Thursday Update On The Promise Sept 13th

Thursday Update On The Promise Sept 13th


Ganga  ask Bani what she’s done wrong to be deprived of her father. Bani hugs her and tells her that the fault is not hers. Her father loves her but he doesn’t know where she is and hugs her. Over her mother’s shoulder Ganga sees a shooting star and thinks that Maasi’s told her that if you wish on a shooting star it comes true. She wishes that once just once her father finds her and hugs her tight.


The episode starts with Dadi walking down the streets of Meerut. She stops and asks for a man whether there is any woman around here running a dhaba. He says there is a girl called Mythili and directs Dadi towards her house. Dadi reaches there and is surprised to see Bani with Ganga. She says that Ganga is indeed Jai and Bani’s child since Bani would never be with anyone but Jai.


She then sees a conversation between Bani and Ganga where in Ganga tells Bani that today there is a function in her school where the top three rank holders will be called on stage and will be asked to say something about their mother and father. She says she will say something about her father and her friend will record it and when she does meet him she will show it to him. She asks Bani whether her father will like that and Bani says he will. Ganga leaves telling Bani to come for the function without fail.


Dadi see’s all this and is happy and the song ‘meri duniya’ plays in the background.

Jai walking towards Bani’s house with Aditya. Aditya asks him why they were going there to which he replies that for the land and construction he needs the land the dhaba is on and the thakur isn’t selling it because of the girl running it and hence they need to go meet Mythili and he says that he will give her the amount she asks, whatever it maybe.

Bani is praying and the wind blows, she feels as if something is going to happen and has a sort of premonition about Jai. When the door knocks she is walking towards it and is a bit apprehensive but it turns out that it is Maasi. Bani asks her how come she is back so early to which Maasi said she was going only for a day and hence is back.


Jai and Aditya are at the Thakurs house. The thakurian is telling them that luckily she stopped them from going to Mythili’s house. She tells them that the land is in her name and she is ready to sell it. She offers them some food but Jai declines asking whether he should take the deal to be final. The thakurian answers in the positive but says she will take 50 lacs. Jai and Aditya smirk and she says that she will take 25 lacs. Jai gives her a check of 1 crore and she is left speechless.


At home, Karuna tells Jai to go for the school function but he declines. She then tells Jigyasa to tell him who tells him to go as it will be beneficial to him and his deals. He agrees and says that he will go for a bit and asks Jigyasa if he could go now and gives the phone back to Karuna.

Karuna tells Jigyasa that it is amazing how she can make Jai do anything and how she is the only one who he listens to. Jigyasa tells her to tell her something she doesn’t know. Karuna tells her that Dadi thought she saw Bani but that was just a figment of her imagination because if she would have really been there, Jai and Bani would have met by now.


Jai is on the phone talking to a client. His tie is not put properly. Meera tries to tell him that and he tries to put it in place from the collar. When he is unable to do so, Meera asks him whether she should do it and he agrees. She puts the tie on him properly and he finishes the call and turns. He sees the sari she is wearing and he moves back. He asks her why she wore that particular sari to which she replies that after the school function they have to go for the sangeet so she thought of getting ready at one time only. Jai remember the June 19th scene and Bani was in a white sari, similar to the one Meera was wearing. He walks away.


Bani while working realises that she needs to be at Ganga’s school for the function. She tells Maasi the same who tells her she will manage. Bani says she wants to do everything herself since the sangeet is in the evening and the contract is a very important one. She tells Maasi that she will wrap up the work and then go. Maasi tells her to move her hands fast and tells everyone else to do the same too.

The function starts and the anchor says while they wait for the chief guest, Mr Jai Walia, the three students will say something about their parents. The first kid says that he is thankful for his parents putting him for tuitions because of which he could come 3rd, the second child says that the badam milk and help in subjects by her parents got her here. Ganga comes and says that she loves her mother and her mother is everything for her. She says she will sing a song for her father. She starts singing ‘Meri Duniya’.


Jai and Meera hear it on the speakers in the corrider. Jai gets nostalgic and remembers an incident where Atharva had sung it for him. He gets uncomfortable and Meera asks him what is wrong. He asks her to leave him alone for a while and she tells him she will go get water for him. He says to himself that why is all this happening to him. All this should not matter and it has no connection with his life anymore.


The performance gets over and every one is teary eyed. Everyone is clapping when one mother says that why is everyone clapping, since this is not a singing competition and the children are supposed to speak about their fathers. She tells them that Ganga has not said anything about her father. One other female gets up and agrees and taunts Ganga on whether she even has a father and knows him. She tells her that what sort of child is she who doesn’t even know what her father is like.

Ganga runs away from the auditorium and is crying. She bumps into Jai and hugs him. He gets nostalgic again and thinks about Krishna and Atharva and bends down, hugs her back and pacifies her.

