Thursday Update on Kindred Hearts, 5th of September, 2019


Thursday Update on Kindred Hearts, 5th of September, 2019

Nisha brings police to godown where Arjun and Jia are. Arjun gets up and shows that he didnt get shock. Nisha says this Jia tried to kidnap my father in law. Nisha says he is my father in law. Arjun smirks and thinks Nisha ma’am is clever. Nisha says to inspector that forget it, just give warning to this girl and leave her, inspector warns Jia. Jia is miffed.

Jia is with Kaki and Chinni. She recalls Arjun running to Baba, she says I knows it our Adi. Chinni says what if Arjun is involved with Nisha and playing a game? Jia says only Adi can put his life in danger for Baba. Kaki says I want them to reunite. Jia says Adi doesnt remember anything. Chinni says when he will remember everything, he will be on our side but how? Jia says I have a plan, we have to do something to

remind him. Chinni says we have to beware of Nisha too, she even charged you for trying to kidnap baba. Jia says Adi is going to help us taking revenge from Nisha and helping Baba too, Kaki says I hope everything will be fine.
Nisha says to Arjun that I cant let my plans fail at this stage, we have to control Jia too. Arjun says dont worry, it will be done. Nisha says I dont offer drinks in joke, she offers him drink and says shall we discuss plan? he nods. Nisha calls lawyer, lawyer says we have got date from court for property tax proceeding. Nisha says you told me a good news. Nisha gets up to leave, she asks Arjun to stay there, I want you to take sign on property papers from them soon, he nods, she leaves. Arjun lies on sofa and drinks wine.

Jia is calling Arjun but he is not picking up. Kaki says maybe he is busy. Arjun sees Jia calling and says she doesnt have patience, he takes call and asks her to speak. Jia says I realized one thing after what happened today, if you want money then I will give you for just hearing me. Arjun says not at all, Nisha is leaving city, I am going to enjoy in her big house, he ends call. Kaki says to Jia that he wont agree, if he was Adi then he would have listened. Jia says if you had seen him then you would have realized that he is our Adi, I will not back down. Kaki says I pray for you.

Arjun brings medicine for Baba in godown. Baba is shivering. Arjun sits and drapes his coat around him, he touches his feet and applies ointment on his feet. Arjun thinks that once he signs on property and I get money then I will get force of servants to clean his feet. Arjun says I brought soup for you, you will drink it right? Baba recalls Adi taking care of him like that. Arjun makes him drink soup, he asks if he needs anything? Baba asks for food. Arjun says I will cook and bring i, dont go out and roam, I am coming. Arjun hears some noise and comes out of godown, he asks who is there? House is in dark. Arjun comes in lounge and trips, he falls down. Lights comeback again and Jia is standing there. Arjun asks her to leave otherwise he will call police. Jia says you know what I want, I do it at any cost so its better you listen to me silently. Jia shows Adi’s photos to Arjun. She puts big photos on canvases and says to Arjun that you remember these? She shows him childhood’s photo of Adi. Arjun says why you are playing with me head? I dont know what Adi did in last birth.

Nisha is in car and check papers, she says I would need marriage certificate, I forgot it. she calls Arjun but he is not picking up, she asks driver to take her back home.

Jia shows more photos to Arjun, remember this one? you were playing guitar in office, she says look at this photo, it was our date night, she shows him their marriage photo. Arjun looks at photos and is frozen on his place, he has tears in eyes. Nisha comes there and sees it. Jia keeps telling Arjun stories from past life. Nisha hides and is seeing everything. Nisha thinks what she is trying to remind him? is he can be Adi?

Jia shows Arjun Adi’s photos and says see it was our family, all were happy. Arjun looks at them and is tensed. Arjun holds his head. Nisha hides and sees it. Jia says are you seeing flashbacks? I will help you to remember, you remember everything? Arjun shouts stop it, you think I am fool that I will agree with everything? Nisha smirks and thinks I thought it was Adi for a moment but he is illmannered Arjun only. Arjun says to Jia that you can fool those Kaki and Chinni but not me, you want to get Nisha’s wealth but I wont let you fool me, collect your things and get lost. Jia is shocked and pained. She starts leaving. Nisha hides from her. Jia leaves without seeing her. Nisha points gun at her from behind, she shoots at her but Arjun comes there and point it upwards, he

