Thursday update on Dream Girl 10th March 2022


Thursday update on Dream Girl 10th March 2022

Manav asking Samar to do the scene well and explains him the love between Raj Samosawala and his best friend. Samar and Laxmi are unable to do well. Manav asks whats happening, why is Laxmi having tears. She says something went in her eye. Manav asks whats the problem, we will cancel shoot. Samar says we will do it. Manav says action. Samar does not do well and says Laxmi, Laxmi…. They say its Vidya, not Laxmi. Manav says packup. Ayesha looks on worried. Samar thinks how to confess to this clever planning girl, its tough for me. She says she can’t say no to his proposal.

Ayesha comes home and says she thought Laxmi will not focus and she will prove that she is not talented, but what to do when Samar is not focusing. She says what if Manav knows this. Manav comes and says he has seen the problem between Samar and Laxmi, he is directing movies since years. She asks what did he know. He says when you shot for first movie, you and your co actor have problem to do scene and dad did workshop for them, Samar and Laxmi did not meet before, how can we expect them to get romantic scenes, I know Laxmi is dreamgirl but she is from small city, Samar does not know her, we should make them come close and know each other.

She thinks Samar’s love can come out, I can’t let this happen. She says its great idea, we can make them have workshop and can’t perform infront of crew, why don’t we make them comfortable with the crew. He says its valid point, but how. She says she will manage. He thanks her. She thinks Laxmi and Samar should not come close, Samar should not be ready to see her face.

Its morning, Samar comes to Navrang and gets sorry boat by Laxmi. He crushes it and throws. Laxmi looks on. Karan asks Laxmi can’t she understand, its not love if she has to lose her self respect, she is saying sorry and making him misbehave with her. She says no, if one is annoyed, other one convinces. He says its not Raj, he is Samar Sareen, it matters to me, I can’t see you like this, I will talk to him. She stops him and says its fate that we will unite, we will be together in workshop. He says she is really mad, fine, tell me if you need my help. She says I know. Manav comes and greets Laxmi and Samar.

He asks them to greet each other. Ayesha smiles and looks at them. Manav says we will work as family, with love, trust, we will do a workshop to establish this, Ayesha will conduct this with Karan’s help. Ayesha says audience should love the movie, they should have fun watching it and it will happen when the actors enjoy making the movie. She shows a trust build up exercise and shows demo. She shows a free fall exercise and says you will fall with trust that your partner will not let you get hurt. Laxmi thanks Ayesha for this.

Samar starts leaving. Manav says Samar and Laxmi don’t have any option, they will exercise together. Ayesha counts and Laxmi falls. Samar holds her. Laxmi smiles and says she is ready to fall every time if he is there to hold her. Ayesha asks Laxmi to concentrate and maintain distance. Laxmi smiles and Samar makes her away. Manav says he has meeting and goes. Ayesha sees Laxmi and Samar. She says lets change the exercise now. Laxmi says its fun. Ayesha says now the partner will come running and jump, and you have to lift her. She says Samar and Laxmi will show this.

Ayesha smiles thinking Laxmi is gone, there is no coordination between them. Laxmi thinks he has always held her, she believes him. Samar thinks Manav is gone, he was bearing Laxmi infront of him, come Laxmi. Karan thinks he does not trust Samar and wishes Laxmi is careful. Laxmi runs and jumps. Samar does not hold her. She falls and gets hurt. Samar says sorry and gives his hand.

Karan comes and asks are you okay. Laxmi says I m fine. Samar gets angry seeing Karan. Ayesha says what the hell, I m seeing Laxmi is not concentrating, she will not get any special treatment. She gives them the break. Samar goes. Ayesha smiles thinking their distance will increase. Laxmi comes to Samar and opens the tiffin. She passes the food to him and he returns. Karan looks on. She says she made this fav dish and he does not even look at it. Samar gets irritated by her and leaves. She gets sad.

Samar leaving from the canteen. Laxmi gets sad. Karan eats the food and praises it. She smiles. Samar comes back and sees them. Ayesha says she wants to keep both of them in her hand, she is very clever girl. Samar gets angry and goes to Laxmi. Karan makes Laxmi eat food by his hand. Ayesha smiles and leaves. Samar takes his phone and says sorry to disturb you both. Laxmi goes after him and tells Karan that Samar got angry. Karan says its good that it matters to him. She says she will explain him. He says no use to give him chance to misbehave, it matters to him, he knows Samar made her fall. She says when love is much, the limit to bear is also more. He says who knows it better than me, go to him, I m always there to help. She leaves.

Samar throws things in cabin. Laxmi comes to him. She comes in his way and he pushes her. She locks the door and he asks for keys. He hurts her and she says her hair can’t open the door. She does not give him the keys. He asks for keys and holds her. She says she will give him, but first he has to lift her, in which he has made her fall. She stops him and say she can’t believe there is no chemistry between them. He says it was never there and will never be there. She says then prove me wrong. He moves the sofa and asks her to come.

She runs to him, and lifts her. She says I love you Raj, I said our chemistry is the best. Zara zara…………plays…………………They have an eyelock. She says don’t punish yourself. I can feel your heartbeat which says you love me, tell me you love me. He says Laxmi Mathur… I did acting for this film and Manav, you thought its true. He laughs and says the girl who does acting all her life, and did not catch my acting, I can never have feelings for you.

She argues with him and he says we were alone when you said truth, we are alone today and I m saying the truth. She says she does not want anything, she will not do film and leave city. He says she can’t go and holds her angrily. He says its Manav’s ambitious project and she can’t go like this. He drags her outside and brings her to the workshop. Manav comes and looks on. Samar holds Laxmi and proposes her in the scene. She recalls his words and cries.

He confesses love to her and they have an eyelock. Manav smiles. He asks her to say she loves him too. Laxmi refuses to his proposal as per the script. She says she does not love him and they both get teary eyed. Manav says cut, and claps for them. He says its awesome, I wanted this chemistry, good job. Ayesha thinks how did they manage to get along.