Thursday Update on My Lost Home Zee World


Jeet confirm his doubt as he knows that someone was here. He smiles and Cherry looks embarrassed. Jeet adds that when a person like Cherry can’t even drink 1/2 cup of coffee at home, how come she ordered two coffees. Cherry doesn’t say anything as she see Parmeet, and she points him to go away. He leaves and Jeet couldnt catch him. She tells Jeet that he is very jealous today and it’s a good thing that at least he thinks about her. Then she asks Jeet if he can carry her shopping bags for her. He tells her that she doesn’t need his help as she carrying bag is not of a big task for her.

Durga and Mohini are discussing Soni’s future. Mr Khurana says he believes that somewhere there is some guy who will take care of Soni. And then Jeet enters and calls them for lunch. Mr Khurana is complementing Mahi on her cooking skills. Jeet and Jyoti find out who Cherry’s accomplice is and they decide to make use of this information. Jeet tells Parmeet his visa work is over. Parmeet at first doesn’t remember but then thanks Jeet for completing it so early. The secret between Parmeet and Cherry is becoming more difficult to hide by the day as Jeet says he observed a peculiar thing in his passport that Parmeet lived in same lane as Cherry. Cherry and Parmeet both are shocked. Jeet further asks if they didn’t know each other? Parmeet tells him that they had not seen other before coming here. Jeet says he finds it strange that they both lived in same country, same lane but haven’t met each other. Parmet says he is like a open book and if he had met Cherry he would have told him. All this while Cherry looks tense while Soni is trying to find meaning in this conversation and Mahi just ignores it.

Moment later, Soni is arranging books in her room when Jeet passes by. She calls him and asks him what was he trying to imply by asking Parmeet so many questions. Jeet says things will come out at the proper time. Soni warns him that Cherry is a very evil woman and she can do anything. She then asks him to be carefull. Jeet says nobody cares for him. Soni says he should take care of himself for all of them and that everyone cares for him.There is awkward moment between them and Soni turns away, Bebasi Dard Ka Aalam song plays in the background. Cherry goes into her car but she finds that someone is sitting behind her. Cherry runs from there shouting for help.The watchmen come out and ask her what happened.She says someone’s in her car.They check but no one is there. She says there was a man with a hat.They say their is no one’s there so she can go. Cherry leaves in car.

At home Jeet is reading files and Cherry comes running and bangs into him. His papers fall down. Jeet gets upset with her. She apologises to him and both bend down to pick the papars. Jeet sees the sweat on Cherry’s forehead and asks her why she is scared. Cherry suspiciously asks how does he know?Jeet asks Cherry if she has a mirror in her purse then she should remove it and see her face as the fear is clearly written on her face. He says Good things don’t always happen to bad people. Mr Khurana and Durga are watching this. Durga says something is going on which they are not aware of. She even tried to ask Jyoti but wasn’t successfull. Jeet, Jyoti and Shabd were discussing something serious in Gurudwara. Mr Khurana says Jeet has sweared he will destroy Cherry so maybe he has something up his sleeves and they should trust him. Durga says she has lost Veer and they should take care of one who is left. Mr Khurana tells her to trust God.

Shabd is sitting on the bed with his laptop. He shouts out for Mahi. She comes running to him and he inform her that his college buddies are coming. Mahi scolds him and tells him that she was scared and thought something happened to him. Shabd says she gets scared always and shows her all his friend and describes their college days. Mahi says he is so excited and it seems he wants to go back to college. Shabd takes her closer and says he doesn’t because she wasn’t there then. And she asks him to show her all his friends. Meanwhile, Cherry is sleeping and hears some noise and gets up. She calls for Jeet but he is not there. She goes to the bathroom and says she know everything is written with lipstick on the mirror. She thinks if Jeet is threatened her and asks herself if he can do that. She gets scred due to something and runs out. Jeet comes in. She asks where was he? He says in library and goes to sleep. Cherry thinks if Jeet is trying to fool her or is it someone else? He didn’t show anything on her face. She thinks If he is trying to trick her into accepting her crime?