Thursday Update on Gangaa 10th January 2019

Ganga keeps asking Pulkit. Tell me what happened to Sagar. They reach home. Maharaj ji calls out for everyone. Everyone rushes to Sagar’s side. He is all cold. They cover him up. Madhvi rubs his hands. Shanta Dadi looks on from a distance. Amma ji looks at Ganga. She keeps the puppy down. Amma ji thinks of Madhvi’s words. Shanta Dadi asks Mehri to bring hot water. Niru goes to call doc.

Ratan asks policemen why they are here. Ram ji recognizes him. You only told me the wrong address. Now I know that you both husband and wife are in this together. Ratan warns him to mind his tongue. He knocks on the door. She is completely stuck. She finally opens the door and hugs him. This man is after me. Is this a way to speak to a lady who is alone at home? He also brought police! Ratan comforts her. tell me what happened? She cries.

Doc checks Sagar. I had warned you previously to keep him away from cold. You might have to pay badly in other case. He writes medicines for Sagar and advices what all they should give him. He leaves. Niru takes Pulkit outside to know what happened and how. Ganga thinks of how Sagar protected her all along. Madhvi goes to light a diya in temple. Amma ji too goes to ward off evil eyes off Sagar. Shanta Dadi enters just then and does the same. Amma ji is taken aback.

Ratan agrees to return the jewellery. We cannot pay that much money. Ram ji taunts him. Why did your wife buy it when you couldn’t afford it? You might have time to waste but I don’t. Ratan asks Prabha for the jewellery. She replies that she lost it. He scolds her. They were of 1.5 lacs! She finally tells him the truth. He gets all the more angyr on her.

Amma ji talks to Sagar even though he is unconscious. I will give you everything you want. Just say it. Sagar smiles as he opens his eyes. He confirms about it again from her. She nods. He asks her to let Jalebi Prasad stay with them. She gives in. He smiles broadly and so does Ganga. Amma ji says nothing is bigger for me than you in the entire world. Sagar hugs her. You are very good. She says my life is in you. I will die if something happens to you. He falls asleep once again. Amma ji tells Ganga to make sure Jalebi Prasad never enters her room or kitchen. Sagar asks about Jalebi Prasad. Ganga picks him up in her arms and sits down next to Sagar. All three of them share a happy moment. Madhvi brings turmeric milk for Sagar. Shanta Dadi asks Amma ji about Jalebi Prasad. Amma ji says I allowed them to keep the puppy. Dadi likes what her grandson likes. My stubbornness fails before his happiness. Madhvi says wish you could understand it earlier. Your stubbornness ends only when someone’s life is in risk. She leaves. Shanta thinks that the fire set by her wont douse so easily. It will keep simmering every day.

Ratan requests police inspector to understand his situation. I don’t have money to pay back Ram ji. I am a normal employee in railway. I don’t earn too much money. I earn meagre salary and manage my expenses within that money. I had to sell my silver coins, that I saved over the years, so I could celebrate Diwali this year. Ram ji asks for either his money or jewellery. Ratan tries to make him understand he doesn’t have money. It is very hard for me to make ends meet. I don’t have that much money to give you. Ram ji asks for the house in that case. Ginny interrupts them. It wont be needed.

Madhvi thinks of Sagar’s condition. What if something had happened to him today? She feels dizzy. Shanta Dadi rushes to her side. let us go to doc. Madhvi denies. I have a lot to do. We will go later. Shanta Dadi notices Amma ji outside. She insists on Madhvi to take care of herself first. You look after the entire house. Everything will be in mess if anything happens to you. Madhvi still refuses to go. Shanta Dadi sits down to help Madhvi. Mehri asks Amma ji what’s to be made in dinner. Amma ji instructs her as to what is to be made for Sagar.

Ginny keeps the money on table. This is the entire amount. She walks up to Prabha next. Prabha is my friend. How can you harass her for such a small amount? Take your money and leave. Prabha thanks Ginny. You are really my true friend. You cannot see me in pain and problem. Ginny opens her folded hands. I dint do it for you. I did it for your husband Ratan. She looks at Ratan.

Ganga has gone outside on her bicycle to get papaya for Sagar. Doc said that it is good for his health. I will feed him ample papayas so he gets well fine. Sudha, Pishi Ma, Mamta meet her on the way. They are very happy to see her happy. Is this cycle yours? Ganga nods. Shall I make you all take a round? They all deny. Sudha gives peda to Ganga. Give it to Amma ji. Ganga says this is a sweet. How will AMma ji eat it? She is a widow. Widows cannot eat sweets. Sudha makes her understand that widows can eat sweets if they are given in the form of Prasad. Pishi Ma explains that these are a little joys that the widows can still experience. You are young so you wont understand. They leave. Ganga thinks I am not so young not to understand it. See what I do now! She buys two pieces of sweets from a nearby sweet shop for Amma ji. She hands over the Prasad to the shopkeeper. Amma ji will get happy now. She was so upset all day regarding Sagar.

Amma ji makes Sagar drink soup. Ganga enters. I brought Prasad for you and papaya for Sagar. Ganga feeds her with her hands as Amma ji is busy feeding soup to Sagar. Amma ji points out that this isn’t Prasad but sweet.

Ganga says I only fed you what Sudha Bua gave me. Maybe God was fed up of old sweets so he gave you new one. She gives it to Sagar too. You will enjoy it. Amma ji asks her what she means. She says Sagar will like it. Sagar finishes soup. Ganga makes him eat papaya next. He says you know Amma ji cannot eat sweets. Ganga knows it too. That wasn’t sweet but Prasad. Sagar smiles. They hear some sound. Amma ji and Ganga go out to see.

Ginny asks Prabha why she is so shocked. I dint say anything wrong. Did you forget? You lost your husband in gambling. Your husband is my property now. Ratan looks at Prabha in shock. He sits down on sofa in tears. Ginny tells them that this is the truth. Prabha lost you in gambling. Coincidentally, I won you. Prabha has turned her face to the other side and is in tears. READ FRIDAY 11TH ON GANGAA