Thursday Update on Gangaa 13th December

Inspector gives a confession letter to Pulkit to sign. I was after Saloni since so long. I got a chance today to molest her. Saloni has clearly given this statement. Pulkit requests him not to do it. My career will be ruined. Inspector stays put. You should have thought of this before. Pulkit signs the papers.

Niru enters just in time. He asks Pulkit to stop. Niru asks Inspector what he is doing. It is illegal to force anyone to sign a confession. Being a police officer you must know that you must hear the person’s story before coming to any decision. I will help you if Pulkit is indeed a culprit. Pulkit says I really dint do anything. We both had gone to see film and were eating chaat. He hugs his father as he cries.

Niru tells Madhvi that Pulkit will have to stay in jail tonight. The bail can happen tomorrow only. Madhvi is berserk. He hasn’t done anything. NIru knows it but is helpless. I will stay here only. MLA has trapped us very wrongly. Inspector has called him so he ends the call.

Madhvi tells everyone at home that MLA is behind it. Amma ji points out that this is what she has been saying. The kid has to be punished for what the father is trying to do. Ganga asks Madhvi if Babu will save Bhaiya. Raman assures his sister that nothing will happen to Pulkit. Prabha asks him not to give fake assurances to everyone. Those goons were very clear. Today it is Pulkit, tomorrow it can be any of us. This girl (Ganga) is the root cause of all the problems! Will your father come back if this case is contested by Niru? Amma ji scolds Ganga too. What have we done that you are after us! My son does not even listen to me anymore. Have you case some magic spell on him? She will destroy us one day. Ganga tries to say that she dint do anything but Madhvi stops her. I don’t want to say anything wrong to you at this time. We did so much for you. My son is in jail today because of you. She walks away teary eyed. Amma ji says if I can then I would give that CD back to those people! The story will end then.

Ganga is sad to think that Bahu ji thinks that Pulkit got caught because of her. He is such a good guy. How would he stay there? Will policemen beat him? Raman comforts Ganga. Nothing will happen to Pulkit. Don’t take anyone’s words to your heart. Everyone is really worried. Maharaj ji notices them.

Sagar comes to police station with Maharaj ji. He was insisting Maharaj ji to take him to jail to meet his brother once. He couldn’t stop crying. Sagar apologizes to his father but Niru understands him. Niru calls Madhvi to inform her about Sagar. He tells her not to be hyper. I can take care of my family and kids. Niru has to leave for court right away to get bail. He turns to go when he notices Saloni coming in with MLA’s men. She goes inside to give her statement. Constable tells NIru about her.

Niru, Maharaj ji and Sagar sit down on the bench again. Inspector goes to note down Saloni’s statement. He simply gives her the papers to sign. She refuses. Nothing like this had happened. One of the goons calls MLA. He makes her talk to her father. MLA says Pulkit is still there. Do go and see his condition once.

Constable brings Pulkit out. He takes for some further procedure. Saloni notices him. She is pained to see his condition. She asks her father why he is doing it. He says he hasn’t done anything yet. I will have to do something if you don’t sign on the papers though. Sign on the papers without any drama. I will be saved from killing a person this way.

Pulkit and Saloni look at each other for a second. Saloni is in tears. She signs the papers. Inspector and the goons smirk. Inspector tells Niru that Saloni has given a statement against Pulkit. Pulkit and I study in the same school. He has been after me since long. He sends me cheap messages too. He took me to a secluded place tomorrow when I had gone to see film with my friends. I somehow pushed him and ran away. Pulkit questions Saloni. We are friends. Can I do something like this with you? Saloni walks away from there without saying anything. Niru refuses to accept this statement as it wasn’t taken before him. Inspector says now Pulkit will have to appear in the court first and then any decision will be made.

Ganga wonders how to save Pulkit BHaiya. What if he isn’t let off? Bahu ji, Amma ji, Babu and Sagar will get all the more tensed. I will have to help Babu but how? She thinks of Amma ji’s words. She rushes to Niru’s study room to pick the CD.Frgive me Bappa. Your murderers wont be punished but atleast Pulkit Bhaiya will be saved.

