Thursday Update on Kindred hearts 1st August

Nisha is sleeping at night, Adi wakes up and leaves her room.
Adi comesto kids room and Jhanvi is there, Adi asks how is Binni now? Jhanvi says she is fine, please leave, anyone can come. Adi says please let me stay for sometime, he holds her hand, Jhanvi smiles at him sweetly.
Nisha wakes up and doesnt find Adi on bed beside her, she says where did Adi go? She comes out of her room and calls out for Adi. Adi and Jhanvi hears her voice. They close room’s door, Jhanvi says what if she came here and saw us? Adi says nothing will happen, they wait for sometime. Adi opens door and sees Nisha gone from corridor. Jhanvi says you should leave Adi. Adi looks on.

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Nisha comes in lounge searching for Adi. Kaka is there on call and says to caller that I will send her to highway
then you handle her, Nisha puts hand on his shoulder. Kaka gets scared and says sorry I had a call. Nisha says relax, I am daughter in law of this house and I know everything whats happening, Kaka thinks what if she heard me talking on call? All family members come there.

Nisha asks what happened? Nisha says I was searching for Adi but instead found a shadow, I thought it was a thief but it turned out that it was Kaka, he was talking on call, I am sorry to disturb you all, I know we keep doors closed so no thief can come, I am sorry to wake you all up. Kaka says its late night, lets go to sleep. Kaki says who were you talking to at night like a shadow? Kaka says what do you mean? you were sleeping and I didnt want to disturb you so I came outside. Nisha says how sweet, you care for her, Adi we will love each other like this after years of our marriage, Kaka says we should sleep. Baba says yes everyone is tired. Nisha says Baba should take rest, I will bring milk for you. Jhanvi says Nisha you need rest, I will give it to him, Baba says no all are tired so go to sleep. Nisha says to Adi excuse me Mr. India where did you leave? she starts pulling him away, Adi sadly looks at Jhanvi and leaves with Nisha.

In morning, Maa is ironing but is in thoughts. Survi asks what are you thinking? Maa says its her special day, I am worried about Jhanvi.

Nisha says to Kaka that today is my first teej festival, how to prepare? I got to know that this is very special for girls who got married recently so tell me what to do. Kaki comes to Jhanvi and says dont worry about anything.
Maa says to Survi that today is Jhanvi’s first teej and Adi.. Survi says Adi will never do wrong with Jhanvi, he will make it very special for him, trust him he will make her very happy.

Adi comes in lounge, Nisha says Adi its my first teej. Adi says I have to go to office, Kaki says its first teej Adi so you should stay. Raj says I can go there and Adi can stay home. Nisha says no its Raj and Neha’s first teej too. Adi says I will go, there is strike in factory so I have to go, Jhanvi asks him to take his handkerchief. Kaki says to Kaka that its not our first teej and strike would need some experienced person to solve it so you should go instead of Adi. Nisha says yay, thank you Kaka, teej is one occasion where husband has to cook for wife, I want to see what Adi is going to cook for me, Kaki asks him to give me a gift too, this is going to my best teej, she hugs Kaki and leaves. Jhanvi sees her Maa calling her.

Kaka calls his man and says dont stay at highway, leave, our plan failed, he ends call. Kaki comes there and asks who was on highway? Kaka says why do you keep asking questions? should I take permission before I breathe? Kaki says I didnt mean that, I will bring out your clothes. Kaka says I am not going anywhere, I solved problem on call. Kaki says you were so eager to send Adi to factory but when he didnt go so you solved that on call? wow.

Kaka gets angry and says do you think I am enemy of this house? he throws away tea cup in anger and says you think I want bad for Adi or anyone else? Neha comes there and says Kaki people are calling you, how did this cup break? Kaki says when mind is somewhere else then things slip out of hands, you leave, Neha leaves. Kaka says I am sorry Sharda, there was so much tension in house and office, my mind is not working nicely, I am sorry. Kaki nods and leaves. Kaka throws table away in anger.

Jhanvi comes to gazebo and says to herself that I cant take Maa’s call because I dont have answers to her questions. Adi comes there and says you mother must be calling you to wish teej, when we dont know answers then we ignore people, thats why I was not in favor of Nisha coming here because it can drive us apart, you are not happy on teej too, she doesnt have right on me or this house.

Jhanvi says but she has right to live, I am doing this for kids mother, Adi says I cant even stay mad at you as you have so beautiful thoughts, how do you solve problems like this? I feel so special that I am your husband, you are special to me, I promise to make your teej most special for you, he cups her face, she blushes and turns to leave but he holds her hand and turns her around. They smile at each other. Adi caresses Jhanvi’s face and tucks her hair lock behind her ear lovingly, Jhanvi blushes and hugs him, miley ho tum humko bare naseebo se plays as they embrace each other.

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