Thursday Update on Iron Lady Zee World

Thursday Update on Iron Lady Zee World

Jhumpa arrives at Sharma Niwas along with two men and asks Kutumb to vacate the house. Inder, who is on the terrace, hears Jhumpa’s voice and decides to go downstairs but Rishi stops him. When Kutumb refuses to vacate the house, Jhumpa asserts that she was the owner of the house. Munna gets furious when Jhumpa pushes Kutumb. Meanwhile, Inder manages to come downstairs. Jhumpa, who is unaware that Inder has not been able to sell the house, reveals to the family that she and Inder had planned to takeover the house. She further reveals that it was her plan to throw Inder out of the house so that Kutumb allows him to stay in Sharma Niwas. Jhumpa adds that Inder had no interest in reuniting with Kutumb and her family. The family is left shocked while Inder is left worried. Kutumb orders the goons she has hired to throw Kutumb and her family out of the house but Inder stops her. Rishi intervenes and states that Indira had warned the family earlier about Inder’s intentions but they did not paid heed to her. Jhumpa is shocked on learning from Rishi that Indira had the Power of Attorney of the house before Inder could register the house and so he could not sell the house. Jhumpa gets furious at Inder. Jhumpa further gets furious when Munna asks her to leave the house. Before leaving, Jhumpa threatens to teach Inder a lesson. The Managing Director of Diwan builders, Sameer Diwan arrives in his office. Diwan Builders is the group to whom Indira has sold Sharma Niwas. Sameer questions his secretary on whose authorization had the company bought Sharma Niwas. Before the secretary could reveal the truth, a young woman enters Sameer’s cabin and questions him why did he not inform her about Ricky’s arrival.

Sameer is confused when the woman states that Ricky was back. She informs him that the windows of Ricky’s house were open. She adds that she had also seen Ricky near the house. Munna requests Rishi to convince Indira to withdraw some money from her account to celebrate the New Year. Rishi tries to convince Indira not to make Munna realize his responsibilities toward the family instead take the opportunity to rule the house. He also advises her not to reveal the truth about the deal of Sharma Niwas. Meanwhile, Ishaan overhears their conversation. Ishaan is surprised when Indira agrees to follow Rishi’s instructions. On the terrace Ishaan meets a girl of his age named, Alisha. Alisha is Amma’s granddaughter. She informs Ishaan that she had come from London to meet Amma. Meanwhile, Rishi and Indira come on the terrace and meet Alisha. Alisha is excited on learning from Rishi that they have organized a New Year party. Indira is left confused. Rishi requests Indira to give permission and tells her not to worry about the money. He adds that he would arrange the party with the money, which Inder had returned him. Ishaan is overwhelmed when Indira agrees. He announces to the family that Indira has given permission for a fancy dress party. Munna goes to a jewelry store to buy gift for Sunaina. He meets Jhumpa there, who tries to instigate him against Indira and Rishi. She alleges that the duo may throw Munna out of the house. Munna, however, does not pay heed to her and secretly steals a jewelry set. At home, Kutumb performs puja and notices Inder’s photo kept in the mandir. She gets upset as she recollects Jhumpa’s words wherein she had revealed that Inder had no interest in reuniting with Kutumb and her family. Rishi starts making arrangements for the party. Indira gets furious when she sees balloons, spread all over the house. She warns Rishi not to blow any more balloons. Meanwhile, Ishaan secretly ties Rishi and Indira’s legs together. When Indira steps to leave, she trips and is about to fall but Rishi saves her. When Indira leaves, Rishi calls out to Ishaan as he knew that it was his plan. When Rishi questions Ishaan, he pretends to be unaware and runs away. Rishi tries to chase Ishaan but he dashes against Munna, who is completely sloshed. Munna questions Rishi whether he was trying to cheat his family.

Alisha comes to Sharma Niwas for the New Year fancy dress party. Alisha and Ishaan are dressed up as superwoman and superman respectively while Sunaina, Munna and Rishi are dressed up as Anarkali and Shahenshah and a pirate respectively. The family is surprised when they see Indira dressed up as Hitler. In the midst of the party, a jeweler barges into Sharma Niwas and asks for Munna. The jeweler tells Munna to either pay him money or return the jewelry. Indira is shocked on learning that Munna has robbed a jewelry set worth Rs 3 lakh. Munna asks Indira for his share in the Sharma Niwas and tells her to pay the money to the jeweler. Indira has no other option but to inform the family that she had made a fake deal. She reveals that she had produced fake documents to save the house. The family is left surprised. Indira takes the jewelry from Sunaina and hands it over to the jeweler. After the jewelry leaves, the party continues. Indira gets puzzled when she sees Munna taking Rishi out of the house and follows them. Munna believes that Rishi was trying to cheat him and assaults him with a group of friends. When Indira arrives, Munna and his friends run away. Indira, however, is unable to see Munna. Indira decides to take Rishi to the hospital. She stops a car and requests the person to help her. The person is none other than Sameer. Sameer refuses to help Indira as he believes her to be a prostitute. Indira gets furious and pulls out his car keys. She forces Sameer to help her.