Outside, the goons get a call as Saloni sits in the car. Sagar makes use of this opportunity and goes to talk to Saloni. Please save my brother. Saloni is in dilemma. I am doing that only. I am worried for him. Sagar denies. You have blamed him falsely. Please don’t do it. Tell the officer that he is good. Saloni doesn’t have that much strength. He talks about little Ganga who is stronger than her. Her father died in the stampede on Ganga ghaat. A lot many big people are involved. My Papa is fighting that case. My brother is being put in jail so papa cannot fight this case. If you don’t help him then papa wont be able to do anything. You know he is a good person. Will you help him? She keeps quiet. Sagar says I understood that you are a coward. You will realise it the day something like this happens with your brother. She agrees to help him. She goes back inside with Sagar.

Niru tries to tell Inspector that the crime hasn’t been proved yet. He can get bail. Inspector stays put. Saloni walks in. I have to say something.

The goons find Saloni missing. They are looking for her when they spot Ganga. Where are you going? She shares that she wants to meet Babu to give this CD. Call him here if I cannot go in. We have fallen in a very big problem because of it. I will ask Babu to give it to the goons but save PUlkit BHaiya. Goon says your Babu is busy in some important work. Give it to us. I will give him. Ganga denies. I will give it only to Babu. The goon snatches the CD from Ganga and starts running.

Pulkit says sorry to his father. You had to face so many problems because of me. Thank you for supporting me. Niru in turn thanks Saloni for taking her statement back on time. They notice Ganga standing there. Niru and Sagar go to ask her what she is doing here. Saloni says sorry to Pulkit. Ganga tells Niru that the goons snatched that CD from her and ran away. She tells him everything that just happened. Niru scolds Ganga for taking that CD out of the home. What was the need to bring it here and then talk about it to just about anyone? Do you know what you have done? Ganga only wanted to save Pulkit Bhaiya. I don’t want any case. Wrong will happen with you all if you punish those who got my Bappa killed. I don’t want it. I had come to give you the CD and ask you to leave the case. Niru questions her if everything will happen by her will. Many more people had died in that accident. Many houses were destroyed. Don’t they want justice? Tell them now that they wont get justice. Don’t use your brain if you cannot understand something. You made a grave mistake in your childishness. We had crucial evidence but we have nothing now. It’s all because of you. We are back on a dead end!

Raman is trying Niru’s number but his phone is unreachable. Everyone at home is worried for Niru. Amma ji says Ganga returned and started crying! Now she has turned into a stone! Niru is unreachable. Niru enters just then. Madhvi asks him lots of questions about Pulkit. Where is he? I told you to listen to Amma ji but you dint pay heed. Tell me where my son is! Pulkit comes as well. I am perfectly fine. They all go to him. Madhvi notices his wounds. She is very much concerned for him but he assures everyone that he is fine. Sagar tells them that MLA’s goons beat him. This shocks the family. Madhvi walks up to Niru. Did you hear what that MLA did to Pulkit before handing him over to police? Wont you give up the case now? Prabha says this wont happen. I will leave with my family now. I am not going to risk my life so anyone else can get justice. Madhvi seconds her. What’s the point of fighting for something that can destroy others? Ganga cannot get what she has lost but will you risk the life of your family members? Niru agrees. I don’t have any proof now all because of Ganga. There is no point fighting this case now! He walks off.

Ganga sits in a corner all sad. She thinks the first time when she had entered inside Chaturvedi Sadan and how he got angry on her today! Forgive me Babu. I created a very big problem for you. I only wanted to save Bhaiya but I ruined everything. I made a very big mistake.

MLA is angry with Saloni for signing a statement in Pulkit’s favour. I don’t like that guy at all. Saloni confronts him. I know everything. You are a criminal! You have a problem with Pulkit’s father and not him. You got Pulkit in jail so Niru uncle cannot fight the case. I cannot believe it that my father can stoop so low. He slaps her and then locks her in her room. Chandan tries to ask him to free his sister but he sends Chandan to his room. MLA clearly tells Saloni that this door will only open when she gets admitted in a boarding school. She refuses to go anywhere. He walks back towards the living room when he notices the goons. Saloni took her statement back even when you were there? How dare you come here now? The goon gives her the CD. He watches the CD and gets happy. He appreciates the goons for doing a good job. Now the case is finished! Poor Niru!

