Thursday Update on Fire and Ice Zee World June 28

Thursday Update on Fire and Ice Zee World

June 28 Episode

Leela says to Usha that what you thought that you can switch key and time will go back to 5years, its not like you can reverse things like that,
Usha says but characters are same, Twinkle was Kunj’s wife and is his wife, she should be with him, she says to Kunj that dont worry, i will set everything right for you, Usha says to Leela that i have arranged prayers for Kunj today evening, hope you come, she leaves. Leela says to Kunj that i understand Usha’s emotions but its about three lives and such big decisions cant be taken by heart’s helplessness, think before you do anything, she leaves, Yuvi is sad.
Pallavi burns Twinkle’s picture and looks at it like psycho, she says to Kunj’s picture that i wont let you go away from me, you are my Rocky,
i made you, after Revant’s death, you are my support, i cant lose you, i wont let my hard work of years go waste like this, just wait and watch what i do now, she cries.
All are sitting in prayers, Twinkle thinks that God you know my situation, give me some sign and ease my confusion and pain. Usha comes there and says Kunj is not in his room, i got his letter, it says i am leaving this house, i dont want to hurt Yuvi and Twinkle more, Yuvi has done alot for this house and if Twinkle and Yuvi are happy together then i wont come inbetween them, i am leaving. Usha says to Leela that now you must be happy, Kunj is gone, i tried to save everything, i got my son back after so many years but you destroyed everything, she cries, Leela says you are still thinking about Kunj only? you have to think about three kids, we have to be considerate, maybe he left house because you talked about marriage to him, Usha says i dont understand why you are so against his happiness? my Kunj will settle down with your daughter only so whats the problem? Leela says but.. Yuvi says this is not time to discuss all this, i will go and find Kunj, Twinkle says i will come with you, Usha says no Yuvi you stay away from this matter, my son because of seeing you both together, its better if you leave this house, she tries to push Yuvi away, Leela says what you are doing? Kunj has seen Yuvi and Twinkle together when he was acting like Rocky then why would he leave so suddenly? its your mistake that you started this marriage talk with him and he left upset because of that, you have problem with Yuvi living here? fine, Yuvi will live with me, she holds Yuvi’s hand and takes him from there. Babee greets guests and ask them to leave, they leave. Usha sadly sits down. Twinkle comes to her and says Yuvi lived here as your son for years and you also loved him then where did your love go suddenly? he would have found Kunj, why did you stop him? Usha says because if Yuvi lives here then Kunj wont comeback and i dont wanna lose my son again, i will call police, we have to do something, she goes to call.
Kunj is walking on road and drinking wine, he recalls Twinkle’s words how she said that Yuvi held her hand in time of need, was ready to give their baby his name, wiped his identity just so that i can live, how Leela said to be careful before you take any decision, he drinks wine.
Inspector says to Usha that letter says he left house on his own so we cant go and find him, Usha says but he is missing, you have to find him, Inspector says this is not missing case so we cant help, he leaves. Twinkle says to Usha that dont worry, i will bring your Kunj back, you wont mind if i go alone to find him? she leaves.

Kunj shouts on road and says Twinkle what i did? i destroyed everything, he drinks more wine and cries. Twinkle is walking empty streets and calling out Kunj’s name, she says where are you Kunj? she tries to call him but says his phone is switched off too, where is he? Kunj sees church.
Babee sees news that there is storm coming, she says to Usha that why did you stop Yuvi to search for him? now Twinkle is alone finding him, Usha says i dont know, i just want my son back, Manohar says you are right, Twinkle should not be alone outside, i will go to find them, Babee says enough, now you both wont do anything, you both have done enough, now i will take charge, i am calling Yuvi to find Kunj, Usha says but Babee Yuvi.. Babee says its my final decision.
Twinkle sees church and says i should pray there. Yuvi is in his car searching for them, he says dont know where Twinkle and Kunj are?
Kunj comes to church and goes in one booth, he says to father that i did mistake, i hurt my family, i didnt trust my wife Twinkle. Twinkle comes in church and prays to Jesus, she looks around and goes in one booth behind curtain. She says to father that i am at situation where i dont know what to do, i was happy in my life, my husband used to love me alot but suddenly one accident changed everything my husband didnt trust me and love is not love if there is no trust. Kunj says to father that i should have trusted Twinkle, 5years is alot time, what if she has moved on? Twinkle says i still have love for him but pain is there too, my heart is aching, i dont know what decision to take but rightnow i am searching for him, he left house and dont know where he went. Kunj says i know i shouldnt have left house but i was feeling guilty, father looks at them in different booths and thinks that seems like they are talking about each other only. father comes out of his booth and smiles, he says i think you both should talk to each other rather than talking to me. Twinkle comes out of her booth, Kunj comes out of his booth too, Sajna ve plays, he looks at her in surprise, father says God bless you, he leaves. Twinkle holds his collar and says why you leave your family again and again? you left 5years because of misunderstanding and today too you left, there are many people in your life who cares about you then why you do this with them? Kunj says what you feel? i know it was all misunderstanding, i was at fault, i accept it. Kunj cups Twinkle’s face and says whats next Twinkle? will you comeback to me? will our relation be like earlier? will you marry me again Twinkle? Twinkle looks on, Yuvi comes there too and calmly looks at them.

