Thursday update on Mehek 8th August


Thursday update on Mehek 8th August

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Ajay says dont worry, I will do all arrangements, we are going to get married at the end so lets do it fast, then Mahek and me will live together, Mahek is tensed.
Mahek comes to balcony with Sonal and Nehal, Mahek shouts that this Shaurya have made me stuck here, I am going to runaway, I am going to beat Shaurya. Sonal says he is not picking up call, Mahek says he is at peace and here I am in trouble, Nehal asks her to calm down.

PD says to family that I am not going to let Ajay marry Mahek, I can strangle him, she shows it by strangling Ravi, Mansi says dont kill him, Nehal is not married yet, Ravi after that she can kill me you mean? Kanta says stop all this, we have to figure out solution, either find papers or stop this marriage.
Ajay says to Rohit and Pammi that you all have to do arrangements of wedding, Rohit you check decorations, Nikki darling see costumes. Rohit says I have found a decorator, he is coming.

Mahek says to Sonal that first marry guy of your family’s choice and now for husband, you have to fake marriage, where is this Shaurya?

Shaurya dressed as old sardar. He comes to Ajay’s house. Rohit meets him. Ajay and Pammi comes there too. Shaurya says I am Sharif Singh here for decorations, where I have to do it? Ajay says you have to do wedding decorations that is happening in two days. Sharma family comes there too. Shaurya says this house doesnt seem like yours, he coughs and spits at Ajay, he asks Ajay if he stole this house? Ajay says just start working. Shaurya says how dare you give orders to me? I am top wedding planner, I wont do it for you. Rohit says he is stressed about wedding, forgive him, he will give you money as you want. Shaurya says you are begging so I will wedding decorations. ajay asks Nikki to handle decorations as she has good sense in it. Shaurya says no she wont give me orders, she is busy on phone so she is not interested in wedding decorations.

Nikki says dont argue with or else I will beat you good, she leaves. Shaurya looks at Sharma family and asks if they are servants? PD says I am punjabi too and can beat you. Mahek doesnt recognize him instantly. Shaurya asks Pammi who are you? she says I am groom’s mother, he says you are like balloon and will burst any second, Mahek snickers. Shaurya asks where is ajay’s would be wife? Ajay says dont talk too much otherwise I can curse too much too, shaurya says just tell me where is your wife? Shaurya looks at Mahek and says wow, you have got a lottery ticket.

He comes to Mahek and says you are looking so hot, Ajay shouts at him. Shaurya says it was a joke. Mahek looks on. Shaurya takes off his glasses and whispers to Mahek that I have come here. Mahek smiles recognizing him. ajay says I will beat you if you dont stop misbehaving with my would be wife. Shaurya says I was joking. Pammi says I will cut you if you make joke of my son, start working now. Shaurya says this is not birthday that I can do it fast, I need agreement and input of everyone for decorations. He asks what Ajay and Mahek wants? Pammi says just do what you want.

Ajay says today is Mehndi and Sangeet and tomorrow is wedding, do decorations for everything. Shaurya asks Mahek what kind of decorations you want? he holds her hand and asks do you want decoration as bright as your smile and eyes? Mahek smiles. Ajay says stop all this rubbish. Sonal says he is illmannered oldie, Ravvi says there are cheap people like him. Ajay and all start leaving, Shaurya says Ajay you look like cock infront of your bride, Ajay is about to punch him but Mahek stops him and says he is little crazy, let him be, Ajay nods and leaves.

Nikki says to her guards that put in your full efforts and find everything about decorator Sharif Singh(Shaurya).
Mahek tells Sharma family that Sharif Singh is actually their crazy son in law Shaurya, all are stunned. Sharma family is standing in balcony and sees Shaurya working in garden. Jeevan says his mustache is falling off. They see Nikki approaching him, all are tensed. Nikki is about to come to Shaurya but Mahek brings water gauze there and starts sprinkling water on Nikki, she drenches her in water. Ravi hints at Shaurya to set his mustache back, he does. Ajay and Pammi comes there, Pammi says she became water drenched cat, all laugh. Mahek says sorry, I was giving water to plants and it mistakenly drenched you, Nikki says I wont spare you. Shaurya acts like he is working on decorations. Mahek smirks at Shaurya.

