Thursday Update on Begusarai Zee World Tv August 23

Thursday Update on Begusarai Zee World Tv

August 23 Episode

Badi amma comes to Phulan and sys you dont need to retire, they need to learn things from you, Phulan says they are grown up now, when they will have responsibility, they will work, i am tired now, we had already talked about it so its time to take decision, Badi amma says this time is delicate, Phulan says big decisions are taken in delicate situation only, Priyom is going from there, Phulan calls him and says i need your suggestion, what you think that is this time for me to retire? Priyom is stunned, Bindya comes there and ask Badi Amma where is Poonam? she stares Priyom, Bindya says you were right, i should touch Poonam’s feet, i will go and touch her feet, Badi Amma says atleast you got sense, she is in kitchen, Bindya says i will go there, she glances Priyom giving him hint that she is going to tell truth to Poonam, Phulan ask Priyom should i retire or not? Priyom recalls how Bindya warned him to talk to Phulan else she will end this drama, Priyom says what you think right, do that, Bindya gets happy and thinks that my king did his work, now i should start preparing to become queen.
Rekha finds Lakhan going and sees lotion on his wound, she says my DIL is very clever, she finally applied lotion, Lakhan comes to her, Rekha says i told Poonam to not apply lotion to your wound, even i didnt go against you today but i should appreciate her guts, Lakhan angrily leaves from there.
Guddi is waiting for Dolt and says he promised me to announce his love infront of all then where is he? did he cheat me?

Poonam is mixing tablet in Lakhan’s tea, he comes there, she puts cup down, he comes to her and shows her anti-septic lotion on his wound, he ask what is this? i told you but you didnt listen to me, you put cream on my wound, it was your drama, you said you slipped, i dont like lie so tell me truth, Poonam says it was important, Lakhan says i told you but you dont give importance to my words, Poonam says your life is more important, Lakhan says i care more about my respect, and you didnt give respect to my words, you lied to me so you would lie to me in many cases, you must be doing things at my back and tell me that you have no one in life, Poonam says you are joining wrong ends, Lakhan says my all words are joined to you, what you said that you can do anything to prove your loyalty? he brings out anti-septic lotion and ask her to drink it, she is shocked, he says what? prove now, Poonam is in tears, takes bottle from him and says i will drink it if you say so but i will not agree to your any words which put your life in danger, Lakhan says means you are not agreeing to me? Poonam says for me your life is more important than your words and this wife’s duty, Lakhan says i have not given you any right as wife, Poonam says you can snatch rights from me but you cant stop me from fulfilling my duties as wife, Lakhan says if thats the case.. he opens bottle and gives it to her.

Dolt comes in Haveli and recalls how Guddi asked him to announce his love in her street then she will believe him, he starts singing Jab pyar kiya tou darna kiya(dont be afraid when you love someone), all comes in lounge, Maya ask if he has gone mad? Piddi says why he is singing this song? Guddi comes there too, Dolt smiles at her, Guddi smirks and thinks he is late but atleast came, he will get beaten up and Poonam, Lakhan will cry, Dolt thinks i will tell my heart’s thing infront of all, he sit on his knees and says like horse is incomplete without grass, i am incomplete without you, i love you so so much that i cant live without you, just put your love stamp on my love, he get punched, all are shocked, Mitlaish punches him and says we dont like to see these kind of jokes, Dolt says its not joke, its love and i have come here on Guddi’s saying only, Guddi comes to him and slaps him, she says how dare you? did i tell you that i love you? Dolt says no but you.. Guddi ask him to shut up, she sys to Mitlaish that he is behind me, he stalk me everywhere, i warned him but he didnt listen to me and today he crossed limits, Dolt is shocked and says dont do this, please say truth, Mitlaish brings stick and starts beating Dolt.
Poonam is about to drink anti-septic lotion when they listen Dolt’s scream to save him, Lakhan and Poonam comes on gallery, they find Mitlaish beating Dolt, Mitlaish says how dare you say these words for my sister? Lakhan comes there and stops Mitlaish, Mitlaish says this is my family matter, Lakhan says Dolt is part of my family, Rekha thinks now i will get some entertainment, Lakhan makes Dolt get up and says if it was anyone else then he would have been on floor, Mitlaish says control your tongue, first let me take his life then i will decide about you, Poonam stand with Dolt, Lakhan says enough, you have beaten him alot else i will not control myself, Mitlaish says today i will beat you both, Lakhan says first tell me what he did? Dolt says i did nothing, i just love Guddi ji, i didnt follow her nor i did anything wrong with her, Mitlaish says you my sister is saying lie? i will kill you, Lakhan says dont you understand simple words? you should not do anything like that, i trust Dolt, if he is saying he didnt then he would have not done it, this is truth, Mitlaish says you both are friends, Mitlaish tries to beat Dolt but Lakhan pushes him back and says fight with me not Dolt, Mitlaish holds him by collar, Lakhan says you dont understand respecting words, they are about to punch each other but Priyom stops them and ask them to leave each other, Mitlaish ask who are you to stop me? Phulan says he is my heir, Begusarai’s next king, all are shocked.

