Thursday Update on Gangaa 28th February 2019

Sagar congratulates Ganga. He offers her Prasad. Papa used to give it to you. She calls it a thing of the past. Everything has changed now. He requests her to give him a chance. Everything can go back to how it was! No Sagar. Something’s cannot change however much anyone can try. That word, pity, that Babu said, wont change. The truth of your marriage wont change. The sooner we both accept it the better for us. He is irked. She is so arrogant. She is always arrogant. Truth is she can never change!

Pulkit says at times I felt Ganga and Sagar were not meant to be together. Supriya tells him what she has heard from everyone. Pulkit talks of their differences and how at times they used to understand each other’s thoughts without even saying it out loud. Sagar is a very difficult and sensitive person whereas Ganga is very strong. She needs a partner who can be as strong as her. He should understand her. How can a person like Sagar support her? Someone really strong is needed in her life. He should bring stability in her life and hold her together.

Ganga is riding bicycle. She is thinking about Sagar’s words. A guy is riding a bike. She almost collides with a cart when a kid runs past her cycle. The guy stops his bike as all the pots fall down in his way. Ganga looks at the damage. The vendors angrily scold Ganga. They ask for payment. She says sorry to them. I dint do it intentionally. They again ask for money. She agrees to pay them tomorrow. I don’t have money with me right now. They insist while she speaks of trust. The guy asks her why someone will trust her. Ganga turns to look at him. What if you don’t come tomorrow? She says maybe people don’t trust someone. He says you can give something in written to them atleast. She asks him if he is a lawyer. She keeps talking when he tries to say something. These people have put their carts in the pathway. He reasons that one does not even ride bicycle there. She tells her address. Come in the evening. I will pay you. The guy again asks for address. Ganga repeats it for him and begins to walk away. The guy keeps looking at her. Ganga turns to look at him too before going away finally. The guy smiles.

Sagar is with his client. Their hearing is due. Niru wishes him good luck. I know of the pressure which will be on you. You have fought 4 cases and have won them all. Bar council has a lot of expectations from you. They see the most talented lawyer in you. There will be pressure on you for sure. Sagar assures him but Niru knows it all already. Forget the pressure, your past victories. Keep the fear of defeat away from you. Concentrate only on your case. Winning or losing does not matter. Sagar says no papa. Where I stand today in my life, victory matters a lot to me. I have nothing else to look forward to. There is nothing other than pain and sadness in my personal life. Victory and success are the things with which I can prove myself. He goes inside with his client. Niru hopes Sagar does not become so stone hearted to prove himself. He only will be in pain.

Ganga and her friend come to court. They request the peon to allow them to see the courtroom cases to learn from the senior lawyers. He allows them inside. Take a backseat. They thank him. Sagar stands up to present the case. Ganga is taken aback hearing his voice. Ganga’s friend compliments Sagar. He looks like a hero, right out of movies. Ganga tells her to focus on what they have come here for. Sagar is talking about a divorce case and how a woman gives up her everything for her husband. She too should have a right in that house. No one can deny her those rights. Ganga recalls her marriage with Sagar. Ganga wipes her tears while listening to his arguments (all the while speaking about the rights of a woman). The opposition lawyer turns out to be the same guy who Ganga met earlier.

The defence lawyer turns out to be the same guy who Ganga met earlier. Ganga is taken aback to see him. Sagar realises he is not the defence lawyer. Palash shows his papers in court. I have been appointed by my lawyer. He introduces himself. I am a registered member of Bar Council. He congratulates Sagar on the way he presented the case. Palash presents his point of view regarding the case. He speaks of the third person involved here. Ganga thinks of her case. People only raise fingers at the character of ladies when they have nothing to talk about. He too is doing the same. He is a big liar! The lady looks tensed. Sagar notices his client’s expressions. Palash presents his argument. Judge gives decision in Palash’s favour. Niru leaves unhappily. Palash stops Sagar. Like I said, you were very good. He introduces himself to Sagar but Sagar walks away without saying anything. Ganga notices all that.

Sagar questions his client for lying to him. the lady retorts that she only hired him to get alumni from her husband. I heard lots about you but we lost because of you. The defence lawyer was better than you. Sagar is aghast. I lost because of you lying to me. It wasn’t my mistake. Niru advises Sagar not to take it too personally. The case is over. Sagar says I was wrong. I had to lose the case because of that woman. She lied to me. Niru tells him to stop blaming others for his mistake. You could still win the case differently. You only kept giving explanations. Sagar calls it counter explanations while Niru calls it arguments. You would have found a way to save your case if you would have heard Palash carefully. I understand your passion and talent. I don’t doubt you at all. You win cases by thinking legally. Palash gave perfect logics in there. I too would have given the decision in his favour if I was the judge today. This new boy is really good. You need to be careful. Come fully prepared next time.

Ganga confronts Palash outside. She speaks of his argument. You maligned a woman’s character. The other lawyer was fighting for the respect of a woman. You dint take a second to malign the relation by talking about another person. So many women fear asking for justice because of people like you. I want to know how much money your client gave to you to defame that woman. Palash looks at her. What’s your name? Palash looks at Ganga’s ID card. You are a law student? I thought you are from Sagar Chaturvedi’s team. Your anger reflects something like that only. As you are a law student, I would like to tell you that you have a wrong opinion about me. I don’t fight against helpless women. I fight cases for helpless women. That woman only is responsible for the family breaking apart. She was married yet had a relation with someone else over many years. She hid it from everyone. He points at the kids. I dint share in court that she disappeared somewhere for a while. She was on a vacation with her boyfriend and withdrew money from the joint account that she shared with her husband. I could have told all this in court but the disrespect it would bring on the family would have done great harm. Why not win a case not using cheap tricks and harmful information when you can win it without all that? I don’t use cheap tactics to win cases in court. There are two sides of a coin always. Don’t make any opinion about someone without knowing the complete truth, including me. He drives away.

Madhvi asks Janvi to give food to Sagar. I am going out with Prabha. She notices Janvi’s sad face. I know it is very difficult for you but giving up wont help. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The chance is good. There will only be Sagar and you at home. His papa said Sagar will win today’s case. He will be happy then. Things will be good for you. Tell Sagar that you cooked all this. She leaves. Janvi looks tensed.

Sagar keeps thinking of Palash’s arguments and of Niru’s words. Janvi asks him what he is thinking. I am sure the decision would have come in your favour. Papa said so. What happened? He says nothing. She again asks him. He tells her not to disturb him. She calls it unfair. I am your wife and want to share your happiness.

He again tries to tell her to let him eat peacefully but she insists. He gets angry. Can I not even eat in peace? Court is not a cinema hall where there will be drama. what do you want to hear from me? I lost. I lost because I am a very big loser! Ganga and Supriya hear him. READ NEXT/ 1ST MARCH ON GANGAA