Thursday Update on Iron lady Zee World August 16

Thursday Update on Iron lady Zee World

August 16 Episode

The groom’s family arrives to meet the Sharma family for Mandira’s alliance. Kutumb mentions to them that she was indebted to them for accepting Mandira inspite of knowing about her past. When the groom’s family pleads ignorance, Indira goes ahead and tells them that Mandira had been molested in the past by a rich, spoilt brat. The groom’s family is shocked and huddles up together for a discussion. The Sharmas are relieved when the family says that they were ready to accept Mandira. However, the groom’s mother says that they wanted Indira’s hand in marriage for their elder son who had earlier refused to marry at all. She adds that Indira’s pleasant mannerisms had impressed her son. Everyone is shocked hearing this. Indira and Rishi look at each other in disbelief. Kutumb readily agrees to the proposal. Everyone turns to Indira for her approval. However, to everyone’s shock and surprise Inder intervenes and declares that Indira would be marry the boy. Inder reveals that Rishi and Indira had got secretly married and that the sindoor in her forehead was sign of her marriage. Kutumb gasps hearing this while Mandira passes spiteful remarks. Mandira accuses Indira of being selfish and breaking the promise to her. Inder once again intervenes and states that Mandira was being selfish by always giving her needs priority over others. He declares that Indira had all right to choose her happiness by getting married to Rishi. Kutumb fumes with anger and goes ahead to slap Indira. However, Inder holds her hand.

Inder gets emotional and admits in front of the family that he was responsible for Indira’s plight as he had abandoned the family. He asserts that Indira had all right to be happy and choose her partner as he had toiled all her life for the family. He rages at the family for calling Indira selfish and declares that whether or not anyone else supported her, he would happily bless Indira’s marriage. Inder asks Munna to accompany him. The duo sneaks into Jhumpa’s house. Munna lies on the bed next to Jhumpa while Inder tries to steal from the house. Jhumpa is sleeping on a bed sheet hiding stacks of cash on the bed. Jhumpa gets startled on seeing Munna in the bed and tries to hide the cash. However, Munna realizes that there was money in the bed and starts collecting it. Jhumpa tries to stop him saying that she would not so easily let go of the money she had earned from Simi by getting her Inder kidnapped. Inder hears Jhumpa and gets shocked. Jhumpa tries to explain however Inder abuses her. Meanwhile, Munna collects the money in the bed sheet and tries to run away. Jhumpa chases him with a knife in her hand. Inder also starts fleeing but on his way falls down. Jhumpa charges at him with the knife. However, to her surprise Indira stops her and pushes her away. She threatens Jhumpa to first stab her and then attack her father. Indira snatches the money from Munna’s hands and gives it to poor children of the neighborhood. She asks them to give it to their parents to use it for their education. Munna runs behind the children begging for some money from them. Jhumpa vows to avenge her insult.

The men folk of the Sharma Niwas are excited about Rishi and Indira’s wedding. Radhe arrives at Sharma Niwas and informs Vidit, Rishi and Inder that he had personally made the arrangements for Rishi and Indira’s court marriage. Jhumpa goes to meet her brother Lalan Kasai who is a Don. Jhumpa shares her plight with Lalan and tells her how the Sharma family ruined her life and stole her money. Lalan assures to help Jhumpa. Jhumpa asks Lalan to murder Indira. For Jhumpa’s sake, Lalan agrees to kill Indira. In order to repent for his deeds, Inder hands over his store papers to Indira as her wedding gift. He states that he wanted to give Indira what he had. Munna gets irritated as he eavesdrops on their conversation. Rishi goes and rests his head on Kutumb’s lap. He tells Kutumb that he experiences motherly affection in her company. He addresses Kutumb as his mother and requests her to forgive him and Indira. Rishi tries to convince Kutumb to accept them. Inder gets emotional on seeing the sight. Rishi assures Kutumb that Indira and he would not leave from Sharma Niwas. He states that he would take good care of the Sharma family. He adds that he would give every penny of his hard earned money to Kutumb. Kutumb forgives Rishi and accepts him. Munna tries to make Sunaina realize that the family would be in trouble after Indira’s marriage. While conversing with Sunaina, suddenly an evil plan pops up in Munna’s mind.