears him and comes running out with a torch. Aparajit is really scared because at that moment he was reading the warning on his window. Aparajit flickers the torchlight around but finds nobody. His eldest sister comes running out saying she heard a sound. Aparajit is pale with fear and tells her to go to her room and lock the door and to tell the other sisters to do so too. His eldest sister opens her room door when she finds moksh standing behind it. She opens her mouth to scream but moksh catches her mouth and signals her to be quiet. When she sees its moksh she says ok and he tells her everything about the biker gang and how he has got stuck. She tells him he is badly stuck and he should just go and tell the police the entire truth. Moksh says the police will not believe him. Moksh tells her not to tell anyone and he told her because he considers her a friend. She agrees and moksh is leaving when she stops him and gives him money. Moksh refuses to take it but she says that you will have to give your bike gang something what u robbed so give them this. He agrees and takes it and leaves from the window. Aparajit is still standing at the staircase and he thinks that no one can separate me and Durga not even Jai.

Bani is shown sitting in the children room with the children bear. She is remembering the times where children refuse to leave Jai and how much they love him. Rano enters and sits next to bani .bani tells her that its so funny, i am waiting for this night to get over and Mr Walia must be waiting for this night never to end. Rano stares at bani and tells her you still care for Jai. Bani denies saying that’s not true but rano tells her it is. Rano goes away and bani remembers her and Jais sweet memories and bepana plays. Then Jai is shown sitting at the bedside of the children and it is dawn and the sun just rose. Jai looks out sadly at the sun and says so you came i was wishing u would never come.

Rashi is serving dadi,Aditya and jigyasa tea when dadi notices a mark on Rashi’s hand.She asks rashi how it happened?and everyone is worried.Rashi looks at ranveer and says it happened when she fell of the jali yesterday.Dadi then sees she has a mark on her neck too rashi says that happened too when she fell and tries to hide the mark with her duppat.Aditya tells her she should have gone to the doctor and looks at ranveer. Ranveer tells them he did not think it was nescessary as it was a small bruise. Jai enters with children, Jai tells the family they are going to the park but children scream and say they want to go to the hill doting. Jai immediately agrees and they are leaving when Jigyasa tells Jai that Rano called to say Bani and Aparajit are coming to pick the children up. Hearing this Jai’s face drops. Seeing this, Aditya says he will send bani to the hill.Jai leaves with the children happily.

Rashi is drying clothes when Ranveer comes and starts yelling at her saying she tries to act innocent and gather sympathy from the family when she herself wanted them to see the bruises. Rashi denies but Ranveer starts screaming at her and people around see. Ranveer catches her hand(where she is hurt) and presses it hard and blood drops on the floor, Rashi is in pain and Ranveer tells her that if anyone comes to know what happened that day he will give her even more pain than she can imagine. Jigyasa enters and notices the blood and asks Rashi. Rashi is really scared and Ranveer tells jigyasa it happened when she was putting the clothes up and he is always telling Rashi to take care but she never listens. Jigyasa stares down at the blood suspiciously.

The children are sitting on a bench with Jai and counting their balloons when bani and Aparajit come.Bani asks the kids to come home and both refuse saying they want to live with Jai.Hearing this bani gets angry and tells them come on.Jai gets up and says please bani let the children be with me as u can see they cannot stay without me.He pleads her but she refuses telling him not to regret letting the children be with him for a day.She asks the children to come on but the children refuse and start running bani chases them screaming they will fall off the cliff they refuse to listen and the children fall off.

kids running off the cliff of the car jerks and bani herks forward and it turned out to be her imagination.The car stopped, bani and Aparajeet get out of the car and Aparajeet says that they cannot be seen lets go inside and look , bani remember that this is the exact thing he said in the dream and gets scared.They walked towards Jai and the kids who are praying to god.Krishna and atharva are praying to god that they can not live without their dad and dont want to go back to their mother,they even add they do not want any toys.Krishna cutely tells God(statue of lord shiva) that she will give him a chocolate if he listens to her.Bani hears all this and Jai turns around and sees her.He tells the kids to go to her the kids are reluctant but Jai catches their hands and gives them to bani .

The kids keep saying they want to live with papa and they dont want to go with bani .Jai looks at bani and says that atharva has the habit of eating cornflakes for breakfast and krishna will only have her milk if a song is sung to her.He tells bani to take care of the kids and tells the kids that they had promised him they wont cry and walks away. The children are screaming dont go papa when bani recollects all the memories of how much the children love Jai and stops Jai and tells him he is forgetting something.Jai is shocked and asks her what she replies your children.She leaves the kids hands and they go running to their papa.Jai is over joyed and he hugs the kids seeing this, Aparajeet is surprised and he immediatly questions durga saying that she became durga only for her children but bani says that Children’s love cannot be won over it has to be there and the children love Jai a lot and he loves them a lot too.Hearing this Aparajeet is shocked.Bani tells him that she agrees that she became durga only for her children but one thing thats common between both bani and durga is that they are mothers and she loves her children a lot and they love Mr walia a lot. scene 2 READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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