Thursday Update on Lies of the heart 21 May 2020


Thursday Update on Lies of the heart 21 May 2020

Amrit calls Aditi on home number and tells her about Samrat beating him so bad. He tries to get sympathy, but in vain as she threatens him to tell Samrat if he again calls her. Urmi hears it and wonders why Samrat beat him up. She gets cough syrup from Kanchan for Shaurya. Urmi’s mum calls her and gives the good news of Asha’s pregnancy and tells her to tell everyone in house.

Asha’s mum comes to visit her. She tries to tell Asha to take advantage of this situation, but Asha says she is very happy and everyone takes good care of her in this house. Her mum thinks she will have to do something.

Urmi gives syrup to Shaurya and he sleeps. Samrat calls and tells Urmi he will be late today as he has a meeting. He talks sweetly with her and then hangs.

Urmi’s friend calls her from London and tells her that she’s coming to India tomorrow. They plan shopping and all. Shashi hears it and says all her happiness gone and Urmi is getting happier and happier.

Shaurya gets a high fever. Urmi tries calling Samrat, but no luck. She waits a little and then calls on office number. A peon informs her Samrat left long time ago. Urmi is confused. She calls Samrat again after a while and he picks up this time. Urmi asks him to come with doctor, but he reminds her he’s in office for a meeting and asks her to get help from family. Urmi is doubtful but doesn’t say anything.

Diwakar calls doctor and doctor informs him what to give to Shaurya. Shaurya fever gets less. Urmi is still waiting for Samrat. Samrat returns late night. He checks Shaurya and then goes to sleep. Urmi pretends to be sleeping.

Dadi is teaching Asha how to make socks manually, but she’s having hard time. Dadi gets annoyed and tells Saroj to take care of her daughter in law. Asha’s mum enters and says no one will have to take care of her now. She will stay in this house till Asha gives birth to her child. Saroj says they are taking care of her. Asha too agrees, but her mum says she’s silly and she doesn’t want her to do any mistake. She asks they don’t have any problem, right? Saroj hesitantly says not at all.

In morning, Urmi checks Shaurya and he’s fine now. He wakes up and says he’s hungry. Samrat wakes up and asks about him. After a pause, Urmi says he’s okay. He says he told her, nothing will happen to Shaurya. He asks Shaurya for morning kiss, but Urmi stops him and takes to brush his teeth which leaves Samrat wondering.

Samrat’s residence
As samrat wakes up the next morning, he finds urmi distant to him, and wonders whats the matter. He wonders whats wrong with her now. He takes his phone and calls his employee asking if he sent the bank documents, and is told that the peon is already on his way to his house. later, he signs the papers, and the peon tells him about his wife’s phone last night, and is shocked, when he gets to know everything from the peon, and how he told that samrat left long back. Samrat gets tensed and finds urmi coming down.

He is tensed, and starts pretending and hollering at the peon, saying that he was indeed present in the office with a meeting and he sent the food delivery people back. urmi is surprised and asks whats the matter. the peon is baffled and samrat shuts him up all the more. He very carefully covers up his infidelity saying that he had gone out for sometime, to get the clients to have his dinner with the clients. He sends the peon away. urmi is tensed. he asks that she too didnt tell him. she stands speechless. he asks if she isnt again beginning to doubt him, for lying or something like that. samrat pretends to be horrified, and fake angry that she should have asked and had such small faith on her husband, and then goes onto advise her about the trust in a couple’s wife, and asks her to confront him everytime there’s an issue. he says that he was baffled wondering why is she angry and that he was made crazy with tension. urmi says that all evidences were against him, and samrat says that she should trust him and noone else. He tries to glaot and make her feel guilty of doubting him. He asks her if she doubts him. she denies and apologising, clings to him, while he breathes a sigh of relief. Samrat pretends that he forgave her. urmi gets into a good mood, and tells him that her friend is coming with her husband from london, and samrat instantly makes a dinner double date with her and her friend and her husband. urmi is happy.

Annu’s and samrat’s residence

Meanwhile, its all festivities in annu’s place where asha’s mother greedily eyes the stuff that they have got for asha, and particularly eyes the maangtika, that saroj gor for urmi, adding that asha also always wanted one like this. saroj agrees to fulfill every wish of asha. Her mother is happy to have had her needs met through asha. saroj then calls up urmi too, and tells her about the preparations, while adding that this is urmi’s first happy teej. She happily complies. Urmi then talks about last night’s incident about samrat, with kanchan and is tensed. kanchan assures her that samrat maybe capable of anything but not infidelity.

Urmi agrees too, and kanchan asks her to be happy. urmi says that she too is very excited for this teej. kanchan teases her for this. Shashi comes and reprimands them for being so happy, when aditi is going through such a tough pahse in her life. She tries to make them feel guilty about being excited, but aditi shuts her up saying that she wants them to celebrate it wonderfully and not bother about her, as her husband didnt deserve it. Aditi says that she wont do anything, while shashi is tensed. Kanchan says that they are doing it for shashi’s sonms only, and hence she shouldnt be scolding them.

Aditi asks them to celebrate it nicely. Shaurya comes in asking her to check fever again. When urmi complies and says that there isnt any, he wants her to see with the thermometer. All others leave, while urmi goes to fulfill shaurya’s demand. when it comes normal, shaurya leaves saying that he only wanted to see the thermometer. When she places it back, she finds the card of Hotel peridot Room 301, and all thoughts cross through her mind, regarding mention of this room number, by amrit, diwaker and the peon telling her that samrat wasnt there. She collapses on the bed unable to believe this, as she breaks into tears.

Samrat’s residence and on the road
Samrat calls up urmi, and she resiognedly picks up. samrat addresses her endearingly, saying that he would be able to come for sometime, just to spend sometime with her. Samrat is surprised when she doesnt say anything, but finally just mutters a yes. he tries to get naughty in his talks, while she stands lifeless. when samrat comes home and freshens up to leave, he is tensed and surprised to find urmi sitting and crying. he continuously asks her whats the matter and then keeps asking it over and over again, while she doesnt respond. She resignedly shows the hotel card to samrat, who gives a quick glance at it.

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