Kunj says to Twinkle that will our relation be like earlier? will you marry me again? Yuvi comes there and says ofcourse Twinkle will marry you, he smiles at Twinkle, Yuvi says you are asking baseless questions to Twinkle, everyone knows Twinkle loves only and only you, she waited for you for years, she missed you, and when you cameback, only Twinkle got to know that you are Kunj, even your family didnt recognize you but she just knew that you are her Kunk, Twinkle was, is and will always remain yours, Twinkle emotionally looks at Kunj, Yuvi says lets go home, Kunj trips due to being drunk, Yuvi and Twinkle supports Kunj and takes him from there.
Kunj is sleeping in backseat of car. Yuvi is driving car while Twinkle is sitting on passenger side, Twinkle thinks why i couldnt answer
Kunj? i waited for this day for 5years, i should have been going crazy due to happiness then why this restlessness? she looks at Yuvi tensely.
Yuvi and Twinkle brings Kunj home. Usha asks what happened to him? Yuvi makes him lie on couch, he is sleeping, Usha is worried for him. Everyone thanks Yuvi, he smiles at them, Usha is caressing Kunj, everyone is worried for Kunj, Yuvi is sad but tries to smile, Twinkle notices it.
Yuvi bring Twinkle to porch, he says to Twinkle that you must be tired, take rest. He brings shawl and drapers around her, he says you didnt eat anything, i will bring something to eat for you, he leaves. Twinkle sees silhouette behind window and gets sacred, she shouts Yuvi, he comes and asks what happened? she says i saw something like werewolf, he was weird, Yuvi says these kind of things doesnt exist, calm down and take rest.
Kunj wakes up, he has headache. He sees Twinkle standing there with glass of milk, she gives it to him, he takes it and says sorry, i shouldnt have gone tomorrow like this, Twinkle doesnt answer and opens door, Kunj says i am sorry, i wont go anywhere, i have realized my mistake, i wont hurt you or my family now, trust me, Twinkle says what you think of yourself? you just said sorry and i should just forget pain of 5years? i didnt know you are coward, you just want to runaway from problems, Kunj says you know why i left 5years back, Twinkle says i know you saw Yuvi and Twinkle me getting married and lost your mind, where was trust then? how did you even think that i will forget you in a blink and left me like that, sometimes i think if you really loved me or not, if you loved me then you would have stopped me, you would have questioned me, asked me to not get married, you know because of your actions 3lives got destroyed, you didnt believe yourself and pointed fingers at others, Kunj says i am really sorry, Twinkle says your sorry wont change anything, time was lost will not comeback, our child wont comeback, where did that trust go? first we were friends then we had trust then we we became lovers but now when trust is not there then how can we make relation again? you are not that Kunj who loved me, you are Kunj who came here to take revenge, to torture me, Kunj says just give me one chance, i will make everything like before, Twinkle takes off his hands from her shoulders and says no, i cant forget your mistakes even if i want to, i wont be able to forgive you, never, she leaves, Kunj is in tears.
Twinkle says to Leela that why this happens with me? why my happiness get destroyed everytime, she hugs her, Leela says dont cry.
Kunj comes his old room. He sees toy for babies there, he looks at it and says why i was not there with Twinkle at that time? it was my baby and i didnt even know it.
Yuvi looks at Twinkle’s picture and says Twinkle Twinkle my big star, you really are a star which is close but you cant get it, my little Twinkle star, he hugs her picture. Twinkle, Kunj and Yuvi are sad in their places, Dhuan dhuan plays. Yuvi recalls his happy moments with Twinkle, he is in tears. Kunj is looking at baby toys, tears rolling down his cheeks, he is disappointed and guilty, he recalls his moments with Twinkle(Sid shown in this scene), Twinkle grabs her mangalsutra and is worried too.
Its morning, Usha calls someone and says party is at 7pm. Kunj comes in kitchen and asks Babee what is all this? Babee says you have come after years so we have arranged party, everyone is invited, you get ready for party too. Kunj comes to Twinkle and says tonight is party thats why all this, Twinkle stares him and leaves, Kunj is tensed.

Party starts, Usha is making Kunj meet everyone. Twinkle comes there wearing saree. Guests say to Usha that you are lucky to get your son back, Usha says its all God’s gift. Yuvi and Leela comes there, Usha is not very happy to see them. Babee comes to them and greets them, she asks Leela and Yuvi to come inside, Kunj smiles at them. Twinkle comes to Yuvi and asks if he is fine? he says i am fine ofcourse. Host comes on stage, he says we are here tonight for Kunj, Kunj has dedicated song for Twinkle bhabhi, lets hear it, everyone smiles, ishq wala love song plays. Couples come on dance floor, Host brings Twinkle and Kunj on dance floor, Yuvi is dancing with some some other girl but looking at Twinkle. Twinkle and Kunj starts dancing and keep looking at each other, Kunj back hugs her and dances closely with her, Twinkle feel tensed, Kunj puts hand on her bare back, couples are exchanged, Twinkle and Yuvi comes together for dance, everyone gets little tensed, Twinkle dances with Yuvi. Usha says why Yuvi is interfering? Yuvi puts hand on Twinkle’s back and smiles at her softly, he dances with her, dance ends, everyone claps, Yuvi moves away from Twinkle, Twinkle leaves.
Guest says to Usha that who is real husband of Twinkle, Kunj or Yuvi? its like love triangle, its like two husbands one wife, we dont know who is real one, i mean who is legal or illegal. Yuvi says enough aunty, you are trying to find gossip but you wont find it, Twinkle was and is Kunj’s wife, thre is no confusion, guest says but you were her husband for 5years and now when she has her old husband back, then what you are doing here? how will this 2husbands problem be solved? Yuvi says not that i need to give explanation but just to kill your curiosity, i will clear everything, my and Twinkle’s marriage was just compromise, i used to take care of her, people like you dont let girl live alone, we didnt have any relation, we were only friends, still are and i know you wont understand this as your mind runs for gossip only, i today want to say infront of everyone that Twinkle is totally pure and only Kunj has right on her, Twinkle is emotional seeing all this.