Thursday Update on Lies of the heart 30 April 2020


Thursday Update on Lies of the heart 30 April 2020

Lies of the heart 30 April 2020: samrat is in a rage seeing urmi dancing, and taunts her if she wants to convert it into a brothel, and that if such dancing continues, then the day isnt far when there would be customers waiting outside, to see her dance thats ticketed. She is shocked and highly humiliated to hear this. She tries to make him realise the importance of culture and art but he shuts her up, saying that she doesnt need a lecture from her.

Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart 29 April 2020

Urmi is shocked to hear this. shaurya comes and says that they are indeed fighting again. Shaurya comes and comments that whenever he sees them, he finds them fighting, and asks samrat to kiss urmi, while they try to compose themselves. samrat asks him to shut up and go out, but he continues to persist, threatening him about Elder Grandfatehr, aka Tauji. They shut him up. She reclines, and asks him to kiss her. They eye each other tensedly. He asks her to come close to him, and then look straight ahead, while shaurya asks him to hurry up. he kisses her lightly, and she starts smiling. Shaurya then says that its mumma’s turn now. they both ask him to stop, as they have had enough. Samrat is frustrated, while shaurya asks urmi to go ahead and do it. She asks him to come closer and down within her reach. Samrat has no option, but to comply, while she kisses him on the cheek. shaurya starts clapping, while samrat is irritated.

Later, Urmi tells about shashi’s consent for dancing, to tauji, but he is unable to believe. Urmi tells what shashi told her, and how she has faith in her. While she is happy, tauji understands that she doesnt understand what shashi is upto. urmi says that samrat wotn ever give her permission. tauji says that if she looks to him, she wont be able to change anything, and then urmi tells him that shashi too gave her the same advise. tauji says that she is showing extra cleverness, and that something is definitely wrong. Urmi says that nothing is wrong this time around as she was speaking from the heart this time. tauji again asks her to be doubly sure, and test it herself first. Urmi is tensed.

While kanchan tries to her mandira to get over her water phobia, like shaurya goes for swimming, shashi is super happy glaoting about shaurya too. Urmi comes down to take shaurya, for swimming lessons, and shashi asks if she is all prepared for this new chapter. Shashi is extra protective about her dance lessons. Kanchan asks what does this mean. Shashi says that they were talking about shaurya. She bids them off, while tauji asks her to stop. He comes to her and asks where’s she going with both the bags and assk her to open one of them. urmi is tensed. shashi says that she would look herself. tauji asks urmi to just play along. shashi makes an excuse that its just a change of clothes for shaurya. Tauji complies, and says that since shashi approves, he should apologise and then shashi sends them off. Kanchan asks mandira to go to play too. While mandira and shashi leave, tauji thinks that shashi is actually supporting urmi, and that even on his asking, she let her go, meaning that the last drama worked.

Annu’s residence
Anu again picks up asha’s illiteracy with saroj, but saroj says that asha isnt to be blamed. anu says that granny is at fault, and gaurav has to bear the brunt of it. Anu asks asha to stay in the kitchen and work here only. Asha says that she does it, but gaurav still isnt happy. Saroj comes and asks whats the matter. asha says that he doesnt like her at all. Saroj asks her to give time to him, so that they understand each other’s likes and dislikes, and ask her to walk side by side in the walk of life. Asha gleames in happiness.

Granny instructs asah to help gaurav unload the groceries, and then win over his heart. asha leaves and eyes gaurav’s foot, as he unloads groceries, remembering saroj’s advice to walk side by side, matching feet by feet. she comes and stands next to gaurav. He asks what she doing. she says that she came to help him carry the stuff. He asks her to let be, but she insists. she stands in line with him, and then matches her step with his. He gets irritated and starts walking fast. she asks him to slow down and explains the reason. He considers it nonsense and goes inside. she comes after him. granny is happy. She again starts walking side by side with him, irritating him. Gaurav says that he is going to the bathroom, and if she would also come along. she says that she wont, as she has done her work there. Gaurav leaves frustratedly. She thinks that she couldnt match her step with his.

 Swimming Class, Urmi’s dance lessons and on the road.
urmi gives all tips to anu; regarding shaurya’s routine. She asks shaurya also to play nice. Urmi asks anu to take care of him, as he’s very naughty. Urmi asks him to behave and then leaves, while anu wishes her the best of luck. Meanwhile, samrat’s car breaks down on the road and he gets frustrated when it takes time to be rectified. He decides to ask urmi how long would urmi take, as the other car is with her. Urmi is practising, while samrat continuously keeps trying her cell. samrat wonders what she is upto.

Urmi’s dance lessons and on the road.
While samrat is getting frustrated, urmi us focussed on her dance lessons, and hence is oblivious that samrat is calling. The instructor gives a five minutes break and urmi drinks water and then checks on her phone and finds 19 missed calls of samrat and is surprised, wondering why he called so many times, and what work he has from her. She dials his number. samrat picks up while travelling in the auto. Samrat starts lashing out at her, while urmi wonders if he knows about her secret dance lessons. she starts talking, while he continues reprimanding her, and then she makes an excuse that the phone was in the purse. samrat tells why he had called her. She says that she would send it rightaway, while he angrily says it isnt needed anymore.

Annu’s residence
Asha makes wonderful food, and granny compliments her, saying that if she continues like this, she would win over gaurav easily. asha says that gaurav wont ever like her, and explains how she had difficulty matching his step, as he walks so fast. saroj explains everything, and granny and saroj wonder how she could be so dumb. she asks saroj to talk sensibly with asha. Asha starts talking nonsense again, while saroj and granny wonder how to deal with this girl.

Later in the night, devi talks to someone on the phone, and then tells saroj about some old friend having been transferred here. Granny asks why is he so happy. devi says that he has a marriage proposal for his son, and their daughter anu, who is in london and has done engineering. All are happy but anu denies to get married, saying that she doesnt want to. granny asks what would she do then. anu says that she wants to do a job. Devi asks why does she want to. Anu asks why cant she or if she has been educated just so she can bag some rich guy. Granny starts reprimanding anu for talking like this, saying that she is going beyond limits. Asha comes in asking if dinner is to be served. anu asks granny to be quiet, as she points at asha’s choice as a bride for gaurav, and that she may have ruined
Devi asks anu to shut up, and that they would come, and she would meet them nicely. anu leaves inside while saroj is tensed.

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