Niru is sitting all quiet as he drinks tea. Amma ji is glad that the CD is out of the house now. Luckily, Pulkit is also back now. Prabha shows fake concern. Amma ji calls it a signal from God that the CD went out of the house. It might have brought problems for us. It is good to help others but you have to look after your family too. Such social work wont get you anything. He heads upstairs without saying anything. Sagar notices everything. Madhvi asks him to have food. He asks her if papa is upset with Ganga. Madhvi does not reply.

Sagar walks till the main door while thinking about his father’s reaction towards Ganga. I too would have done the same thing if I was in her place. She dint do anything intentionally. A man holds out a paper before Sagar. Ganga’s photo is there in the paper. Sagar looks at the photo and then at the man. He introduces himself as Ganga’s FIL. She married my son but he died in the stampede on ghaat. I too left her back then but today I have come to take her back with me. Sagar thinks of his father and Dadi being upset with Ganga. If they find out about this then they will send her out. I cannot let it happen. He tells Ganga’s FIL that Ganga does not stay here. My Dadi is also a widow. She wears white saree. This girl does not stay here. He takes the paper and Ganga’s FIL’s phone number. I will let you know in case I get any info. The man leaves. Sagar is in thoughts. What if he comes again and sees Ganga? It will be a big problem then.

Prabha and Yash are all set to leave. She intentionally shouts loudly so someone tries to stop her. Amma ji instead asks Maharaj ji to call a rickshaw as Prabha wants to go home. Maharaj ji offers to drop her off till outside from where she can get the rickshaw. Mehri suggests him to drop her till home. Madhvi too asks her to call them once she reaches home. Prabha sadly leaves.

Sagar shows Ganga’s photo to Dadi. I dint win the competition so my photo dint get in the paper. Now she will be all the more arrogant. I don’t like her at all. I don’t want her here! Amma ji and Madhvi try to calm him but he doesn’t want his friends to tease him on his birthday. Send her somewhere for a few days. She gave such an important CD to those goons. Please send her. Madhvi tries to make him understand but Amma ji takes his side. Amma ji agrees to fulfil Sagar’s wish. It is your birthday so you will decide what you want. We will send her somewhere for a few days. I will think about it. Sagar thinks that her FIL wont be able to take Ganga with him as she wont be here for a few days.

Amma ji, Sagar and Madhvi come to talk to Ganga. She is still sitting quietly in a corner. Sudha too walks in. She asks Ganga to come with her. Ganga asks Bahu ji why she is sending her to that ashram. I am apologizing to everyone. Please don’t send me. Madhvi replies that it will be just for a few days. Amma ji wants you to learn the rules of widow life there. Ganga asks her who will take care of Sagar or play with her. Sagar rudely replies that he has a lot many friends. You should go! Ganga wants Madhvi not to lie to her. Babu is very angry with me so you are sending me away. No one wants me to stay here. You all want to send me out of the house! Please take me to Babu. I will apologize to him and touch his feet. Please don’t throw me out. Amma ji says it will be just for a few days. Don’t you trust Bahu ji? She gives Ganga’s stuff to Sudha. Ganga leaves reluctantly. Madhvi confirms with Amma ji if it is for a few days only. We will call her back, right? Amma ji gives not so sure reply. Sagar mentally apologizes to Ganga for not stopping her. If I wouldn’t have done it then you might have left us for forever. This is why I dint stop you!

Madhvi asks Maharaj ji to give milk to both the kids. Niru is talking to Raghav ji on phone. Madhvi tells him about Ganga. Amma ji says I sent her to the ashram for a few days. She will learn prayers and rituals. Shraads are approaching. Niru agrees thinking that it will only be for a few days. He leaves for his study. Amma ji scolds Madhvi for not keeping quiet.

Babli is going to Allahabad University as Niru has got her admitted there. Babli hugs everyone one by one. She tells Madhvi to tell Ganga that I have sent lots of love for her. Sagar feels bad for sending Ganga to ashram forcefully. I couldn’t let her FIL take her. I am sorry Ganga! Babli leaves for Allahabad. Niru takes Pulkit aside.