Bani enters the school and is walking down the auditorium. Just then the organizers come to Jai and thank him for taking care of Ganga and a female takes her back in. the organizer then introduces a man to Jai and he smiles and shakes hands. Just then Bani enters the same corridor and sees Jai.


Bani seeing JW and she quickly hides behind a wall.She hears the Principal thank him for coming to the function and hears JW tell them that he’ll be leaving by the evening flight. Suna Suna plays as Bani remembers JB moments, from their first anniversary, their snow bound honeymoon, tying curtains. Then she remembers him throwing her out in the rain, Maasi coming to her defence. She tells herself that after 5 years she’s seeing him and wonders what he’s doing in Meerut. She hears him say that he’s here for a wedding. She wonders if the wedding she’s catering to is the same and thinks to herself that she must attend the Sangeet function to find out. At the  sangeet guests are arriving in swanky cars but none are faces she knows. Dubeyji comes and sees her distracted and tells her that the functions started inside and the work’s still incomplete. Bani reassures him that all will be completed.She asks him the name of the families and he says the girls side is Makhija and the boys is Mehra. As he leaves she thinks to herself that she has to go inside to get to the bottom of the matter.JW did have some relatives by the name of Makhija.

Inside Karuna welcomes everyone to the Sangeet ceremony.She says that both families will dance. First the boy’s side who will  dance and tell us the entire love story of the boy and girl from the first meeting till marriage. A song begins with the dancers dancing as puppets. JW is standing there looking bored. He whispers something to the man next to himand moves away as Bani enters. She sees Meera and thinks of asking her. As she goes to Meera she bumps into JW who’s facing away from her. As they turn to look at each other the lights go off. JW is bugged and asks what the hell is happening. Bani hears his voice and picks up a lighter but sees a stranger in the light. He asks her who she is and she tells him that she’s with the caterers. The man sneers and tells her that she’s taking cover of darkness to try to steal. Bani is shocked and tells him that she’s not here to steal but the man calls the security guards and throws her out.Bani leaves thinking that she thought that she’s heard JW’s voice. At the sangeet the a dancer is spotlit and its Jigz making a grand reentry, loads of glitter and jewellery. Bani decides to make another attempt to find out the truth. She goes in and as Jigz looks around and annonces that she’s back Meera taps Bani on her  shoulder and Bani turns away. Meera asks Bani why she’s looking so worried and Bani tell her that she thinks that she thinks she’s seen a known face t the wedding, someone she knows from Mumbai. Bani is about to tell her the name but stops herself thinking that if Meera is related to JW in any way, then he’ll get to know her whereabouts. She tells Meera that she’s forgotten the name. Meera asks if she has a picture and tells Bani that in a room on the second floor all the haldi and mehndi pix are kept to go there and see for herself. She leaves telling Bani that she needs to attend to the guests. Inside another song and dance ‘Tenu Leke’ is on and Bani makes another attempt to go in but sees the man who’d got her thrown out. She covers her head and goes in with ducked head, passing all the WM gang, but she doesn’t see anyone coz of her lowered head and they don’t notice her either.  She goes into the room and sees several albums lying there.

Karuna is meanwhile showing Jigz all the pictures in the other album. Jigz tells Karuna’s daughter that she’s looking very pretty but is bugged to see pix of the WM gang. She tells Karuna that she needn’t have taken pix of them after all its only Karuna, Jigz and JW who matter. She doesn’t see any JW pix and Karuna leaves to get the other albums.

The usual tense scene with Bani looking through albums as Karuna comes up the stairs. So far Bani has not seen any familiar faces and as she opens the album with JM picture she hears Karuna coming close and realises that her being there could cause trouble. She drops the album without seeing the picture of JM and hides behind the curtain. Karuna walks in but Bani only sees her from behind as Karuna picks up the albums and leaves.  Bani comes out from her hiding place and thinks that she’s unnecessarily getting worried, JW has nothing to do with this marriage.

As she comes back to the kitchen area Mee ra sees her and asks her if she managed to find the person she was looking for, but Bani tells her that she was probably mistaken. Meera leaves and Bani thinks to herself that the Meerut checkpost has info on all people entering and leaving the city. She remembers JW telling the school principal that he’d be leaving that evening itself.


Jigz and Karuna are bidding farewell to the guests when they see JW leaving. Karuna is upset and tells him to stay till the wedding. But JW shrugs her off saying that he has no reason to stay now that his work is over and that the wedding will not stop with his departure. He tells Adi to finish up with all the formalities and Adi says he’ll see him out. Karuna asks Jigz why she didn’t stop JW. Jigz says that though she’s the only person who has the capacity to influence JW she doesn’t want to take unnecessary advantage of him. And in any case his very presence for these two functions brought Karuna’s daughter’s wedding into public glare.

At the checkpost the guard tells Bani that their register has a record of JW entering Meerutbut he has not left as yet. As Bani turns to leave she sees JW in his car and looks horrified.