Shaurya is working for mehndi ceremony. Shaurya sees Nikki’s guards keeping an eye on him, he thinks seems like they are Nikki’s guards. Ajay comes and asks if he setup music system? Shaurya says everything is done, Ajay says this is my second wedding with same girl, I will give you reward if you do nice work.

Shaurya murmurs he wants to reward me from my property only. Shaurya sees Sonal and Nehal there. Shaurya whispers to Sonal that ask Mahek to come in mehndi and apply Ajay’s name’s mehndi on her hands without any drama, this is fake marriage so she doesnt have to be emotional, Nikki is keeping an eye on me so ask Mahek to not create any problem, sonal says I will tell Mahek but she has to agree, she leaves.

Sonal and Nehal tells Mahek to be nice in mehndi and apply Ajay’s name’s mehndi, Mahek says I wont do it, not at all. Sonal says Shaurya asked to tell you not create any drama. Kanta comes there and says Shaurya is going to do something big so be nice in function, Sonal says Mahek doesnt want to apply Ajay’s name’s mehndi, Sonal says you have decided this path Mahek, you know this is all fake and a plan so dont keep creating problems for anything, just go with plan. Mahek says I have to find solution to this problem now.

Jeevan and Ravi comes to Shaurya and are tensed, Shaurya asks them to not be tensed, Jeevan says make us busy too, Shaurya says take care of Mahek and ask her to not create any problem. Jeevan says Kanta handled her. Shaurya ask them to start dancing and he will tell them things. Pammi and Ajay comes there and sees them dancing, Ajay asks what they are doing? Pammi says Sardar said he knows how to dance so I let him teach dance to everyone.

Shaurya dances with Sharma family and says to Jeevan and Ravi that make Ajay busy in dance, he asks Balwant to handle Pammi tonight, Balwant says I cant, shaurya says you have to. Mahek comes to mehndi function dressed in nice dress, Shaurya and Ajay are mesmerized, Pammi asks him to not drool too much else she will know you are putty in her hands. Mahek slips near Shaurya, he holds her in his arms. Mahek whispers that I will apply mehndi of your name only. Ajay comes there and says only I will save Mahek from falling fown.

Mahek sits down for mehndi, Nikki says to mehndi applier that write AJAY on her hand, she can forget. Mahek smirks and says please make heart on my hand and write ‘A’ on it. Mehndi applier writes A on her hand, Mahek shows it to Ajay and everyone, they get happy. Mahek starts coughing, she says I have to go to washroom, she leaves. Pammi starts singing in function, Balwant plays music, all are busy in dancing.

Mahek messages Shaurya to come to her, he leaves. Nikki thinks where is Mahek? she tries to leave but Balwant makes her dance too.
Shaurya comes to parking lot and says you will get us caught, Mahek hugs him and says person who used to meet him secretly outside my house is angry that I called him here? I should marry Ajay only.

Shaurya cups her face and says I wil kill him before that happens, what can I do for you? Mahek says make me belong to you, show that I am yours, write your name on my hand. Shaurya says its not possible right now, you have A written right now. Mahek wipes A from her hand and says I applied glue on my hand before applying mehndi so its wiped easily, only you have right on me. Shaurya smiles and writes ‘S’ on her hand. Mahek leans in and kisses his cheek. Sonal is guarding. Sonal sees Nikki coming there, she warns them. Mahek leaves before Nikki can see her. Nikki comes there and asks Shaurya what he is doing here? Shaurya says I was fixing a wire, you can fix relation with me too, she says shut up and leaves. In function, Ajay is dancing with everyone, Ravi keeps him busy in dance. Mahek comes there.

Ajay brings her on dance floor, he dances around her and is about to hug her but music suddenly stops, Ajay is frustrated. Shaurya changes song and plays aavayin aavayin. Ajay and Sharma family starts dancing. Shaurya dances with Ajay, Ajay tries to dance with Mahek but Shaurya keeps him busy. Shaurya comes to Mahek and danced with her while Balwant and Jeevan keeps Ajay and Rohit busy with them. Shaurya enjoys dancing with Mahek but suddenly electricity goes off, Ajay says I will go and check. Nikki goes to her room, she keeps guard outside her room. She opens safe in her room under mattress, punches in safe number and brings out property papers,she checks and puts them back in and locks safe, she leaves.

