Thursday Update on Iron Lady Zee World August 2

Thursday Update on Iron Lady Zee World

August 3 Episode

Sunaina gets busy ordering the cooks to prepare food for Mr Chaddha’s wedding party which has taken Sharma Niwas on rent for five days for his daughter’s wedding ceremony. Indira decides to lodge a police complaint against Sameer for secretly fixing a CCTV camera in her room. When Indira calls up the police, Rishi stops her and snatches the cell phone from her hand. He advises Indira not to lodge a complaint against Sameer as it won’t help her to teach Sameer a lesson. Meanwhile, the wedding procession arrives at Sharma Niwas. Kutumb calls out to Indira and asks her to come downstairs as the wedding procession had arrived. Munna offers cold drinks to the guests. Indira gets irritated when she sees Munna flirting with one of the guests. He praises the jewelry worn by the woman. He is surprised on learning that the woman was wearing imitation jewelry and that she had kept her gold jewelry in the bag. Munna gets awestruck when Mr Chadda hands over eight boxes of necklaces to Indira and asks her to keep them safely. Indira doubts Munna’s intentions and believes that it won’t be safe to keep the jewelry in the house. She fears that Munna may rob them. Inder is concerned about Indira as she has to take care of the family. He expresses his worries to Kutumb and decides to help Indira. Inder wishes to reopen his shop but he does not have enough money to do so. He decides to seek Indira’s help to manage the money. Inder has some selfish intentions and so therefore requests Kutumb to convince Indira. Kutumb, who is unaware about Inder’s intentions, agrees to help him.

Rishi rushes to Mandira’s room when she screams out loud, late at night. Mandira hugs Rishi and tells him that she had a terrifying dream. Rishi tries to pacify her. Meanwhile, Indira comes to Mandira’s room and is left shocked to see Rishi. Indira questions Mandira about Rishi’s presence in her room. Mandira believes that Indira felt jealous to see her and Rishi hugging each other. Mandira tells Indira that if she does not want to accept Rishi as her life partner then she should allow her. Indira gets furious and slaps Mandira hard. It is revealed that Mandira was dreaming about the incident. Kutumb requests Indira to lend a few lakh rupees to Inder as he wants to reopen his shop. When Indira gets furious, Kutumb tries to convince her and assures that Inder would return the money along with the interest. She adds that Inder wanted to help her to run the household. A furious Indira understands Inder’s intentions and confronts him. Kutumb gets furious when Indira insults Inder. Late at night, Rishi notices Inder sneaking into Indira’s room. Inder uses chloroform on Indira and robs the cupboard keys, which were attached to Indira’s wrist watch. After robbing the jewelry, which Mr Chadda had asked Indira to keep safely, Inder attaches the keys back to Indira’s watch. Next morning, Mrs Chadda comes to Indira’s room and wakes her up. Indira calls out to Kutumb and questions her why didn’t she wake her up early in the morning. Kutumb gets worried when Mrs Chadda asks Indira for the jewelry. Indira hands over the jewelry boxes to Mrs Chadda. On the terrace, Rishi informs Amma that he would marry Indira on March 9. Indira overhears their conversation and gets furious. Indira gives some money to Inder and asks him to reopen his shop. She also tells him that she does not expect him to return the money. Mrs Chadda panics when he fails to find a necklace in one of the boxes. Indira gets shocked while Inder and Kutumb get scared.

Mrs Chadda panics when he fails to find a necklace in one of the boxes. Indira gets shocked while Inder and Kutumb get scared. The Chadda family tries to search for the necklace but fails. Indira further gets shocked on learning that the necklace was worth Rs two lakh. Kutumb asks Inder to go inside his room. She states that she would not let anybody learn that Inder had robbed the jewelry. Inder is shocked on learning that Kutumb had seen him robbing the necklace. Meanwhile, Munna returns home. Inder doubts Munna and confronts him. Indira gets furious when Munna refuses robbing the necklace. Munna believes that Indira had misplaced the necklace and was blaming him. Munna asks Mrs Chadda to purchase another necklace as Indira has misplaced the one which they had given her to keep safely. Mrs Chadda believes Munna and accuses Indira of robbing the jewelry. After Mrs Chadda lodges complain against Indira, the police arrive at Sharma Niwas. Indira pleads innocence but fails. Indira requests Sunaina and Munna to help her but to her surprise they refuse. When the police arrest Indira, Rishi pleads to the inspector to set her free but fails. Jhumpa, who is standing outside Sharma Niwas, rejoices witnessing Indira’s plight. Jhumpa announces to the neighbors that Indira had robbed the bride’s jewelry. Rishi gets suspicious and wonders how Jhumpa learnt about the robbery. At the police station, the police hit Indira and try to force her to confess that she robbed the necklace.