says what are you doing? you want to kill her? Nisha says I can do it and I can kill you too, she points gun at him. Arjun says I am ready to die from your hands but dont waste time with this Jia, she is a fool and all her plans fail, she is not the threat. Nisha says you are right, we have to keep focus on taking Baba’s sign, we will plan tonight.
Babblu meets Jia. Babblu says he is a little selfish but I cant go against him. Jia says I am not asking you to go against him but I want to help him, he should know Nisha is wrong but he should understand who is he. Babblu says who are you? Arjun said you are not scared of fire, Arjun is very scared of fire. Jia says really? he is scared of fire? He nods, she thinks.

Nisha bring food for Baba and says I made your favorite dishes myself as you make eat goat eat then kill it.
Arjun is getting ready in room and says I will get my rich time too.

Nisha forces Baba to eat, she forces food in his mouth, he coughs, she says you have to eat, why are you crying? I want these tears, I will cry them on your death anniversary, I asked you to sign on property papers, you will do it right? He says no and shakes head. Nisha says I have punishment for that too, I have planned something for you, you will watch Adi’s death’s live telecast right now, she twists his hand, he cries in pain.
Arjun is checking jackets. Babblu calls him. Arjun says I am busy, Babblu cries and says they are trying to kill me, if you want to save me then come, I am near mandir, Babblu lies and ends calls. Arjun says what happened to him? He tries to call him again but he doesnt take it, Arjun gets tensed and thinks Nisha planned a show tonight, what to do now?
Nisha says to Baba that you will get punished for not signing property papers, its time to surprise you. She shouts Adi.. (calling Arjun but he doesnt come).

Arjun comes to mandir and calls out for Babblu. He looks around and says who did all this? He comes in mandir and doesnt find Babblu there. Arjun sees Kali Mata’s idol, he finds Nisha standing there in white saree, he is stunned and starts going towards her, Gates closes but woman fades away. Arjun looks on. Behind mandir, Babblu brings Nisha’s standee that he showed to Arjun and says plan done. In mandir, Arjun starts leaving but recalls how in last birth, Nisha killed them in mandir, how she attacked them and Jhanvi cried for Adi… Arjun is shocked. Babblu calls out to him. Arjun runs towards stairs for Babblu, he recalls how in last birth, he rolled from stairs. He says why I am seeing things? He hears Jhanvi calling out to Adi.. he turns and sees Jia dressed as Jhanvi standing there with fire surrounding her. Jia says Adi.. fire, please save me.. bring me out.

Arjun is shocked and worried for her. He recalls how this happened in last birth, how Jhanvi saved him but he couldnt survive and said I love you Jhanvi while dying. Jia screams Adi save me! bring me out of here! Arjun recalls how Nisha said that she will end this story and shot Jhanvi and killed her with Adi too. Jia screams Adi to save her. Arjun is frozen on his place. Jia thinks he has stopped, I have to try something. Arjun recalls how Jhanvi died in his arms and he died too. Jia makes her saree pallu catch fire and shouts Adi save me, its on fire, please save me.. Arjun recalls how Nisha killed them. Arjun runs and jumps around fire, he blows off fire from her saree, he starts throwing dust around fire, he makes way for them, he holds her hand and jumps out of fire, they both fall down and stare at each other. Arjun recalls his moments with Jhanvi, their love and memories. Arjun makes her stand up. They are lost in each others eyes, Arjun is mesmerized and caresses her face.. He says Jhanvi..

she smiles at him and says Adi.. she hugs him tightly, Humari adhuri kahani plays, they both cry and embrace each other. Arjun breaks hug and asks if she is fine? Jia says I am fine, I will bring first aid kit. Arjun says I am fine, Adi didnt feel Jhanvi’s pain thats why I am not feeling pain, this heart is of Adi. She says I dont understand? They sit on stairs. Arjun says like you became Jia, I became Arjun, I remember everything now, you tried a lot but I didnt remember anything but now I know everything. Arjun says finally your fire plan worked, you did it, I got everything back, you, Kaki Maa, Chinni. Jia says I am so happy Adi.. Arjun.. what should I call you? He says whats on your tongue, call me Arjun, they smile at each other.

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