Thursday Update on Lies of the heart 9 April 2020


Thursday Update on Lies of the heart 9 April 2020

Urmi wakes up samrat, in the middle of the night, hesitantly and demands to eat raw mangoes. He says that he would get it in the morning. She says that she cant wait till then. samrat gets up irritatedly and asks how can she feel so at this time of the night. she says that it can happen anytime. She says that she isnt but his child is wanting it, and hence she isnt able to be asleep.

Samrat gets up at the child’s name. he asks where would he find it. she tells him the location of one tree where he would find it. He goes to the kitchen and tries to wake mukti up, but he doesnt in his deep sleep. he gets more irritated. He goes out frustratedly in the backyard, and wonders what to do now, and how to get the ones which are at great height. he clims up the tree and tries to shake it, but in vain. He then gets an idea and goes onto throw pebbles at the tree, to be able to pluck some raw mangoes.

He is disgusted when it takes time, and thinks that the great samrat has to stoop down to such low level. urmi, in her room, is waiting impatienely too, for him to come back with the mangoes, while he finally gets to climbing the tree in order to just prove the point. Finally, urmi finds samrat, with a torn tshirt and completely dishevelled, but with the mangoes. she is amused at his condition, while happy for the mangoes. He gets to freshen up, while she eats it with much pleasure.

urmi tells about samrat’s effort last night, which pleasures kanchan but tenses shashi who is shocked. Urmi tells kanchan about her dream that she saw that she had a baby girl. Kanchan says that the morning dream would be definitely true. Samrat shouts from the balcony, asking what nonsense is going on. urmi turns around and finds him super angry and is tensed.

He comes down in a rage, and reprimands kanchan for saying this, and she retaliates back saying that urmi saw this dream. he gets in a rage and faces urmi, asking that she knows that he wants a son, then why did she see a dream like this, that which he doesnt like. urmi says that she cant control dreams. All are tensed. She says that it was just a dream and was saying that only. his father too asks him to calm down as urmi is right. but samrat doesnt believe, as she sees those dreams that people think during the day and asks if he did.

She finally breaks in and says that she is becoming a mother and cant think about having a son all day, and that he should stop bothering her about this so much. She says that both are equal to her as a mother, and asks him what would he do if she sires a girl tomorrow. She asks him what would he do, refuse to accept her, or kill her. she asks him what kind of orthodox thinking is he showing right now, when the world has gone so far ahead. she asks him that he needs a son, but cant she wish for a girl, being a mother.

She asks him to think about the power that she has to make a new life, and that they would welcome the child, be it of any sex. He eyes her tensedly, while all are tensed wondering what would be his reaction. He says that she is correct and that for the first time, she has said the right thing. urmi and others are shocked that he agreed so easily. He says that she was an eye opener today, and that his seed went inside her and she started talking sane and mature. all are shocked at samrat’s reaction.n He says that she completely got him off the son fever and thanks her for the same.

Trisha following Amrit when she sees her with Aditi outside movie hall.

Trisha catches Amrit red handed.

Samrat’s mother talks to Samrat’s and asks why is he taking everything so lightly.

Samrat tells his mother that she is seeing his change look for a reason.

Next morning Samrat’s mother beings Urmi’s breakfast in her room and tells her Samrat does not like it when when she feels like vomiting on table.

Urmi calls.Samrat and asks him to bring gol gappe for her when he returns.

Samrat feels weird but the accepts. Urmi calls Samrat again and ask to bring Rabri along with gol gappe.

On the road and samrat’s residence
Samrat is furious with Urmi’s increasing demands, but doesnt get frustrated and asks her to tell everything in one go. urmi gets shy and says that she doesnt need anything else. samrat gets furious and thinks that once his son is born, he would teach her a lesson. samrat vents out his frustration as he drives the car. He almost screeches to a halt, as a couple is passing the road slowly. the man reprimands him asking samrat to atleast consider that his wife is pregnant. The word acts like a hot iron on samrat’s skin, and he gets into a rage. samrat vents out his frustration about urmi at that lady, wherein all the people gather and hear his crazy rant. the woman starts shouting at him and they take to get on their road. He makes a a huge fuss and cry about the fact that she is pregnant and stops the traffic for him to be able to cross. One of them asks if he actually is mad. samrat vents out and says that he is going to be a father and hence every pregnant woman in the world is his responsibility.

Annu’s residence
Gaurav gives a cold shoulder to rashmi, when she asks him what would he like to eat. she asks him why is he so angry at her. she asks why because he got the gift for her. gaurav says that she shouldnt have taken the gift, by proving in front of people that they are beggars in front of him. rashmi doesnt see his point, saying that she should that means be tormented in his company. They get itno a fight with each maintaining their point. She shocks gaurav saying that she is getting a portfolio done by makhan, and she doesnt care if anyone likes it or not. As she stomps out, he is tensed.

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