Phulan says Priyom is my heir and Begusarai’s new king, Bindya gets happy that she will become king and me queen, Mitlaish says what he has done that you took this decision? Phulan says i have thought alot and then taken decision, it will be good if you stay with it, he leaves, Mitlaish leaves too, Poonam and Lakhan takes dolt from there, Bindya thinks from now on its my time, Phulan threw me from this Haveli and forced me to become dancer but now i will make everyone dance in this Haveli.
Lakhan and Poonam brings Dolt in Manjeeta’s house, Vimla ask Dolt what was the need to go there, if Lakhan had not saved you then Mitlaish would have killed you, it was good that Priyom stopped Lakhan and Mitlaish’s fight, Lakhan looks on.
Phulan ask Badi Amma why you are tensed? you also wanted Priyom to become my heir, Badi amma says but situation is tensed, Phulan says we cant tell about depth without going in water, lets welcome our new king.
Servant ask Priyom to come down for Tilak, he nods. Priyom comes to Phulan, Phulan says you are going to sit on this throne from now on, this is not just a seat but responsibility and respect, the respect which is given by my family and my people, destroy yourself but dont let this respect get destroyed, come and sit, Priyom touches his feet and sit on throne, celebrations start in city, Bindya smriks seeing Priyom on throne.
Mitlaish is in room, Maya says all are celebrating for Priyom and asking about you and you are sitting here, Mitlaish ask whose right and whose seat it was? you are inviting me in celebration of throne which is snatched from me, why Priyom is chosen? i did all the work and if i was not capable then how Priyom was given training, Phulan could have trained me, he ask her to leave, i dont need you, she leaves, he drinks wine.

Phulan blesses Priyom, Maya comes there too, Phulan does Priyom’s aarti and orders to announce in Begusarai that Priyom is my heir, all should respect him, from now on all orders of Priyom will be followed, Bindya thinks not only Priyom, i will be respected too, i am queen now, i will rule everyone, i should check it first, she says to Phulan that in happiness of new king, i want to give lunch to all begusarai, Phulan agrees, Bindya thinks that my rule is working, now i need locker’s keys but i know this old Badi Amma will not give it easily, i have to do something.
Lakhan comes in room and has pain in hand, Poonam brings medicines and ask him to take it, Lakhan says all are celebrating down, what you are doing here? she says i am where i should be, Lakhan ask how you felt when Phulan announced Priyom as new king? Poonam says i didnt fell anything, take these tablets, Lakhan snatches tablets from her, throws it and says you tell lie and i dont want to eat anything from a liar, Poonam again brings tablets and says you can throw them as much as you want but i will make you eat in end, Lakhan says i will make you say your heart thing in end, you must be enjoying seeing your lover becoming king, Poonam says i was sad as my brother was injured at that time, Lakhan says he is fine now, so tell me how you are feeling? Poonam says take medicines first, Lakhan says first answer me, Poonam says this Phulan’s decision, what should i say, Lakhan again throws medicines and says you are hiding your happiness, Poonam again brings tablets and says i am not happy nor sad but i know Priyom will capable king, Lakhan angrily stares her and says you mean to say that i am not capable to become king, Poonam says i didnt mean that, Lakhan says any loyal wife would be happy to see her husband becoming king but you chose your lover even today, Poonam says you can understand anything but take these medicines, Lakhan again throws medicines and goes to bring something. READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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