Thursday Update on Lies of the heart 26 March 2020


Thursday Update on Lies of the heart 26 March 2020

It begins with Urmi trying to calm down Samrat. In the morning Urmi gets call from police station asking her to visit there as witness to the assault.

Urmi gives special treatment to Samrat trying to ask if she can go to jail for that victim but fails to ask in fear.

At Urmi’s house her grandmother asks Rashmi about Aditi and reasons that Samrat brock relationship with her. Rashmi tells that Aditi married someone going against family.

Urmi’s grandmother keeps her concern that when Samrat can break relation with his own sister he can break with them easily.

At police station goons teases Aditi for not been able to produce witness and Police also says that they are helpless because people don’t help.

Urmi goes to police station where a minister comes to rescue goons but Urmi opposes.

Samrat asking for newspaper From Urmi.

Urmi goes to find newspaper but while bringing it upstairs sees her picture in police station while helping Aditi.

Urmi tells about this to her father in law Who guides her to hide newspaper.

Samrat leaves for office taunting his brother to be inefficient who tells Samrat he Is not going office as he has to go for hid baby’s vaccination.

Urmi’s mother in law tells Sanrat has all newspapers on his table in office.

Urmi agrees and her father in law asks for newspaper and advices to face Samrat at night but gets shocked to see Aditi’s picture in paper.

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