Thursday Update on The Promise November 29th

The Promise November 29th

Pushkar tells Bani that she has to stop Jai from leaving. And one lie will stop Jigs .. Bani decides that she has to stop Jai. Jai calls Adi.. finally he switched on the cell.. Jai Jai tells him that you have always supported me but I never asked you what your opinion about leaving this city.. so if you want to live here its ok. Adi chides him that you again spoke without thinking… and so you decided.. he says looks like you dont want us to come with you. ok, but return all the moments from childhood that I spent with you.. Jai appologises and Adi says go, we’ll follow you soon. At Walia mansion, everyone is celebrating Karva Chaut.. Everyone finds out that Rishi has also fasted for Ganga.. Jigs scolds Ranveer.. She tells him again that you have to be careful when you do any fraud. She says from today you wont have to worry cause there wont be anyone to catch you..

The ladies are all ready for the puja. Pronita too is at the puja and the family is not happy. Adi and Pushkar are talking and Pushkar tells him that Veer does not know he is Jai’s son. and he says that he should not know either. Jigs taunts Pronita that her “chand” is already gone… she says now how will you break your fast ? you cannot win against me. She praises herself for everything that she has done. She says in the new house, I will rule cause there will be no Bani. The police come there and tell Jigs that she is under arrest for running away from jail and murdering Bani walia…

The family incl Jigs is shocked. He tells that they have proof and witness that she murdered Bani. She says you are talking about 17 yr old crime. She tells him that I am leaving tomorrow, but the police inform her that her visa is cancelled. Jigs calls Jai who is sitting in the flight. They tell him the police is there and there is a problem. Adi tells him everything. Jai overhears everything on the phone. The inspector tells him that Meera has confessed everything, even killing Krishna and Atharva. everything but killing Bani Walia. Jigs realises that she overlooked this point as Meera knows that Bani is alive so why should she confess..

Jigs is yelling and telling Adi that she did not kill Banni…Bani is alive.. Jai hears it on the phone..