Thursday Update on Iron Lady 20th December 2018

Indira tells Indu, you recognized me but your father still didn’t. Indu says, I heard my teacher gossiping once that men have their brain in their knees which makes Indira laugh. Indu proposes that they will push Zara out of Sharma Niwas. She messed up with Hitler which no one even dared till now. Indira says this is only possible when Rishi is confirmed about who is Zara and who is Indira.

Inside house, Zara gives a flying kiss to Rishi, who happily accepts it.

Indira tells Indu, Zara is such an illness that keeps coming back so you have to take it out from its root. She tells Indu not to tell this to anyone. Vanraj, Radhe, Seher come there and say they won’t tell anyone either. All 5 team up to teach a lesson to Zara. Indira tells her plan to everyone.

Sugandha is getting house decorated. Munna flirts with her. He is about to tell her something, but her phone rings and it’s her mother. She goes away to talk. Munna thinks what to do now. He calls Rishi and asks him to bring some perfume.

Rishi is returning home and he sees hospital staff taking Indira to mental hospital. Zara whispers to Indira that she took away everything from her and now she will go crazy so it’s better she goes to mental hospital and Zara herself in Rishi’s shoulder. Indira asks you love him a lot right? Zara says, a lot.. more than you. Indira now raises her voice and says, so you will love him in any situation, right? Zara asks, what you mean? Indira says, if anything happens to Rishi, then will you stop loving him? Zara pulls Rishi to her and says, I can give away my life but can never stop loving him. Indira says, then fine.. before living I will give you an advice.. do anything but don’t stop loving your Rishi else you will have to pay for it. Indira goes in the car and it’s Vanraj who is the driver so it was her plan.

Zara wonders what Indira meant by that. Meher congratulates Zara and asks until when she will have to be a maid. Meher keeps calling Zara and Zara gets angry at her. Meher is leaving and Munna is standing there. He gives his shirt to Meher to wash and stares at Zara. Zara gets worried. Rishi comes and tells Munna that he brought perfume but Munna is still staring at Zara. Rishi then takes out Munna’s earphone. Munna says, I was listening to sexy sexy songs because I have “performance” tonight. Zara is relieved. Rishi gives him the perfume. Zara checks it and she wants to keep it. She leaves from there with the perfume. Rishi gives another to Munna. Munna says it’s special kind of perfume which makes you cozy. Rishi is confused.

Later, Munna sprays perfume on Sugandha. Zara sprays it on herself. There is a party and everyone is dancing. Sugandha is getting cozy and romantic and kisses Munna on his cheek. Indu doesn’t know what’s going on and hopes Indira comes there soon. Indira, Vanraj, Radhe come there in performers’ dress. Rishi is drinking. Zara goes to him. Now Zara is getting cozy with Rishi and dancing on a song.

Rishi and Zara are about kiss, but Indira, Vanraj, Radhe spoil their romantic moment and start their performance. Zara wants to go closer to Rishi, but Indira, Vanraj, Radhe keep coming between Zara and Rishi. In end, when Zara is running to Rishi, Indira pulls him and Zara ends up going closer to a candle and her dress catches fire. Indu gets Rishi’s attention

So Rishi saves Zara and that’s the end of the party. Nothing is proven yet. Indira feels hurt seeing Zara closer to Rishi. She decides to finish work today only for which she came.

In night, Zara tells Rishi that she wants him to put sindhoor. Before Rishi does that, Indu comes and calls Rishi in Ammu’s style. Rishi gets scared and drops sindhoor box. Zara gets angry at Indu and goes to slap her, but Rishi stops her and says she is a child.. who else would do fun like this. They then go to sleep.

In morning, when Zara wakes up she finds her face red. Indu hides and laughs saying you wanted to put sindhoor right? Now your face has become red. After cleaning her face, Zara searches for Rishi but can’t find him. She asks Munna, Indu but no one knows anything. Munna goes and file a police complains.

In night, a cop comes with a wallet and asks if that’s Rishi’s. Zara says yes. The cop takes her to the hospital where Rishi is declared paralyzed, body below his neck don’t function. Zara asks that means alive dead body? Doctor says yes and tells her she can take him home. Indira is hiding and watching all this. She says Zara’s real test starts now.

They show how Indira kidnapped Rishi, with help of Radhe and Vanraj, in the night when he was sleeping and then asked him to act of being paralyzed for only 48 hours. Indira says, that Zara (Indira for Rishi) said she will love you no matter what. If she is still with you and loves you after 48 hours then she can live with you. Rishi eventually agrees.

Zara brings paralyzed Rishi home and everyone is shocked seeing him on wheelchair. Indira is hiding and watching. She says, I told you Zara Khan.. do anything, but don’t stop loving your husband. As soon as you stop loving your paralyzed husband, your defeat will start. When there is a fight between two women, wife always wins. Zara looks at Rishi with a nervous face: Read Friday: 21th Iron Lady