Thursday Update on Iron Lady 13th December

Ammu tells truth to Indira. She says, I was hiding it because I didn’t know how Rishi would react. That’s why we had to do ghost drama. But as truth is out now, Ammu wonders if she should tell Rishi as well. Indira says no and tells Ammu, I will tell him when I get a chance. Ammu leaves and Indira sees Rishi searching for his clothes. She stops him and goes closer. It turns out that it’s Zara who wore Indira’s clothes. Indira just gets out of unconsciousness in her room and doesn’t find her clothes. She goes outside to search.

Jamna comes to the room where she kept Zara and doesn’t find her there.

Rishi is confused seeing Indira flirting like that. Zara keeps going closer and closer. Zara is about to kiss him, but Rishi stops her on the last moment saying it’s men who take first step. He now flirts with her. Zara sees Indira nearby. She tells Rishi that she has surprise for him and asks him to close his eyes. After he closes his eyes, Zara seems like going to attack on Indira, but her dress get stuck in a table there. Jamna also comes there and is confused about who is Zara and who is Indira. She goes to Indira and tricks her so she says her name. Once she finds out she is Indira, she keeps her away. Seeing her strange behavior, Indira asks if she is drunk. Jamna loudly says, Ammu is calling you. Indira leaves. Rishi asks Zara, was that your surprise? Flirting in front of Ammu? Zara says, no, I will give you surprise later, but for now I will have to go as Ammu is calling. She sends Rishi to get dressed.

Jamna comes and asks Zara to control her feelings otherwise if Ammu even has a little doubt, then she won’t spare any of them. Jamna says, we need to think of a plan and execute it very carefully. Zara says, do whatever you want fast because I can’t stay away from Rishi. Jamna tells her, everyone is going out today because of the pooja. I will somehow keep Indira in the house and once everyone leaves, we will kill her.

Everyone is getting ready for the pooja which is outside their house. Nanda gives jewelry and clothes to Indira. She also gives their traditional beer bottle which every men in the house has. Ammu talks with Indira about secret while Indira thinks she is talking about beer bottle secret. Both are somewhat confused. In end Indira says that she will handle it. Jamna comes in and says, Indira can’t go out in the afternoon as that’s not good time for pregnant women to go out. Ammu says, but we will have to leave on time as location is far. Jamna says, I will stay with Indira and come late. Ammu agrees.

Zara and Jamna cannot wait to take their revenge from Indira.

an ambulance taking a box with someone caught inside. The doc asks the ward boy to open the box and MUnna is spotted inside he asks to immediately stop the ambulance as he’s not mad otherwise…
The ambulance stops at a certain point on the road and both the doc and the ward boy run away.
Munna gets out saying he has already alerted them and he begins to run arriving at a certain point he does not know where to go as he needs to cover the same distance to Delhi or to Indira place.
Indur with Meher are passing by in CC and someone throws dirty water on Meher which makes Indur angry. He removes his slipper to beat the person and sees Kutumbh. They have a petty arguments and at last Meher says she’ll teach a lesson to both Kutumbh and Indira as she already talked with her lawyer for the transferred of Sharma Nivas in the name of Indur. The latter feels really proud.

Rishi is getting ready and calls for Indira . Indira does not want him to hug her and he says she was getting romantic a lots and now she’s so reluctant and Indira is really lost s she’s not able to understand him clearly. Rishi asks why she’s still roaming in the same clothes and she says since this morning she’s wearing the same clothes. Jamuna brings Indira clothes which are damp. Indira tries to question Jamuna but Rishi says not to drag the topic further.
Jamuna takes the same colour of suits for Zara. She takes it.
Indira tells Rishi to have dream about Kutumbh and she was calling for her Rishi says not to worry and he handle her the phone to call to Kutumbh. Ammo enters their room as Indira is dialling Kutubh number.
Ammo says to come on time for the ceremony. Indira gives Rishi his phone deciding to call back Kutumbh afterwhile.
Kutumbh is ill and desperately wants to see Indira before dying.
Indira and Zara both getting ready for the prayer and Rishi helps Indira to do the pleats in her pallu, as Indira is unable to do it. Rishi puts her sindoor. Rishi sis in law calls for Rishi and asks Indira to come afterwards.
Nanda gives Indira some money which Indira received during her muh dikhai. Indira is reluctant to take it and Nanda says the money belongs to her only. Rishi coaxes her to take the money and they beautifully say bye to each other as they will meet at the ceremony.