At night, Mahek calls Shaurya and says we did so much but still didnt get papers. Shaurya says we needed code to open safe and I did all this for that. Shaurya calls Mahek and says Vicky applied some ink on Nikki’s safe numbers punch pad which can be seen in UV light only, there must be Nikki’s finger prints on safe where papers are, we can know safe number using prints and will get papers. Mahek says wow very smart hubby.. Nikki is passingby Mahek’s room and hears her talking on call. Mahek doesnt see her behind her and says to Shaurya that I love you.. Shaurya says I love you. Nikki calls her guard and says I want security high alert tomorrow, she ends call and says I know Mahek and Shaurya will try to get property papers tomorrow but I have full proof plan.

Mahek is getting ready for wedding in her room, Sharma family is there too. Nehal asks Mahek to sit calmly for Mahek but Mahek asks how can she sit for makeup for this wedding? I am trying to get out of this trouble, not prepare for it. Nikki comes there and says to Mahek that you are looking nice as a bride. Mahek says see you are proven wrong. Nikki says I am sure Ajay must be excited for your wedding night, Mahek gets tensed hearing it. Nikki says what do you think that I dont know what you people are upto? if you think that you can get papers then you are wrong, you cant cheat me or else you will all die. She says dont try to steal papers from me as I have done arrangements… she shows lines of guards protecting her room’s door. Mahek thinks how will Shaurya pass door when there are so many guards here?
In garden, wedding stars, Kanta does Ajay’s aarti but he is drunk and starts blabbering. Ajay slurs I love you chachi, he hugs her. Mahek and Shaurya are angry.

Jeevan and Ravi comes to Nikki’s guards outside her room and says you all must be hungry, they offer them spiked laddos but Nikki comes there and throws away laddo, she says you people have come for work here not to eat, she asks Ravi and Jeevan to not be seen near her room again,they nod and leave. Nikki says to guards that they could have posioned you, keep door protected, this is damn serious, she leaves. Jeevan and Ravi sees all that, Jeevan calls Shaurya and tells him everything.

Mahek comes to Shaurya and says you said this will end soon but its moving towards marriage, its getting serious and soon I will have to get married to that Ajay, you will take me away from all this right? Shaurya says you are far more important than this property for me, I love you. Mahek says I love you too, how will you reach papers? Shaurya says I dont know how I will go to her room. Mahek sighs and hugs him. Mahek sees Ajay laughing with his friends in parking lot, she says I want him to die of laughing. Shaurya says I got an idea with this, he calls Vicky and tells him an idea which is muted. Mahek smiles. Shaurya kisses her cheek. Rohit sees Shaurya who is dressed as decorator Sardar kissing Mahek’s cheek on balcony. He calls Pammi there and says Sardar kissed Mahek. Pammi looks up in balcony and sees Kanta kissing Mahek’s cheek. She says you are drunk Rohit, its Kanta not sardar.

Nikki asks guards to not let anyone go in her room.
Shaurya brings balloons in function, Nikki asks what is all this? Shaurya says bride and groom will runaway on this rocket, stupid these are balloons to decorate Ajay’s room, Ajay is drunk and says yes decorate my room nicely. Mahek comes there dressed and thinks Shaurya I am yours. Shaurya thinks you are only mine Mahek.

Shaurya comes outside Nikki’s room and starts putting balloons on wall. Gaurds look on. Shaurya thinks if this idea works out then nobody can stop me from stealing property papers.

In wedding function, Mahek is tensed. Priest ask them to exchange garlands. Ajay makes Mahek wear it, she is tensed and makes Ajay wear it too. Mahek thinks why did Shaurya not comeback till now, please come fast.
Mahek sits in mandap with Ajay and thinks Shaurya I am sitting here on your trust.
Shaurya says to guards outside Nikki’s room that I am just putting balloons here. Guard says but we cant let you go inside. shaurya says then will destroy whole decoration, he puts on mask and burst all balloons,they are filled with laughing gas and all guards start laughing, they faint by laughing too much. Shaurya starts hiding guards.
In mandap, Mahek is looking out for Shaurya. Nikki thinks why Mahek is looking at entrance? I should go and check, she turns to leave but Kanta says where are you going? you wanted to see this wedding most, Nikki stops from leaving.

Shaurya comes in Nikki’s room and looks at safe under mattress. He sees Nikki’s finger prints on number punch pad with UV light, he enters number and safe opens up.


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